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The Double D Podcast

Apr 13, 2011

Before you decide not to download this based solely on the title, you should know that this is not an episode just about porn.  Instead we focus on the idea of "very specific porn", that is, videos and images suited to very, very specific tastes.  More on that later.

First, we kick off the show as we always do with an introduction to the beer we're drinking that night.  Episode 34's brand is Kiltlifter, brewed in our home state of Arizona.  This leads to a brief discussion on kilts, and whether you have to "go commando" when you wear one.

Next we discuss Sonoran Hot Dogs, a tasty treat found in Southern Arizona, especially at one of our favorite dining destinations (aha!  a Double D) - El Guero Canelo in Tucson, Arizona.  We consumed several Sonoran Dogs while enjoying Wrestlemania 27.  Triple H and The Undertaker owned the Pay per View, but we also thought Snooki pulled off a surprising move - the "Hot Pork Turnover" to "Beer Belly Flop."  What do wrestlers do when they get a surprise erection in the ring?

TodayMike Zito
"Little Red Corvette" (mp3)
from "Today"
(Eclecto Groove Records)

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We congratulate our first annual March Madness of Hotties Winner, Mila Kunis.  We also send out congratulations to the following Double D Listeners who included their email addresses with their votes, thus entering (and winning) the drawing for Double D Gear.

jasonanchahua@********.com - Winner of a Double D T Shirt


wesailatdusk@*******.com - Winner of a Double D Shot Glass

Our winners need to email us at from their above email addresses to let us know where to ship their prizes to.  Congrats!

Next we discuss our titular topic, Very Specific Porn.  Zen espouses the idea of "TV Commercial Pretty" while Ray likes the idea of a midget riding a goat while smoking a cigar and wearing a propellor beanie.  Seriosly, though, we create an ideal video during our talk consisting of a well endowed girl wearing a tank top and high heels, with a ponytail, running on a treadmill in high heels.  We didn't have to go to porn sites to find this.  It took us exactly 5 seconds on YouTube to locate our Very Specific Porn.

Shades of BlueKirk Fletcher
"Blues for Boo Boo" (mp3)
from "Shades of Blue"

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Finally we discuss (and briefly use) the Worst Word in the English Language.  If you have any "Worst" ideas for future episodes, email us at or leave a voice mail at 4242 DRUNKS.

HarmonicopiaJay Gaunt
"Catnip" (mp3)
from "Harmonicopia"
(JBG Music, LLC)

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