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The Double D Podcast

Apr 6, 2011

This episode of the Double D Podcast we take our field of women from the Sweet Sixteen down to our Final Two.  Before that happens, however, we have the usual nonsense.

First, we introduce a new dance called "Doin' The Goosh" which basically involves inserting tab A into slot B.  On yourself.  Then we get into the customary "What Are We Drinking Tonight" which this show is Budweiser's American Ale.  It's pretty much Budweiser in a fancy label.  

We pay tribute this show to the nation of Japan, which was beseiged by earthquakes and tsunami.  We show our respect by talking about how Aflac fired spokesduck voiceman Gilbert Gottfried for his insensitive comments on Twitter poking fun at japan.  We ponder who should voice the duck next.

Continuing our love for the Japanese people, we play a little J-Pop during the first break.


Next we talk briefly about sports going in the U.S. at the time.  Congrats to the U of A Wildcats for making the Elite Eight in the REAL March Madness.  We place some bets on the NHL playoffs:  if the Flyers go out in the first round Zen has to drink a 40 of Steel Reserve, pretty much the worst alcohol on the planet.  If the Sharks win the Stanley Cup, Ray has to shave down to a Hitler Mustache.  We preview Wrestlemania in anticipation of Wrestlemania 27.

The next segment owes a lot of it's greatness to the good people in the chatroom who called in and chimed in on chat to help us pick our final 2 hotties.  Special thanks to Cousin Dave, Cousin Joe and Joe's friend the sexy-voiced Sarah for making picks on the air.  Thanks also to the guys in chat for keeping things funny for us as we voted each matchup, especially mediocrefatass and new friend Mike "Hawk" Rectum Lover.  Sarah was a podcast virgin before she called, but she got deflowered and Double D'd and will never be the same.

Second verse, same as the first as we play some more Japanese pop.


Maria Conchita Lupita Gonzales, now residing illegally in the U.S. as Ray's live in maid, calls in with sordid tales of "vagina in the tube" and "Oprah magazines."  We eat a little Mexican Candy.  The lollipop is shaped like a cooked, whole chicken and is named headless chicken, but it was much tastier than that.

We reveal our final two contestants in the March Madness 2011, Salma Hayek and, as Ray pronounces it, "My-luh Kunnis."  Then the show closes out with Zen's Coastal Nervous tales of homeless, racist vets and amateur porn shoots.

Final Song - 

Simmer DownBreath of Fire
"Another Day" (mp3)
from "Simmer Down"
(Global Recording Artists)

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