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The Double D Podcast

Mar 4, 2011

First off, an apology for the sound quality during the first fifteen minutes of the show.  When we originally broadcast Episode 29 on, I was so worried about the Hot Dog Eating Challenge that I actually forgot to hit record and so didn't have anything for the first segment.  I orginally considered just leaving it out and starting the audio podcast with the second segment, but it was just too good to omit.  So I did the only thing I could think of . . . I went to, played the video and pulled the audio from that.  It's crappy third-generation sound but it's better than nothing and I did my best to clean it up.

So our show begins with the 2 hot dogs in 1 minute challenge first set forth by the Puck Podcast's Eddie Garcia.  We fared about as well as Eddie did.  The audio is not quite as entertaining as the video.



After failing miserably, and with mouths full of cheap hot dogs and half chewed buns, we quickly shuffle off to our first break.  Oh!  Did I mention that we got super-pranked by Timothy Cronley Jr, who posted our phone number on 4chan?  It took as a minute or two to figure this out when we fielded our first weirdo phone call of the night.  Props to "The Black Man with the Sharpie up his Pooper" for being a wonderfully entertaining, if not a little bit high, guest caller.  Props also to themediocrefatass for keeping us laughing in the chat room while all this was going on.

In the second segment we covered some news stories, mainly involving stupid criminals in the Northern Arizona region.  

  1. Arizona's push to ban children from riding in the open beds of pickup trucks
  2. The foolish Cheba Hut employee who made an illegal turn in front of a cop at 2:40 in the morning while driving the weed-festooned Pot-mobile
  3. "Trent" the waterhead tagger who desecrated a centuries old petroglyph with his name and then answered to that same name when the authorities rolled up on him.

After our second break we come back with some rather interesting jury stories.  What seemed like a pretty dry subject at the time yielded some pretty good tales.  We closed out the show with some Scissor Sisters.

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