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The Double D Podcast

Feb 21, 2011

Brown Shugga always wins.  Keep that in mind as you listen to one of our best episodes yet.  Brown Shugga laid us low and kept the laughs rollin' all night long.

"Superconnected" by Broken Social Scene opens the show, after which we begin by talking about "The Big Game."  We talk about what we were drinking that night, as the Double D does often stand for Drunk and Drunker.  What makes some gay men have the stereotypical "gay" voice?   Cardo and Joe demonstrate their silky smooth, golden radio voices.  Ray celebrates 25 years of government service and we help him celebrate by playing Stump the Mexican, the top ten films of 1985 Edition.  Shane Dween calls in from south of the tracks to be our first contestant.

Be warned, during this game Cardo drops the biggest audio bomb in the history of the podcast when he asks a question about the 1985 movie, "Cocoon."

The Cure take us into a break with the Closer mix of Close to Me, and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes bring us back with their cover of Leavin' on a Jet Plane.

Right about the time the beers really start to kick in, we disclose the songs we would cry ourselves to sleep to after a bad breakup.  Joe gives a top 5 list while Zen can only contribute "Against All Odds" with it's unforgettable line, "Take a look at me noooooowwwww . . ."  We break down the formula behind making a successful Country Sad Song.  When masturbating, most men are sprinting for the finish line, not taking their time.  We share memories of reaching 3rd base for the first time, and Ray teaches us "The Pitchfork Manuever."  Anal Bead education and Joe shares some girl pics on his iPhone.

Finally, The Used play us out of a night we'll not soon forget.  Mainly because we recorded it.  Now you can listen in and enjoy it as well.