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The Double D Podcast

Feb 9, 2011

Cousin Dave's wife, affectionately given the alias of Snooki for this episode, joins us in the studio to spill her guts on her husband's lovemaking skills.  Cousin Joe from Kingman also made the long drive out to sit in on this episode.

We began by drinking some Roscoe's Amber Ale, which brought back childhood memories of Roscoe P. Coltrane.  Cousin Joe brought some home brewed C Diff Infectious Ale.  Joe is rewarded with a spot on the Double D Professional Wrestling Team and is given his own luchador mask ( a brown paper bag with a large hole cut into it.)

Phantom Planet covers Jackson Browne's "Somebody's Baby."

Stinky calls in from Oregon.  Bobby Ganoosh calls in and promptly hangs up before we can ask him any hard hitting questions.  Zen provides a top 5 list of the 5 things more unreliable than his computer.  Next we get to the heart and soul of this episode.  We interview Snooki about all things Cousin Dave - is he a kind, gentle lover?  How did he perform on their wedding night?  Does he give her a goodnight kiss?  How is he hung?  Be prepared to find out more about Cousin Dave than you ever wanted to know.

After tales of Dave's wedding night, we get Joe's tales of homemade XXX video.  Zen provides tales of rose tattoos and Chevy vans.

Corporate Whore performs "You Want" followed by The Descendents "Nothing With You"

We hit up the Mexican Candy again and then our show devolves and hits it's lowest point ever when we, for all intents and purposes, film softcore food-fetish porn.  If you didn't watch live, you missed Ray and Joe smacking Snooki's face with the Mexican Candy called Salsaghetti.  The audio is entertaining as well.

Finally we calm down and get serious for a somber, scientific look at the question of whether or not auto-fellatio makes one gay or if it is simply masturbation.

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The show close with A Thorn for Every Heart covering Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party."