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The Double D Podcast

Jan 31, 2011

The show gets off on the wrong foot when we immediately suggest the creation of a novelty candy that would involve sucking a pulpy red juice out of a fake tampon.   Things go downhill from there.   Zen tells the tale of the cropdusting he suffered, also known as the "Mutton Bomb."   This prompts Cardo to call in with a similar story.  Rocky calls in soon after from his 80's party and promises drunken voice mails to follow.  We're still waiting on those, by the way.


GramahawkModern Skirts
"Happy 81" (mp3)
from "Gramahawk"

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After the first break we recall our recent trip down to the desert home of the U of A Icecats, Tucson, Arizona.  Flea Market stories are told.  We hope everyone gets a chance to visit the Tanque Verde Swap Meet, where you can buy Hockey Skates, Luchador Masks, AirSoft BB guns, lingerie, mexican candy and assorted tools and cellphone cases.

Congratulations to the Northern Arizona University Ice Jacks who played a thrilling game against the U of A Icecats, beating them 5 - 4.  That didn't stop a drunken U of A student sitting in front of us from harassing NAU's backup goalie, a player's dad and several teenage girls.  Hey, Bieber!


Empty Room Philosophies - EPYou the Symphony
"What We Used to Be" (mp3)
from "Empty Room Philosophies - EP"

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Next came our Luchador segment.  We introduce our alter egos:  The Flippin' Dutch, The Giant Squirrel and Big Dick, also known as Poontangarang.  We flesh out our wrestlers with intro songs and finishing moves, including the Nutcraker, the Bushy-tailed Bomb, The Dutch Rudder and the Halo Halo Smash.

Then we continue our tradition of partaking in some Mexican Candy, one pretty good and one God Awful mess that looked like period blood.

Speaking of period blood, Joe Fellers calls in next from Laughlin, Nevada with stories of the Father-Son Wobbly H.

Finally, Ray gives the episode it's title when he tells us that the children's movie "The Jungle Book" contained the song, "Don't Fuck With Me, Man Cub."


Emergency & IThe Dismemberment Plan
"What Do You Want Me to Say?" (mp3)
from "Emergency & I"
(DeSoto Records)

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