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The Double D Podcast

Jan 14, 2011

Anyone know a good ditch I can throw my desktop PC into?  After another long, rocky start in which my computer had to be restarted several times, we finally go the show up and running.  With such a late start on a school night, attendance was low, but it was a good show regardless.

We started off with some old business, including a voice mail from Baby Brother Cardo, fresh out of the hospital where he underwent treatment for Nicole-I Richie.  We also apologize to Shane Dween, former contest winner.  Then we talk about Radio Bum, the homeless man with the Golden Voice who will be America's newest millionaire (if he doesn't blow it all on crack, that is.)  We decide that what our podcast needs to go viral also is our very own Bum, and we make plans to find one.

In the middle segment we again play "Stump the Mexican" with Joe facing off against Biscuit Ray in a little movie trivia.  Hockey movies, 4 letter movie titles and Cheech movies all play a role.  Ha!

Finally we look forward to our weekend field trip to Tucson, where we will watch hockey and imbibe many beers.

Enjoy the show!