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The Double D Podcast

Dec 7, 2010

After a week off to celebrate Thanksgiving, we're back with one of our best episodes ever.  A special thanks to the folks over at Joe's Garage for joining us live while partying down out in Kingman, AZ.

We started the show by wrapping up our look at racism in America.  Yes, Virginia, there are racist terms for the Dutch.  It all started with the origin of the word "Yankee" and it's history with the derogatory term, "John Cheese."  What about Dutch courage, Going Dutch and the ever popular Dutch Oven?!  We spout misinformation on what might have been the origin of other popular racist catchphrases, including "The Chinese Fire Drill," "Indian Giver" and that blast from the past, "N**ger knocking."  Don't try these at home.

After a little cover of Rocket Man by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, we lighten the mood by launching into trivia and a little game we like to call, "Stump the Mexican."  We'll start playing this game more and more often in future shows, and we invite everyone to call in and test their knowledge against Biscuit Ray.  The rules are simple, answer more questions correctly than Ray can and you will have successfully stumped the Mexican.  Cousin Dave squares off first in the category of "The States."  Joe takes round 2 in the category of "Internet Acronyms."  In this best of 3 format, Biscuit Ray gets swept in his debut.

Right before the break, which is handled by The Breeders' Cannonball, Ray is introduced to his punishment for losing Stump the Mexican.  It is a jar of our titular dessert, Halo Halo, a Filipino traditional dish consisting of tropical fruits and beans.

When we get back from the break, Ray dutifully gulps down a spoonful or two.  This leads to all sorts of horrible Asian stereotyping and eventually to our discussion with Joe about the first time he received an Asian Massage, complete with "Release."  The story is too good to miss, and since we decided to go out on a high note, it ends the show.

Beer consumed during this episode:  Sam Adams Winter Lager.

Closing Song:  Life is Shit by The Dead Milkmen.

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over eight years ago

Thanks guys! I now have to add "Joe's Asian Release" to the list of stories I really never wanted to hear. EVER.