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The Double D Podcast

Nov 10, 2010

Our first Live Internet Broadcast was a complete success!  If you called bullshit, you are correct.  It more closely resembled a train wreck than a success, but we pulled it off nonetheless.  

First of all, I mistakenly called this episode "Episode 19" throughout the recording, somehow forgetting that Episode 19 - Worst Of already existed.  Whoops.  We'll just call this one 19 and a Half.

Secondly, it took us forever to get everything straightened out and working.  Our stream is now up and running over at which will remain at - so check us out there and click on the "follow" button to be notified when we are going LIVE.  We also have a new phone number so that people can call into the show during a live recording.  If you are in Northern Arizona it's a free local call, for everyone else use the area code 928.  928-255-4767.  Also, there is a chat room you can use to chat with other viewers and to try and distract us while we record.

Third, we didn't have a good way to display that number while we were broadcasting.  We went super old school and wrote it on a dry erase board.  That'll be gone next show.  Ray challenged me to have it scrolling on screen by the next time and that should be no problem.

Once we were up and running we laid down a pretty decent episode of the Double D.  We started off as always with the Celebration of Beer and named what we were drinking.  For me (Zen) it was the Belgium Brewing Co.'s Ranger IPA.  Ray took a step back in time and consumed a 40 oz. of King Cobra.

Our first caller of the night was Jonathan Whitehorn.  He helped us ease into our first topic, which was Sex Robots and Robot fetishes.  We queried each other and what kind of robot we could copulate with.



The New Radicals play the first break with Mother We Just Can't Get Enough

Next we tackle the latest internet meme, the supposed Time Traveler captured on film during the 1928 premiere of Charlie Chaplin's film "The Circus."  We easily throw out some obvious reasons this can't be real, but then ask the question where we would rather travel in time to visit.  Here's the clip of the supposed time traveling old woman.  Is this really a cell phone she is holding?



Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers cover the second break with Beautiful Disaster.

We are joined in our last segment by Jefe and then Cousin Dave.  A quick round of Chat Roulette ends the show.

Rancid plays the outro with Roots Radicals.

Make sure you join us for Episode 20 and every show thereafter by following us at and for the latest info on the exact time we'll be going live on the internet.  Call in and chat with us while we record.  See you there.