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The Double D Podcast

Oct 27, 2010

We've been waiting a long time for this.  Guess we were really waiting on a special occasion to finally get this guy in the studio, and that occasion ended up being the debut of his new band at The Orpheum in Flagstaff, opening up for Whiskey Rodeo.  That's right, Biscuit Ray finally dragged his son, Robert Diaz aka Chuy D, onto the podcast.  Chuy brought his guitar and a thirst for beer . . . a good night was bound to happen.

What we were drinking:  we started off with some leftover Dundee Oktoberfest brews and then quickly moved on to our surprise beer of the night.  Surprise because we left it up to our intern to pick out a beer at her own discretion.  Luckily for us, our intern has excellent taste and we ended up with a sixer of Ska Brewing Company's Pin Stripe Red Ale.  We talk about Ska Brewing and some of their other brews.  Modus Hoperandi.  We discuss switching the name of the podcast from Double D to Triple B.  We hear the true story behind Pin Stripe Red Ale, courtesy of Ray's "White Voice."  

Next Ray issued the "Pin Stripe Challenge."  The first listener to email or call in with the exact number of times Ray mistakenly says "Pinstripe" when he meant to say "Red Stripe" in Episode 4 will receive a Double D Podcast T Shirt from our CafePress store.  No joke.

"Eliminnyate"  Diaz by injection.  A little Sharks talk.  The Dutchipino Air Mine.  Zen reads a Top 5 list courtesy of the Double D Home Office located at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

Plowed by Sponge

Snuff - really not good for you.  An in depth discussion of Chuy D's new band, The Electric Army.  Rock out with your socks out.

Visit the Electric Army Here.

Whiskey Rodeo, the Flagstaff band that Electric Army opened for.  The Shot Box and drunken Kalil workers.

Mercy Me by Alkaline Trio

Chuy D graces us with a few songs.  And by grace I mean saves our mediocre podcast by bringing something into the studio that never has appeared before:  real talent.

The Tiger Song from The Hangover and a medley of Jason Mraz hits.



Christmas plans and Halloween costume plans.  Our Facebook shout out of the week.

Chuy D outros the podcast with one final song.