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The Double D Podcast

Oct 21, 2010

Right away you'll notice a new theme song.  Yeah, that's the Miami Vice Theme by Jan Hammer.  Don't worry, it's not a pemanent change.  But we did lose everything when we had our latest hard drive failure, and that includes our theme song.  Any musicians out there who can make a new theme song for us will be rewarded with a Double D Podcast T shirt if we use their song.

The show starts innocently enough with Hee Haw talk.  Why Old Men watch Hee Haw.  Using different voices with different people.  The "Fingers Crossed" story.

Our first live call - Destin Kerr.

followed closely by

Our second live call - Jonathan Whitehorn

What we were drinking - Samuel Smith's Tadcaster Oatmeal Stout.  Dundee Oktoberfest.  Putting beer in your breakfast cereal.  The English Pint and other odd units of measurement.

First break song is The Clap by The Giggles.

XXX Day.  In laymen's terms 10-10-10.  Old school vs. new school porn can be defined in one word - bush.  

The new American Sex Survey and it's results.  41 positions or 41 sexual practices.  Sex with fruit and pies.  And fruit pies.  Fleshlight folks - where are you?  Looking desperately for your sponsorship.  Ray watches Skinemax.  German late night television.  The St. Pauli Girl.  Polka music.  The connection between polka music and mariachi music.  


"Happily Stupid" (mp3)
from "DUI-N-I"

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Halloween costumes - Major T's.  What pop icon or movie character will be the sexy costume of 2010?

"Good Night Negril" (mp3)
from "Sunrise"

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