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The Double D Podcast

Oct 15, 2010

This episode we introduce yet another co host and yet another member of the Diaz Clan - Ray's baby brother Cardo.  Besides the obvious physical resemblance we soon find that the two have many things in common.  A lowbrow sense of humor is the most striking.  Cousin Dave also sits in on this recording session.

We begin with a discussion of Cousin Dave's new haircut, which Ray describes as the "Mexican Kid 'N Play."  This leads to talk of juvenile sexual fantasies and Barber Boobs.  The Jesse Jane Fleshlight.  The Oprah Oil Barrel Fleshlight.  The perplexing Stealth fleshlight, which resembles an arcade cabinet's coin slot.  (see album art)  Fleshlight usage explained.  There is NO cleaning a fleshlight after use.  The mysterious "Naughty Boy" attachment.  That "taint" gonna be my next purchase.

First Break Song:


ModularThe Pinker Tones
"Sampleame" (mp3)
from "Modular"
(Nacional Records)

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This next section of the show is on YouTube as a video.  Please feel free to share this on any site you want to help spread the Double D Podcast.



We get our historic, first time ever live call in to the show, courtesy of Robert Mesa of California.  We discuss what we were drinking that night.  Homebrew blonde.  Timmy the Brewmeister.  Jenna Jameson sidetracks the conversation.  Top Secret!  Robert's awesome dental assistant.  The world's horniest dinosaur.  The Hardonodon.  Freedom Muffins - take that, BP!

Second Break song:


Connection (Bonus Tracks Version)Cas Haley
"Take A Chance" (mp3)
from "Connection (Bonus Tracks Version)"
(Easy Star Records)

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Nicotine break.  Bev keys and twist offs.  Unreal temperatures in Bullhead City.  Jefe's voicemail.  Jefe Logic.  Lito Benally's freestyle rapped by the Double D Cast.  Frog Rape:



Cousin Dave's tadpole story.  The origin of Chimpfrogzee.  Cardo tells a joke.  Zen tells a "walked in on" story.  Cousin Dave introduces the "Alabama Hot Pocket."  If you don't know what that is, do NOT google it.  It's grosser than gross.  An apology to the Durans.

Outro song:


Who Are YouThe Technicolors
"Fireflies" (mp3)
from "Who Are You"
(Best Media)

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