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The Double D Podcast

Sep 28, 2010

After the coitus with a goat that was episodes 13 and 14, we try to get back to normal with this, Episode 15.  Things start as they usually do with The Celebration of Beer.  This week Ray brought a couple new microbrews, including Reaper Ale and Port Brewing's Anniversary Ale.  The former was thick and black and oh so smooth, the latter was 10% alcohol.  We listened to the Salty Sailor's Tale.
This show was recorded on the 22nd of September and we remind our listeners of the 21st night of September.  Earth, Wind and Fire.  Ray pops Zen's Snuff cherry.  Zen relates a Redneck Chewin' Tobacco story from High School.  What makes you an addict?  One cigarette, one beer, one dick.  Snuff vs. Snuff Films.  Thanks go out to Cousin Dave and to Jefe.  We make plans for the future.  Double D Tuesdays.  Zen tells a bad joke.
Magnapop takes us through the first break with Slowly, Slowly.
A little verbal sparring.  Brass in pocket.  What qualifies as "jackworthy" music?  Ray's choice is an enigma full of sadness.  Zen's choice must be listened to with the lights on.
The Pretenders take us through the second break with a live version of Message of Love.
KFC advertises on college girls' buns.  Even though the Double Down sandwich has no buns.  It has two breasts.  We think the advertising should be placed somewhere else more appropriate.  The Double Down sammich.  Super Pooswah interrupts.  The Earl of Sammich.  A Call to Arms.  Volunteers for the Techno Mexican video.

Deep Fried SatisfiedClaude Hay
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