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The Double D Podcast

Sep 22, 2010


Part Two of the marathon recording session that took place a week ago.  Please keep in mind that this episode takes place in the middle of that nearly 6 hour session.  At the point that this particular show begins, we had been recording ourselves for almost 3 hours.  We had reached a point due to the time of night, the length of time already spent and the amount of alcohol consumed that we almost completely forgot we were recording at all.  Listen carefully to the show and it will be obvious that as it goes on we do indeed get drunk and drunker.  Most of the rambling was cut out and I hope the end product is as enjoyable to listen to as it was to put on disk.  We had a good time and hope you will too.

The show begins with a replaying of the intro, which sounds natural, but at the time was more of a joke.  This leads to bad singing, mainly because we were drunk.  A simple question from Biscuit to Jefe leads to some Watersports discussion and the recommendation that Cousin Dave have his wife pee on his feet.  Zen sees the show spiraling out of control and tries to rein it in by introducing some news stories.  After a quick review of a San Jose Badminton coach who makes students fondle his shuttlecock, we argue over this news story in the Chicago Tribune that ranks the 10 sexiest accents in the world.  The arguments reveal an interesting group dynamic that occurs frequently during the rest of the show.  Jefe and Biscuit Ray tend to agree on things, while Zen and Cousin Dave tend to see eye to eye.  Not a hard and fast rule, but usually that's how it more or less shakes out.

The consensus in the room is that the two sexiest accents are Midwestern American and Spanish.  The Tribune does NOT agree, placing them at the bottom of the list and putting this accent at the number one spot:





Muse takes us through the first break with a little Starlight.

We continue with a couple more news stories.  A Swindon farmer has trouble keeping her melons on the vines so has a clever idea for supporting them with bras.  Guess which size bra works best.  Then a depressing story of the worlds largest breast implants being removed leads into a discussion of which kind of "guy" each of us are.  Hint:  two boob guys, one booty guy and one face guy.  You probably know which is which.

Jonathan Coulton takes us through the second break with his version of Sir Mix a Lot's Baby Got Back.

Professor Van der Liquor briefly joins the cast to attempt to scientifically explain where the show went wrong.  Zen tries to use some pictures of porn stars to cheer everyone up.  We desperately turn to the "IF" book and play the Renaming Game.  Some Star Wars Incest talk.  Cousin Dave explains The Smurfs.  Jefe reveals an embarrassing childhood secret involving the movie Good Burger.  We argue over the Worst Movie Ever Made.  Six Degrees of Jefe Smythe.

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers play King of the Hill for the third break song.

We do Facebook Shout Outs and play some voicemails.  We try to answer Destin Kerr's question.  The Dumbest things we've ever done to impress chicks.  Hint:  riding a bike with no hands, Polish Arm Wrestling, racing into a fireplace and Ray's Sexy Wiener Dance.

We finish the show with two videos.  A review of I Hate You When You're Pregnant's song Sleeveless leads into a viewing of the Internet Meme video "Techno Viking"







The show closes with the song Fireworks.


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