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The Double D Podcast

Sep 13, 2010

Triskaidekaphobia.  It means "fear of the number 13."  We honestly should have had a healthy respect for triskaidekaphobia, because episode 13 turned out to be a wild ride.  We welcomed back Cousin Dave into the studio, and he had a young'un in tow.  Dave dragged longtime voice mail contributor Jefe into the Double D Studio to add to the mayhem.  This new group dynamic resulted in many spectacular unforeseen results, not the least of which were:  a Skype call that went on way too long and that expanded temporarily the cast to 8 persons, an impressive amount of alcohol being consumed and last but certainly not least a total of almost 6 hours of raw audio being recorded.  Some of it was good, some of it was really horrible, but in the end it was more than enough to create two episodes from.  This is Part ONE.

We began with what we were drinking that night.  Jefe started with Thelonius Monk Abbey Ale and then moved on to Heineken.  Cousin Dave began with Sparks alcoholic energy drink and then moved on to Tap Room 21.  Biscuit Ray began with some leftover Fosters and then moved on to trying a little of everything else and Zen began the night with Saporro, the Japanese beer brewed in Canada.  We all toasted the beginning of the recording with a shot of Captain Morgan's Private Stock Rum.

Topics of Discussion:  Lady Gaga concerts.  An Oakland A's Superfan.  "Vag Out."

Link to the Superfan picture, so you can see what we're talking about: Click Here

 Some sports talk.  Bills and Beaks.  Jefe and the Goat.  Ray needs some Strange.  Chicharonnes (again.)

First Break Song:

Dirt NastyDirt Nasty
"1980" (mp3)
from "Dirt Nasty"
(Shoot to Kill Music, Inc.)

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The Question of the Day.  How much money would it really take?  (Indecent Proposal)  Demi Moore's shrubbery.  Jefe recalls the underwear party.  We pursue to the bitter end a really bad idea:  we skype call Rocky and Laughing Girl at midnight.  Rocky answers the Day's question.  The transitive property of equality AKA the long way around to going down on Angie.

Second Break - Reel Big Fish

The Skype call continued.  The Asian and the Indian.  Racism ensues.  The call ends abruptly.  The Jalisco Market.  FALA and fellatio.  Jefe displays his leadership.  Aborted singing of Hooked on a Feeling.  His Face Rings a Bell.  Scissoring is for Old People.  A sort of voice mail from Special Ed.

End Song - Ben Folds Five

At this point in the night we had already been recording for almost 3 hours.  I jokingly played the intro again and told the guys I would scrap all the previously recorded audio and we would just start over.  Serendipity!  This became a natural point to seperate the recording into two episodes, so look for Part TWO of Triskaidekaphobia next week!