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The Double D Podcast

Nov 16, 2015

We kick off this show with a brand new segment, "Drinking Confessions with Father Joe."  Zen confesses to an embarrassing drink and Father Joe of Black Bridge Brewery in Kingman, Az takes his confession and doles out the Penance.  Ok, really it's just a chance for our good friends over at Black Bridge (B3 as the cool kids call it) to pimp out one of their drinks.  In this case, Raspberry Poison - which is the official beer of the episode.

It's an amped up wheat beer, a whopping 14.4% abv, which had us slumped back in our chairs in no time.  So easy to drink, it's a silent killer that has you in your happy place quick.  5 big thumbs up.

The meat of this episode is spent recapping the wedding between Zen and The Producer.  We can call her Mrs DeHoag now.  Yup!  Everybody on the show now has a last name that starts with D.  Zen's OCD is now soothed.

It's not all wedding talk.  We talk quite a bit about the pub crawl and Kegball game that went down that weekend.  A whole lot of Sneaky Penising went on.  Most disappeared but a few still survive on to this day.  The album art for this episode is a Sneaky Peen that was photographed just days ago, a full month and a half later, at The State Bar in Flagstaff.  It was placed there by Zen's brother Ezra.  May it last forever.

Salud to everyone who was involved in our wedding, it was amazing and will live in our hearts forever.  To those of you that weren't there, we raise a glass to you as well and say sincerely that we wish you could have been there to celebrate with us.