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The Double D Podcast

Oct 19, 2015

This is a special episode.  No Chuy, No Ray.  Just me (Zen), The Producer and Richard "Dickie D" Duran.  This is also the first in what I hope will be a rare but recurring run of one-off shows I'm going to call "Counterclockwise" episodes, where we turn the clock back and go back in time to look at The Classics of movies and music and pop culture.


This Counterclockwise episode we focus on Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  Or, as it was known when I was a kid . . . Star Wars.

Why?  Because believe it or not, Richard has never seen Star Wars.  Ever.  Doesn't even know what it's about or who the characters are.  So we watch it with him and record his impressions.  

Beer for this episode -


Wild Sour Counter Clock Weisse

Two thumbs down, the only thumb up is from Zen


Sierra Nevada 2015 Harvest

Three enthusiastic thumbs up.  A must buy for Hops fans.


Candy ingested - 

Aero Chocolate Bar

Astronaut Ice Cream


Enjoy and we'll see you all soon for a full sized episode where we recap the recent wedding weekend.