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The Double D Podcast

Oct 5, 2015

We recorded this show just a few days before the wedding between Zen and The Producer, and the gang is all in on the action.  Ray is a groomsman, Dickie D is The Officiant and Chuy D is playing the reception with fellow Rivals Cardo and Cousin Dave.  It's a Double D affair all around.

(Here's a little note.  This is being posted post wedding so I can let you know now that it went great!  Thanks to everybody for helping us pull it off, it was a night to remember forever.  When we get the pictures from our photographer, we'll share some, we even have a picture of everyone on the podcast together in our gussied up wedding finery!)

Anyway, since we recorded this one during Oktoberfest, we drank 2 different German beers.  The Spaten Optimator got 4 thumbs down and only 1 (Ray's) thumb up.  Overall, the impression was a slight soy sauce taste.  Yuck.  The second beer was much better, getting a unanimous thumbs up - The Kunig Ludwig Weissbier.

Other things covered this episode -

Yogi Berra

Weird Things sent in the US Mail

Different football leagues

Chuy Hates Other Cultures

The Flying Monkeys Tip story (The Nug)

Jimmy Terdles sings to Ray

Maple Bacon Soda


Hope you enjoy this show and it's not too Weddingy for ya.