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The Double D Podcast

Aug 31, 2015

We're drinking Boulder's Shake Chocolate Porter this episode, and it was a big hit, with a flavor reminiscent of a good mochaccino.


We begin with a crude Navajo language lesson and the phrase "Apeshy Zhon" which can be used to describe, well, pretty much anything apparently.  We recall our Wanging video, which you can watch here:





We try the new interweb rage, helium infused beer.  Or do we?  We have a brief announcement, that we have joined the Abnormal Entertainment podcast network (and if you are checking us out there, awesome!)  We continue with the language lessons when we talk about the secret communication habits of Juggalos.

We call Cousin Dave to talk about his big ass feet.  Then we play a quick game of WTF is it.  Not to give it away, but immediately after we perform the "Toaster Rap."

We try the new potato chip flavor, "New York Style Reuben Sandwich" and give it a couple thumbs up.  

Jimmy Terdles joins us briefly to celebrate both his and Zen's birthdays.  Richard helps the celebration by giving everyone present a bowl of his Mexican Sweet Rice.  Then we watch a Chuy D recommended video, Juggalove.



We close out the show with a lot of Sex Talk.  First, sex education in elementary school, and then sex in the animal kingdom, with the spotlight on hyenas and flatworms.  We finish with the infamous Alabama Hot Pocket.  Eeeeewww.