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The Double D Podcast

Mar 20, 2012

Episode 122?  How can this be?  Just last week we did episode 68?!  Well, we received, through a scientific breakthrough involving dial up internet and a DeLorean with a snowblower on the hood, this podcast from the future.  The year 2014 to be exact.  It seems Zen and Ray survive the apocalypse and will continue the Double D Podcast from their underground bunker.  So we got that going for us.  Nice to know that although the surface is uninhabitable and zombies roam the land, at least we still got culture.

After a Salud to Cousin Larry who is back in the homeland with us after a stint in Afghanistan, we get to our beer of the show, Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale.  It's tasty and just a tad bit sweet, but smooth and easy to drink.  Try it, it's tempered over burning witches.

We, meaning the us of the future, give the lowdown on how and why the apocalypse happened and what we, meaning the us of now, can do to stop it from happening.  Also who wins major sporting events in 2012 and 2013 in case you want to make some sports bets.  After a discussion of whether or not we would time travel if it were available, Ray admits he would go back in time to prevent a DUI, and Zen admits how would go back in time to try and save a little pride and self respect when he got dumped by ex-girlfriends.

A little March Madness business is conducted, with the Newscasters Division created, and we talk a little bit about the upcoming "Cinco de Double Patrick's Day" celebration.

Finally, we both watch the infamous "One Man, One Jar" video.  Things will never be the same.  Truly, there are some things that once seen, can never be unseen.