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The Double D Podcast

Aug 26, 2015

We're bringing games back!  What games?  Games we played while we all sat in detention.  I like to think that if we were all the same age and had all grown up in the same town and gone to the same school, all the members of the Double D would be stuck in detention together, Breakfast Club style, playing games like nickel soccer, paper football, heads up seven up and the like.  Even a little kickball out on the playground.

Alas, time and circumstance prevented that, but we can make up for lost time by bringing it all back with a little kegball.  Kickball with a keg.  This is probably going down at the end of September, and we will be sure to take plenty of lovely video of the event to share with you.

Speaking of video . . . there is video to go with this episode!  We played One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and it's on YouTube.  It goes along with this episode and will be posted after this podcast.  In fact, by the time you read this, it will probably be right above this post.  You probably scrolled past it to get here.  So go back and watch it!  And if you have already, thank you.  Now go and share it!


We're going to try and bring you all more video in the future, including every episode from now on as it's recorded.  


This is also our first episode with the fine folks over at Abnormal Entertainment.  We'll see how long this lasts before they give us the old boot.  Especially considering this episode, which gets off to a rocky start.  Rocky?  Most of us were pretty inebriated before we even hit record.