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The Double D Podcast

Jul 24, 2015

If you want to introduce someone new to the podcast, start with this episode.  Everyone is here for once, and the show gets rocking and rolling right away.  It even has Juan on it, for Pete's sake!

We're drinking Not Your Father's Root Beer.  It's 5.9% and it smells exactly like A&W when you open it.  It has a very sweet, root beer tastes and finishes a little like beer.  Delicious, but expensive and not a taste you want to have all the time.  Maybe just pick up one to say that you've tried it.

The juggalo we want to huggalo calls in and plays a game with us.  We talk fireworks over the 4th of July and play some fireworks related games, giving away as prizes, you guessed it, fireworks.

We also crown the Double D Best TV Theme Song of All Time.  If you've been keeping up with all the rounds leading up to this moment, it shouldn't be any surprise who wins.

We also start gearing up for our next tournament, best Candy of All Time.  We come up with way more than 64 kinds, which means there's gonna have to be some heartbreaking decisions on who to cut before we even kick it off.

Sneaky Penis.  Play it.  Live it.