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The Double D Podcast

Sep 9, 2010















So we've reached a small milestone.  A Dozen Down.  While twelve may not mean a lot to other podcasts, it means something to us.  'Cause we're Double D.  

Anyway, this episode covers a wide range of Double D topics, from Dyson Dolls to Dudes with Down's and some Drunk Dialing.  It all begins with what we're drinking this episode.  Foster's.  Australian for Beer.  What is the constellation on Australia's flag and also the Foster's label?  Paul Hogan's cock.  "That's not a cock.  That's a cock."  Cousin Dave text-interrupts the podcast.  Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter, courtesy of Ska Brewing.  How many ounces are in a pint?  Cousin Dave gets Hooked on a Feelin'.  Seth Rogen sings along with Lady Gaga.  Video Proof:





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First Break Song:


Tokyo RoseSuarez
"Stacy" (mp3)
from "Tokyo Rose"
(HOME Records)

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We start the next segment with a small description of the Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter.  It is a beer as black as the Devil's Heart, but smooth as anything you've ever drank.  We discuss bringing back the old "Free Mustache Rides" T shirt.  And then we launch into the great Dyson Vacuum Blowjob Doll Debate.  Zen shares yet another embarrassing childhood story.  This one is not so bad, fortunately.  The Electrolux and the Bonefinger.  Carwash vacuums and a well manicured bush.

Next Break Song:


"Logical" (mp3)
from "Logical"
(Ford Productions, LLC)

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"Super Pooswah" makes an unexpected entrance.  The JDSI and it's incredible Down's Syndrome Ad Campaign.

Aim High or Aim High Enough.  (note:  since the recording of this podcast we have learned to our embarrassment that this is actually taken from a quote by John Langdon Down, the doctor for whom the condition is named.  It has to do with "when you take aim, aim high enough" and is actually quite inspiring.  We don't regret goofing on it, however, and will still make some sort of T shirt)  Being "a little downy."  Mace the Ace and My Girl.



Last Break Song:


A Common PlaceLibyans
"Paralyzed" (mp3)
from "A Common Place"
(Sorry State Records)

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The final segment is the Voice Mail segment.  Jefe, Rocky, Sierra Unpronouncable and Laughing Girl all check in from the underwear party.  We argue over the best snack to have with beer and Ray proves he's not a real mexican.  Every mexican has a bottle of hot sauce on his person at all times.  Finally, yet another horribly racist joke from Biscuit Ray.

Closing song:


Fiesta SongsSe�±or Coconut
"Electrolatino" (mp3)
from "Fiesta Songs"
(Nacional Records)

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