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The Double D Podcast

May 26, 2015

After a scattered and helter skelter start, we begin the show by recapping the boxing match between Pacquiao and whats his face Mayweather.  This leads us into a game of Boxer, Wrestler or DJ.  

Oh yeah.  By the way.  We're drinking Black Bridge Brewery's Cliff Dweller Double IPA, a sessionable, delicious IPA with an alcoholic content that is a mere 10.8%.  Yeah.

Back to the show.  Next up was a brief discussion of ICP and their cancellation of an in store appearance in Farmington, New Mexico and then an even briefer discussion of the quarter machine collectable "Homies."

We recap Ray's bowling tournament in El Paso, and then lift our glasses and middle fingers for a couple "Dulas" segments, this time highlighting assholes who are racist in auditoriums.

We play What The Fuck Is It, and then it happens.

Richard asks for some Oogum Boogum, and it's more than we can handle.  Then we figure out that not only is it an actual song and not just some gibberish that Richard randomly spit out, but it is in fact a song we've heard before and a fantastic one to boot.

Professor Van der Liquor explains, or tries to, how IBU's are calculated and we hold class for a little Double D Vocabulary lesson.

The show closes out with our next round of the Top TV Theme Songs, this time facing off songs from the 80's, and a little Mexican Candy.

Enjoy the show!


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