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The Double D Podcast

May 2, 2015

We're drinking Deer Lord, a delicious altbier, from a growler filled at local Flagstaff taproom Historic Brewing.

We open the show talking about pink sleeves and the proper care thereof.  Should you heat the lube, or the sleeve itself?  After that very stirring discussion, we move on to a rousing game of WTF is it.  And by rousing, I mean it lasted about 30 seconds.  So . . . we keep the games going by launching straight into a little game called "Kentucky Derby Horse or Canceled TV Show."

And then another game?  Sure, why not.  We play Music Mayhem, closely related to our usual game of Movie Mayhem.  Songs to be tortured by.

After a quick break, we get to the heart of the show, a call in from regular contributor Jimmy Terdles, who tells us tales of woe and discrimination from deep within the heart of Santa Clarita.

We finish the show with the third round of our TV Theme Song Tournament, this time highlighting songs from shows in the 70's.

And oh yeah, Hormigas.  Delicious hormigas.  Yet another food Chuy has learned to hate.