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The Double D Podcast

Nov 27, 2014

You can't spell DDanksgiving without Double Ds!  On this festive Thanksgiving Eve episode, with a full cast including Chuy D and Dick Duran, we crack open the Leinenkugel's Winter Sampler and drink the whole thing down.

To chase that, we also enjoy the Halloween Candy infused vodka we prepared last show, and also some chocolate tequila balls.  And, oh yeah, Almond Roca Liqueur.  It was a righteous time in the old Double D Studio.

For fun, we play a few rounds of What the Fuck Is it? Ray quizzes us on State License Plate mottoes.  And Zen begins the preliminary stages of a new 64 team tournament - the best TV theme song ever!

So sit back, bask in the glow of your Thanksgiving feast, unbuckle your belt a notch or two, and enjoy this show with much love and gratitude from all of us here at the Double D Podcast!