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The Double D Podcast

Jun 16, 2014

We're drinking Blueberry Oatmeal Stout this show, which was a decent Stout but the blueberry part was so subtle it was (and should be) unnecessary.  Maybe you can use the blueberry part to get your more timid beer drinking friends to try a darker, more robust beer.  Anyway . . . on with the show!

This episode we introduce some new segment we're going to revisit from now on, but in addition to these segments we also talk about:

-c rations

-horny goat weed follow up


-celebrity penis sizes

-freaky robots

The new segments include You Be the Judge, in which we decide the fate of an Uber driver in L.A. who took an inebriated girl to a motel room instead of her home, Ray Teaches Us Spanish, in which Ray tries to explain weird slang and phrases in spanglish, and Ask Dick, in which Richard tries to play the part of Dear Abby.

We hope you enjoy some of the new things we're trying to do with the show, and if you have any comment and feedback we'd be glad to hear it.

Or leave us a voice mail at 4242 DRUNKS

Oh, and here are the videos associated with this episode: