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The Double D Podcast

Apr 10, 2014

After a little mishap at the beginning of the episode in which our Producer decided the show was starting off boring and slow and kicked the computer over to force a restart, we had one of our funnest, most argumentative podcasts ever.

We drank San Tan Brewery's Sex Panther, a delicious Double Chocolate Porter and it is oh so smooth and easy to drink.  If you can, pick some up.  We highly recommend it.


Topics this episode:

- Zen's first smoke.

- The Ultimate Warrior

- The Ultimate Walliaw, an old asian man who rikes Flog Regs

- Carista Frockhart and Hallison Fold

Boobtube, boobs and snake

- Ingress

- Ray and Zen argue over the value of The Smurfs

- Dubtoberfest!


That's right, we're planning, no DEMANDING a Dubtoberfest this fall.  Stay tuned for details...


(to download the mp3 of this episode, right click on the Direct Download Link below and Select "Save As")