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The Double D Podcast

Mar 21, 2014

One of our better episodes as of late.  We started this one off with a bit of a mystery.  Ray brought a growler of IPA from Black Bridge Brewery, but he couldn't remember exactly which IPA it was, so we dubbed it the "Mystery IPA."  We also drank Ruthless Rye IPA, which Richard reminded us we had drank before on an earlier podcast.

Topics this episode:

Is "squirting" a real thing?

Ray's "Ball Cage"

The Super Game Big Bowl

Richard Sherman

Mexican Skier in a Mariachi Suit

Richard's codeword for getting it on, "Drive The Chevy"

Midget Zombie Porn

That's an image from the midget zombie porn, because obviously we can't post the video here.  If you DO want to watch it, just search for midget zombie in your favorite porn hub.  May we recommend ?

Here are some videos we CAN share with you:

BoobTube for this show "Boobs" and "Football"  I smell a swerve coming . . .

And some racist Japanese TV commercials.  If you're offended by these, get your head checked.

Enjoy the show!

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