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The Double D Podcast

Sep 20, 2014

You may have noticed that although we are back on a regular schedule, there was no show last week.  That's because I, Zen, was sick.  To make up for it, I hope you enjoy this episode that I had "in the can" so to speak.

For whatever reason, we recorded this one offline, without cameras and didn't stream it live.  We just wanted to sit around and drink beer and bullshit and I decided to record it.  It starts off pretty friendly and jokey, but in the end it devolved into an argument between Ray and myself over the merits of soccer.  

That dates the timing of this show, of course.  We were still in the midst of the World Cup at the time.  I think you'll enjoy it, old as it is, if you're any kind of regular listener to the Double D.  There is no BoobTube, or really any segments of any kind, and no breaks either.

Enjoy, and if you want to weigh in on the soccer argument, email us at or leave us a voice mail at 4242 DRUNKS.




(to download the mp3 of this show, right-click the direct download link below and select "save as")