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The Double D Podcast

Ringtone? We gotcha ringtone RIGHT HERE!

Aug 26, 2015

Grab this mp3 of Richard saying "Play Some Brenton Wood, Oogum Boogum"

Make it your ringtone.



Oogum Ringtone





Video Clip - Princess Cosplay

Jun 6, 2012

In episode 79's live broadcast, the Double D Guys discussed women who cosplay as Disney Princesses.  This bit isn't done justice by audio only, so here is the full segment along with the accompanying photos.

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

Video Highlights from Episode 70 - Cinco de Double Patrick's Day

Apr 1, 2012

These videos have been posted on our Facebook page for a few days, but I just remembered that not everyone who listens to our show is a "Fan" on Facebook, so I'm posting them here also for everyone to enjoy.  To be a more educated Booblet or Borracho, click "Like" over at

So there are four...