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The Double D Podcast

May 26, 2015

After a scattered and helter skelter start, we begin the show by recapping the boxing match between Pacquiao and whats his face Mayweather.  This leads us into a game of Boxer, Wrestler or DJ.  

Oh yeah.  By the way.  We're drinking Black Bridge Brewery's Cliff Dweller Double IPA, a sessionable, delicious IPA with an...

May 2, 2015

We're drinking Deer Lord, a delicious altbier, from a growler filled at local Flagstaff taproom Historic Brewing.

We open the show talking about pink sleeves and the proper care thereof.  Should you heat the lube, or the sleeve itself?  After that very stirring discussion, we move on to a rousing game of WTF is it.  And...