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The Double D Podcast

Mar 23, 2014

Hey!  We didn't record a regular episode this week, but we think we have something special to share with you that is just as good.  Three of us journeyed down the mountain from Flagstaff to Cottonwood to see our buddy Mark and his band The Clam Tostada perform at the Main Stage.  While we drove down we hit record on the...

Mar 21, 2014

One of our better episodes as of late.  We started this one off with a bit of a mystery.  Ray brought a growler of IPA from Black Bridge Brewery, but he couldn't remember exactly which IPA it was, so we dubbed it the "Mystery IPA."  We also drank Ruthless Rye IPA, which Richard reminded us we had drank before on an...

Mar 10, 2014

On Episode 101, we're drinking Corona Light.  Embarrassing, I know, but Zen and Producer Crystal were on the Atkins diet.  Get over it.


Topics discussed on this show:

The Atkins Diet

Should turds float or sink?

Richard the Boxer

Punch Out characters

Salud - R.I.P. Mike Garrity

Olympic Talk

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