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The Double D Podcast

Jun 21, 2012

It's our Doubleversary.  Two years of the Double D Podcast.  A big Salud goes out to all the Booblets and Borrachos who have been with us since June 2010, and for those of you new to the show a hearty welcome!  Show number 80 almost didn't happen because Daniel's car broke down while he was getting the beer for this...

Jun 10, 2012

We're drinking a local brew, Lumberyard's Flagstaff IPA, a manly, hoppy India Pale Ale, probably to make up for all the girly beers we've been drinking lately.  It's a good, strong, satisfying beer but sadly we don't know if it's available outside of the local market.

We begin by talking about the official movie of the...

Video Clip - Princess Cosplay

Jun 6, 2012

In episode 79's live broadcast, the Double D Guys discussed women who cosplay as Disney Princesses.  This bit isn't done justice by audio only, so here is the full segment along with the accompanying photos.

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

Jun 3, 2012

We've made fun of the word "Leinenkugels" before, so now we give it it's fair due and drink some Leinenkugels Berry Weiss this episode.  Daniel is a strong supporter of this fruity concoction, while Zen finds it just a little too sweet for his manly tastes.

During the opening segment we discuss our official fighting...