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The Double D Podcast

Jul 18, 2011

 Who the heck is Mike, you ask?  We don't know him personally, and that isn't his real name, but Ray showed him one heck of a last day and tells the tale during Ray's Segment.  You gotta hear the story about Mike and his farewell podcast.

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We drink some Lucky Buddha...

Jul 4, 2011

Hidden in this 4th of July episode is our funniest bit ever.  I'll let you know when we get to it, but first we kick off the show, as always, with what we're drinking and this time it's Ska Brewing's Mexican Logger.  We talk about why some might be offended by the can's original logo and also how tasty and refreshing...

Ray explains the Female Reproductive System

Jul 4, 2011

This is the first "Ray's Segment" ever and it may well be the last, because there's no way we could ever top this.  Ray walks up to the 2 dimensional White Board (DDWB) and with marker in hand he draws the female reproductive system and explains scientifically how babies are made.  Kind of.

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Jul 2, 2011

We enjoy delicious Breckenridge Summer Bright Ale during this episode.  It's cool and refreshing and it definitely helped us get through another sweltering, swamplike recording session in the Double D Studio.

We begin by briefly discussing the Riordan Gig, an annual fundraiser for the Riordan Mansion here in Flagstaff...