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The Double D Podcast

Dec 30, 2010

Those of you who joined us live already know that this show was one of the best.  For those of you who will be downloading and listening to this episode for the very first time, you're in for a treat.

Baby brother Cardo Diaz and friend of the show Joe Fellers of Joe's Garage and Mojo Potatoes Inc. join us in the studio...

Dec 14, 2010

Tired of all the same old carols and Christmas tunes playing over and over at the mall and your local restaurant?  Us too.  That's why our gift to you this year is this selection of top notch Christmas tunes, all by independent artists and bands.  If there is an mp3 link next to the song title, you can also download the...

Dec 7, 2010

After a week off to celebrate Thanksgiving, we're back with one of our best episodes ever.  A special thanks to the folks over at Joe's Garage for joining us live while partying down out in Kingman, AZ.

We started the show by wrapping up our look at racism in America.  Yes, Virginia, there are racist terms for the...