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The Double D Podcast

Nov 25, 2016

We're imbibing BridgePort Brewing's Kingpin Double Red Ale for this, our Thanksgiving episode.  

The show kicks off with a salute to our favorite bartender from our favorite movie (Three Amigos), a guy you hear at the beginning of every podcast with his trademark, "Enjoy yourselves, just try not to get into too much trouble, ok? Haha" - Mr. Fred Asparagus, or as our neighbors to the south call him, Alfredo Asparagus.

We talk movies that scared us as a kid, we share our wishes for changes to make this world a better place and we mix and eat Kracie Candy's Sushi in a Box!  All this before the first break!

There's some WTF Is It and a little Thanksgiving trivia thrown in for good measure.

Enjoy the show and know that we at the Double D Podcast are indeed thankful for each and every on of you.