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The Double D Podcast

Mar 15, 2016

Richard Dickie D Duran brought San Tan Devil's Ale this episode, in honor of his love for the ASU Sun Devils.  Fuck that.  The rest of us at the table, who are all loyal U of A Wildcats, let him get away with this not so subtle jab, because, hey, free beer.  At least it was cold.


We talk Google Cardboard and how this technology was immediately used to let you look up the skirt of animated japanese pop stars.

Jimmie Terdles gives us a quick review of The Grammys and that segues into our topic of the night, music.  Specifically, how a seemingly innocent Facebook list had us all in agony.

Lunar landers, Meteor Crater, Cactus Candy and a little Ask Dick round out the show.