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The Double D Podcast

Dec 30, 2015

A very special episode was recorded on Boxing Day.  Late Saturday night, The 5 of us regulars were joined by Chuy's fiance Destiny and we gathered around a table laden with snacks and beer and we watched Return of the Jedi.  Richard and Destiny were seeing it for THE FIRST TIME.

Here, recorded, are their thoughts and reactions to the film.  

We drank Stone Brewing's Double Bastard.  Not the little version, the 3 quart, 11% alcohol BIG BOTTLE.  And it was amazing.

We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed recording it.  Learn why Jabba is a pervert.  Who Tweak 3PO is.  Why Destiny hates the ending.  What Richard thinks of Slave Leia.  What the Producer thinks is better - Star Wars or Star Trek.  And why there are wind chimes indoors.


Salud, and Happy New Years from your friends at The Double D!