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Category:Video -- posted at: 10:11pm MST

143 - Long Arm of the Law

Welcome to 2017!

We have a lot of great things in store for this, our 7th year of podcasting . . . new people, new segments, and of course new beers.

We start off with a new taste, the New Belgium Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale.  Sounds disgusting, but we were pleasantly surprised by just how good it really was.  Buy one, we highly recommend it.

During the show we recap 2016 and what it was most known for - celebrity deaths.  There's a quiz testing the guys and what they really know about who died and when.

We tease some new segments coming up in the near future, including "Podcaster in David Diaz's Car" and "Longarm"

If you listen to the very end of the show, there is a short (6 minutes or so) radio drama that is basically a book on tape of an old western romance novel.  We plan to do this more in depth and with more (ahem) vocal talent next time.  Consider this a mere test.  We just wanted to give it a quick shot just to see how it worked out.  We're only sharing to give you a little taste of what will be a bigger, better thing...and maybe give you a little peek behind the curtain no matter how shaky and unpolished this first attempt may be.


So enjoy and Salud!

Direct download: 143_-_Long_Arm_of_the_Law.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:05pm MST

Do you want to know what IMDB stands for?

Do you want to know if Chocolate Porter drank immediately with Pineapple IPA tastes like chocolate pineapple?

Do you want to hear more about the Legend of Sancho Claus?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you just want to hear some Ask Dick, download and listen to this episode.  It's Christmasy, it's fun and it's got more Eric Wong in it.  (Maybe the Producer is back also)



P.S.  If you have some extra time to kill over the holidays, why not open Netflix and add The IT Crowd to your list and binge watch it.  It's only 25 episodes and you'll wish there were more.  It's absolutely wonderful and we couldn't recommend it more.


Direct download: 142_-_International_Movie_Douchebag.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:12pm MST

141 - Alfredo Asparagus

We're imbibing BridgePort Brewing's Kingpin Double Red Ale for this, our Thanksgiving episode.  

The show kicks off with a salute to our favorite bartender from our favorite movie (Three Amigos), a guy you hear at the beginning of every podcast with his trademark, "Enjoy yourselves, just try not to get into too much trouble, ok? Haha" - Mr. Fred Asparagus, or as our neighbors to the south call him, Alfredo Asparagus.

We talk movies that scared us as a kid, we share our wishes for changes to make this world a better place and we mix and eat Kracie Candy's Sushi in a Box!  All this before the first break!

There's some WTF Is It and a little Thanksgiving trivia thrown in for good measure.

Enjoy the show and know that we at the Double D Podcast are indeed thankful for each and every on of you.



Direct download: 141_-_Alfredo_Asparagus.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:35pm MST

140 - 2016 YOU DECIDE Election Night Special

Recorded live Tuesday November 8th, 2016, just after the polls closed, we listen to the election results coming in from each district as they report in and offer our unique political commentary . . .


Ok, no we don't.  We call it our Erection Special and that's exactly what it is.  We ignore the election, (for the most part) and give you a metric shit ton of what we're known for and frankly what we're best at . . . a lot of dick and ball talk with little regard for scientific fact.

We get hammered on a drink that the Founding Fathers enjoyed called Fish House Punch, first concocted on the banks of the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia.  It's way strong.  

We talk about vasectomies, raccoon puppet porn and pleasure with hair conditioners.  We also offer up a Salud to the Chicago Cubs and get a phone call from MLB Pitcher Kyle Lobstein (celebrity voice impersonated)


Enjoy, and Salud!

Direct download: 140_-_Erection_Special.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:54pm MST

139 - The Wong Way

Turn and face the strange . . . ch-ch-changes.

Big changes this show, we'll let you decide how strange they are.  We welcome another Asian to the podcast, making Zen less of a minority.  Enter the Wong, a mean fiddle player but a less mean drunk.  He should fit right in.

We're drinking Beerito by Oskar Blues.  Tecate is a poor man's Beerito.  Which makes Beerito a rich man's Tecate?

Enjoy the episode, and Salud!

Direct download: 139_-_The_Wong_Way.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:25pm MST

138 - Cardboard Sex in a Can

It's a Shit Show!


So the main topic of the show is shit . . . some horrifying portapotty tales and some more uplifting reports about our recent use of the squatty potty toilet stool.

Butt, excuse me, but . . .

before we ever got to the main subject, we got all fuckered up on Ska Decadent Imperial IPA.

You can hear the show get more and more out of control as time went on and we drank more and more.  For those of you who like to hear the show when it gets a little on the chaotic side, this might be one of your favorites.  If not, you might want to skip this one.  We got drunk.  

A lot of people called in.  Jimmy Terdles, Kyle Lobstein, Simone Biles and even Zen's cousin from The Islands, Jaime Valencia.  I can't even begin to explain.

Enjoy and Salud!


Direct download: 138_-_Cardboard_Sex_in_a_Can.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:37pm MST

137 - This is Episode 137

This is Episode 137.  And, that is what you name an episode when you don't know what else to name it.

We're all over the place in this one.  A little pig buggery, courtesy of a little show called "Black Mirror" and it's "National Anthem" episode, currently available on Netflix.  We talk a little Olympics, and interview a gold medal winner fresh off her win in Rio.  We ask Dick what the best sexual position would be for a man with micropenis to find maximum pleasure with his woman and . . . that's about it.  It's a short one, but we hope you enjoy it.





Direct download: 137_-_This_is_Episode_137.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:09pm MST

136 - Griswolds and the Big Green Hole

I originally named this one Cuatro de Julio because we recorded it on the Fourth of July, but that just points out that it took me almost four weeks to post this show.  I apologize.  We had family visiting from out of town and I just didn't have the time.  What can I say?

Anyway, Cousin Dave is in this one.  We talk about the Big Green Hole, a secret spot in Kingman, Arizona.  We also tell the tale of a family we saw in San Francisco.  We don't know their real names, but to us they were The Griswolds.  The album art for this episode is them fishing off a pier in Fisherman's Wharf.  While slamming beers.  Totally awesome.

In deference to the holiday, we play a game we call Founding Father or Pounding Father.  (Signer of the Declaration of Independence or Porn Star)

Jimmy Terdles and Kyle Lobstein call in also.  Kyle shares a video with us of him dressed up as the mascot of the Indianapolis Indians, Rowdie the Bear.  Here it is:


Rowdie the Bear on the news



Pssst.  If you wait until the very end, after the outro song, you can hear Cousin Dave dish out a secret and possibly embarrassing story about our favorite brewmaster.




Direct download: 136_-_Griswolds_and_The_Big_Green_Hole.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:03pm MST

135 - Eye of the Tiger

We tried something new this episode, and it worked out so well I think it's going to become a regular thing.  We recorded this in the middle of the day, and the energy level was much higher and it really made the show better.  So day drinking is going to be our thing from now on.

We're imbibing Pabst Smears this show.  PBR and Clamato.  (Also a little Hangar 24 Orange Wheat.  AND Hornitos tequila shots)

There's some news, we check in with both Jimmy Terdles AND Kyle Lobstein, who, after being recalled by the Pittsburgh Pirates, was sent right back down to AAA after only 2 days.

The title of the show?  You'll just have to listen to find out, but it's so worth it.

Enjoy, this is one of our best in a LONG LONG time.


Direct download: 135_-_Eye_of_the_Tiger.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:00pm MST

134 - Tight Socks

This is a short one.  It's our first recording in the new house, ahem, studio, and it was a bit of a disaster.  Mic booms kept falling off the tables, I couldn't get the sound where I wanted it and the guys were distracted.  

That being said, it wasn't all bad.  There was some stuff worth saving and here it is.  We drank Not Your Father's Ginger Ale this show, and it's the strongest ginger ale I've ever drank.  It's worth checking out, especially, if like me, you find it at the gas station for $3.99 a sixer.

There's lots of Philly talk as I had just returned from a trip to Philadelphia.  We also check in with Flagstaff Native and Major League pitcher Kyle Lobstein.  (Celebrity voice impersonated.)



Direct download: 134_-_Tight_Socks.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:54pm MST

133 - Brewmaster Tim and Joe Fellers

If you're going to drink Scorched Earth from Black Bridge Brewery, who better to have on the show to talk about it than the man who created and brewed it himself, Tim Schritter!  Brewmaster Tim and his hetero lifemate Joe are in town from Kingman, Arizona and join us for a rollicking good two hours of podcast fun.  No shit show, we promise.

Besides talk about running the best brewery in Kingman, we get into sex talk (of course) including safe words and squirting.  During Ask Dick we explore how long a good session of coitus should last.

Kyle Lobstein (celebrity voice impersonated) calls in to the show from the bullpen in Pittsburgh to talk about the Pirates' new slogan and also about his walk on song, Shake It Off.

WTF Is It is played during the show, as well as a game of Craft Beer Name or Fictional Beer Name.

It was one hell of a fun show and we always feel lucky to have either of these guys in the studio, let alone both at once.



Direct download: 133_-_Brewmaster_Tim_and_Joe_Fellers.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:00pm MST

132 - Waxing the Shaft

What looks like a beer but tastes like a salty pretzel?  Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Wheat!  We give it 4 out of 5 stars, but if you hate the taste of pretzels, consider it a 0 and stay away.  

It's a crowded table this episode as, besides our full regular cast, we are joined by Dickie D's wife, Connie Duran.  I don't know if we were trying to impress her with our intellect, but almost the entire first hour of the show is dick and vagina talk.

Jimmy Terdles checks in with this show's Music News, and he also introduces us to a friend of his, fellow Santa Clarita resident (it's true) Cesar Milan, also known as The Dog Whisperer, who gives us the lowdown on how dog whispering REALLY works.

The show concludes with Candy, as we argue over which sweet treats deserve to be named The Double D Podcast Best Candy Ever.

It was a fun show, a bit of a Cluster F admittedly, but the inebriation level was high and highjinx definitely ensued.



Direct download: 132_-_Waxing_the_Shaft.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:51am MST

131 - The Two Albums You Meet in Heaven

Richard Dickie D Duran brought San Tan Devil's Ale this episode, in honor of his love for the ASU Sun Devils.  Fuck that.  The rest of us at the table, who are all loyal U of A Wildcats, let him get away with this not so subtle jab, because, hey, free beer.  At least it was cold.


We talk Google Cardboard and how this technology was immediately used to let you look up the skirt of animated japanese pop stars.

Jimmie Terdles gives us a quick review of The Grammys and that segues into our topic of the night, music.  Specifically, how a seemingly innocent Facebook list had us all in agony.

Lunar landers, Meteor Crater, Cactus Candy and a little Ask Dick round out the show.




Direct download: 131_-_The_Two_Albums_You_Meet_in_Heaven.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:56pm MST

130 - Confetto Crabs

Did you know that the singular form of the word confetti is actually "confetto?"  Neither did I, until Ray enlightened me.  Now you know also.

Anyway, we're drinking Breckeridge Brewery's Agave Wheat this episode.  I'm always a sucker for a wheat beer, and this one is decent.  Not really getting much in the way of an Agave taste, though.  So maybe a 7 out of 10 in the way of recommendation.

First Salud of the night goes out to both Chuy D and Kevin Moyers, both of whom got married since our last show.  Congrats, guys!

Chuy tells us about the Utangarang Dance at his reception and his honeymoon in the Bahamas.

First Dulas of the night goes out to Manny Pac Man Paquiao, the self righteous piece of crap who got on his moral high horse recently to spout some hatred.  Pac Man, you are dead to us.

Next, we talk Crabs and other manscaping horrors to be found in the world of Man Bush.

Second Salud goes to Snoop, Dogg, Lion, whatever, who has been killing it lately in the voiceover world.

Dulas the second goes to Playboy magazine and their step backward into the world dominated by Maxim and others - the laddie magazine with NO nudity.

We close out the show with a little phone sex.


Salud, and enjoy!


Direct download: 130_-_Confetto_Crabs.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:56pm MST

129 - Sweet Oakiness

We had two growlers in the studio for this show, the Wet Snout Milk Stout from Sleepy Dog in Tempe, Arizona and our spotlight beer, Vermilion Red from Wanderlust Brewing right here in Flagstaff, Arizona


We recap our viewing of The Force Awakens, and beware.  Spoilers abound.  But hey, if you haven't seen it by now, you deserve it.

Richard shares some childhood shenanigans and Zen talks about life on "The Islands"

Salud, and enjoy!


Direct download: 129_-_Sweet_Oakiness.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:46am MST

128 - Tweak 3PO

A very special episode was recorded on Boxing Day.  Late Saturday night, The 5 of us regulars were joined by Chuy's fiance Destiny and we gathered around a table laden with snacks and beer and we watched Return of the Jedi.  Richard and Destiny were seeing it for THE FIRST TIME.

Here, recorded, are their thoughts and reactions to the film.  

We drank Stone Brewing's Double Bastard.  Not the little version, the 3 quart, 11% alcohol BIG BOTTLE.  And it was amazing.

We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed recording it.  Learn why Jabba is a pervert.  Who Tweak 3PO is.  Why Destiny hates the ending.  What Richard thinks of Slave Leia.  What the Producer thinks is better - Star Wars or Star Trek.  And why there are wind chimes indoors.


Salud, and Happy New Years from your friends at The Double D!

Direct download: 128_-_Tweak_3PO_Stone_Double_Bastard.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:09am MST

Double D Episode 127 - I Did Liked Christmas (Barrio Rojo)

This is a little something to tide you over on Christmas Eve.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas from the Double D Podcast!!


(Psst...Hey!  We're recording a monstrous, megasize year end spectacular this weekend.  Look for it soon!)

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_127_-_I_Did_Liked_Christmas_Barrio_Rojo.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:17am MST

Double D Episode 126 - With This Baculum I Thee Wed (B3 Raspberry Poison)

We kick off this show with a brand new segment, "Drinking Confessions with Father Joe."  Zen confesses to an embarrassing drink and Father Joe of Black Bridge Brewery in Kingman, Az takes his confession and doles out the Penance.  Ok, really it's just a chance for our good friends over at Black Bridge (B3 as the cool kids call it) to pimp out one of their drinks.  In this case, Raspberry Poison - which is the official beer of the episode.

It's an amped up wheat beer, a whopping 14.4% abv, which had us slumped back in our chairs in no time.  So easy to drink, it's a silent killer that has you in your happy place quick.  5 big thumbs up.

The meat of this episode is spent recapping the wedding between Zen and The Producer.  We can call her Mrs DeHoag now.  Yup!  Everybody on the show now has a last name that starts with D.  Zen's OCD is now soothed.

It's not all wedding talk.  We talk quite a bit about the pub crawl and Kegball game that went down that weekend.  A whole lot of Sneaky Penising went on.  Most disappeared but a few still survive on to this day.  The album art for this episode is a Sneaky Peen that was photographed just days ago, a full month and a half later, at The State Bar in Flagstaff.  It was placed there by Zen's brother Ezra.  May it last forever.

Salud to everyone who was involved in our wedding, it was amazing and will live in our hearts forever.  To those of you that weren't there, we raise a glass to you as well and say sincerely that we wish you could have been there to celebrate with us.


Direct download: Double_D_Episode_126_-_With_This_Baculum_I_Thee_Wed_Raspberry_Poison.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:29pm MST

Double D Episode 125 - That's No Moon (Sierra Nevada 2015 Harvest)

This is a special episode.  No Chuy, No Ray.  Just me (Zen), The Producer and Richard "Dickie D" Duran.  This is also the first in what I hope will be a rare but recurring run of one-off shows I'm going to call "Counterclockwise" episodes, where we turn the clock back and go back in time to look at The Classics of movies and music and pop culture.


This Counterclockwise episode we focus on Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  Or, as it was known when I was a kid . . . Star Wars.

Why?  Because believe it or not, Richard has never seen Star Wars.  Ever.  Doesn't even know what it's about or who the characters are.  So we watch it with him and record his impressions.  

Beer for this episode -


Wild Sour Counter Clock Weisse

Two thumbs down, the only thumb up is from Zen


Sierra Nevada 2015 Harvest

Three enthusiastic thumbs up.  A must buy for Hops fans.


Candy ingested - 

Aero Chocolate Bar

Astronaut Ice Cream


Enjoy and we'll see you all soon for a full sized episode where we recap the recent wedding weekend.


Direct download: Double_D_Episode_125_-_Thats_No_Moon_Sierra_Nevada_2015_Harvest.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:15pm MST

Double D Episode 124 - Pre Wedding Jitters (Spaten and Kunig)

We recorded this show just a few days before the wedding between Zen and The Producer, and the gang is all in on the action.  Ray is a groomsman, Dickie D is The Officiant and Chuy D is playing the reception with fellow Rivals Cardo and Cousin Dave.  It's a Double D affair all around.

(Here's a little note.  This is being posted post wedding so I can let you know now that it went great!  Thanks to everybody for helping us pull it off, it was a night to remember forever.  When we get the pictures from our photographer, we'll share some, we even have a picture of everyone on the podcast together in our gussied up wedding finery!)

Anyway, since we recorded this one during Oktoberfest, we drank 2 different German beers.  The Spaten Optimator got 4 thumbs down and only 1 (Ray's) thumb up.  Overall, the impression was a slight soy sauce taste.  Yuck.  The second beer was much better, getting a unanimous thumbs up - The Kunig Ludwig Weissbier.

Other things covered this episode -

Yogi Berra

Weird Things sent in the US Mail

Different football leagues

Chuy Hates Other Cultures

The Flying Monkeys Tip story (The Nug)

Jimmy Terdles sings to Ray

Maple Bacon Soda


Hope you enjoy this show and it's not too Weddingy for ya.


Direct download: Double_D_Episode_124_-_Pre_Wedding_Jitters_Spaten_and_Kunig.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:55am MST

Double D Episode 123 - Apeshy Zhon

We're drinking Boulder's Shake Chocolate Porter this episode, and it was a big hit, with a flavor reminiscent of a good mochaccino.


We begin with a crude Navajo language lesson and the phrase "Apeshy Zhon" which can be used to describe, well, pretty much anything apparently.  We recall our Wanging video, which you can watch here:





We try the new interweb rage, helium infused beer.  Or do we?  We have a brief announcement, that we have joined the Abnormal Entertainment podcast network (and if you are checking us out there, awesome!)  We continue with the language lessons when we talk about the secret communication habits of Juggalos.

We call Cousin Dave to talk about his big ass feet.  Then we play a quick game of WTF is it.  Not to give it away, but immediately after we perform the "Toaster Rap."

We try the new potato chip flavor, "New York Style Reuben Sandwich" and give it a couple thumbs up.  

Jimmy Terdles joins us briefly to celebrate both his and Zen's birthdays.  Richard helps the celebration by giving everyone present a bowl of his Mexican Sweet Rice.  Then we watch a Chuy D recommended video, Juggalove.



We close out the show with a lot of Sex Talk.  First, sex education in elementary school, and then sex in the animal kingdom, with the spotlight on hyenas and flatworms.  We finish with the infamous Alabama Hot Pocket.  Eeeeewww.



Direct download: Double_D_Episode_123_-_Apeshy_Zhon_Boulder_Shake_Chocolate_Porter.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:02am MST

Category:general -- posted at: 5:17pm MST

Category:general -- posted at: 5:15pm MST

Grab this mp3 of Richard saying "Play Some Brenton Wood, Oogum Boogum"

Make it your ringtone.



Oogum Ringtone





Category:general -- posted at: 5:13pm MST

Double D Episode 122 - Bringing Games Back (Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA)

We're bringing games back!  What games?  Games we played while we all sat in detention.  I like to think that if we were all the same age and had all grown up in the same town and gone to the same school, all the members of the Double D would be stuck in detention together, Breakfast Club style, playing games like nickel soccer, paper football, heads up seven up and the like.  Even a little kickball out on the playground.

Alas, time and circumstance prevented that, but we can make up for lost time by bringing it all back with a little kegball.  Kickball with a keg.  This is probably going down at the end of September, and we will be sure to take plenty of lovely video of the event to share with you.

Speaking of video . . . there is video to go with this episode!  We played One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and it's on YouTube.  It goes along with this episode and will be posted after this podcast.  In fact, by the time you read this, it will probably be right above this post.  You probably scrolled past it to get here.  So go back and watch it!  And if you have already, thank you.  Now go and share it!


We're going to try and bring you all more video in the future, including every episode from now on as it's recorded.  


This is also our first episode with the fine folks over at Abnormal Entertainment.  We'll see how long this lasts before they give us the old boot.  Especially considering this episode, which gets off to a rocky start.  Rocky?  Most of us were pretty inebriated before we even hit record.





Double D Episode 121 - Sneaky Peen Eye (Not Your Father's Root Beer)

If you want to introduce someone new to the podcast, start with this episode.  Everyone is here for once, and the show gets rocking and rolling right away.  It even has Juan on it, for Pete's sake!

We're drinking Not Your Father's Root Beer.  It's 5.9% and it smells exactly like A&W when you open it.  It has a very sweet, root beer tastes and finishes a little like beer.  Delicious, but expensive and not a taste you want to have all the time.  Maybe just pick up one to say that you've tried it.

The juggalo we want to huggalo calls in and plays a game with us.  We talk fireworks over the 4th of July and play some fireworks related games, giving away as prizes, you guessed it, fireworks.

We also crown the Double D Best TV Theme Song of All Time.  If you've been keeping up with all the rounds leading up to this moment, it shouldn't be any surprise who wins.

We also start gearing up for our next tournament, best Candy of All Time.  We come up with way more than 64 kinds, which means there's gonna have to be some heartbreaking decisions on who to cut before we even kick it off.

Sneaky Penis.  Play it.  Live it.



Direct download: Double_D_Episode_121_-_Sneaky_Peen_Eye_Not_Your_Fathers_Root_Beer.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:23pm MST

Double D Episode 120 - Circus Peanut Love (Rouge Sriracha Stout)

We're drinking Rogue's Sriracha Stout, and the most important thing we can say about that is . . . you can't make a homemade version yourself.  Repeat, do NOT try to make it on your own.  Just buy it at 13 bucks a bottle.  At that price, we can't really recommend it as anything but an oddity, something to try once and then never go back to.

There's a little sports talk in this one, primarily concerning relegation and what impact it would have on Major League Baseball.  The final vote?  Yes!  We're all for it.

We didn't vote on the best TV theme song since we were down a cast member, but we did hit on the idea for our next tournament . . . Best American Candy!  Tonight we put the spotlight on Circus Peanuts, a candy Zen was sure everybody would hate, but instead it was shown love all around the table.  Who'da thunk it?  

Sit back, grab a handful of Circus Peanuts (the flavor is banana, by the way) and enjoy this episode of our show.  Salud!


Double D Episode 119 - Its Ok Baby (Magic Hat Dream Machine IPL)

This is a weird one.  We're drinking an IPL, and no that's not a typo.  An Indian Pale Lager.  Pretty good.  Not bitter at all.

We play some games, screw things up, play a little "Japanese Pop Group or Medical Marijuana Strain" and Jimmy Terdles calls in while on Bath Salts.  Poor Pablo.

We finish up the first round of Best TV Theme Song Ever and get it down to the Elite Eight.

Hope you enjoy and spread the love by sharing this link to the show, subscribing and rating us on iTunes and telling some friends about us.  Salud.



Direct download: DD_119_Its_Ok_Baby.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:39pm MST

Double D Episode 118 - Oogum Boogum (BBB Cliff Dweller)

After a scattered and helter skelter start, we begin the show by recapping the boxing match between Pacquiao and whats his face Mayweather.  This leads us into a game of Boxer, Wrestler or DJ.  

Oh yeah.  By the way.  We're drinking Black Bridge Brewery's Cliff Dweller Double IPA, a sessionable, delicious IPA with an alcoholic content that is a mere 10.8%.  Yeah.

Back to the show.  Next up was a brief discussion of ICP and their cancellation of an in store appearance in Farmington, New Mexico and then an even briefer discussion of the quarter machine collectable "Homies."

We recap Ray's bowling tournament in El Paso, and then lift our glasses and middle fingers for a couple "Dulas" segments, this time highlighting assholes who are racist in auditoriums.

We play What The Fuck Is It, and then it happens.

Richard asks for some Oogum Boogum, and it's more than we can handle.  Then we figure out that not only is it an actual song and not just some gibberish that Richard randomly spit out, but it is in fact a song we've heard before and a fantastic one to boot.

Professor Van der Liquor explains, or tries to, how IBU's are calculated and we hold class for a little Double D Vocabulary lesson.

The show closes out with our next round of the Top TV Theme Songs, this time facing off songs from the 80's, and a little Mexican Candy.

Enjoy the show!


(to download the mp3 of this episode, right click the Direct Download Link below and Select "Save As")


Direct download: Double_D_118_-_Oogum_Boogum.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:10pm MST

Double D Episode 117 - Save Me Terdles (Historic Deer Lord)

We're drinking Deer Lord, a delicious altbier, from a growler filled at local Flagstaff taproom Historic Brewing.

We open the show talking about pink sleeves and the proper care thereof.  Should you heat the lube, or the sleeve itself?  After that very stirring discussion, we move on to a rousing game of WTF is it.  And by rousing, I mean it lasted about 30 seconds.  So . . . we keep the games going by launching straight into a little game called "Kentucky Derby Horse or Canceled TV Show."

And then another game?  Sure, why not.  We play Music Mayhem, closely related to our usual game of Movie Mayhem.  Songs to be tortured by.

After a quick break, we get to the heart of the show, a call in from regular contributor Jimmy Terdles, who tells us tales of woe and discrimination from deep within the heart of Santa Clarita.

We finish the show with the third round of our TV Theme Song Tournament, this time highlighting songs from shows in the 70's.

And oh yeah, Hormigas.  Delicious hormigas.  Yet another food Chuy has learned to hate.


Direct download: Double_D_Episode_117_-_Save_Me_Terdles_Historic_Deer_Lord.mp3
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Double D Episode 116 - I Hate Other Cultures (Blue Moon and J Pop)

You can thank Chuy D for the title of this one.  He uttered these words when we asked him to eat some sticky, stinky dried squid.

We ate and drank a lot of weird shit this episode, thanks in no small part to a couple road trips.  We recount our recent visits to Tucson and Phoenix and all the goodies we brought back with us, as well as the Luckyman concert where we saw NOFX, Rancid, the Offspring and A Day to Remember.  We play an intense game of Movie Mayhem and hand out some prizes and consume all kinds of goodies.  We also call Cousin Dave to get the scoop on a special appearance happening in his store in May.

Lastly, we once again tackle our Tournament of the Best TV Theme Song ever, this time the Instrumental bracket.  Contestants included Taxi, Miami Vice, Night Court, Sanford & Son as well as others.  Listen to the end to see who joins Ren and Stimpy in the Elite Eight!


Direct download: Double_D_Episode_116_-_I_Hate_Other_Cultures_Blue_Moon_and_J_Pop.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:32pm MST

Double D Episode 115 - TV Themes Round 1 (Bell's Special Double Cream Stout)

We're drinking Bell's Special Double Cream Stout, and it's so good we're wondering if just single cream is enough.  Ha.

The topics this show:

Pinon dealers

What is art?

WTF is it?

Las Vegas trip recap

"Movie Mayhem"

Jimmy Terdles Music Review

Ask Dick

Underwater Sex Safety

Finally, we begin our Tournament of the Best TV Theme Songs.  Round 1 sees us crowning a winner from the Animated Series bracket.  Who won?  Spongebob?  Underdog?  Beavis and Butthead?  You'll just have to listen to find out.





Double D Episode 114 - Terdles (Wells Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale)

I'm literally on my way out the door heading for Las Vegas, so this will be brief.  This episode we drank Wells Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale, and while nobody thought it tasted like toffee very much, we all were reminded of Sioux City Sarsparilla and that ain't a bad thing.  It's very good.

There was some You Be the Jury and we debated the ethics of a coach running up the score on a lesser team.

After that, this episode was dominated by Jimmy Terdles, our new music review expert.  He's a surfer and garage band enthusiast from Santa Clarita, CA.  We hope you like his spot because we hope to hear much more from him in the future.

Ok, borrachos.  I'm out.  Wish me luck in Vegas!

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_114_-_Terdles_Wells_Sticky_Toffee_Pudding_Ale.mp3
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Double D Episode 113 - Two Heads Are Better Than One (Caldera Pilot Rock Porter)

We're drinking Caldera Brewing's Pilot Rock Porter this episode.  It was awesome but we craved more so we also drank some of Trader Joe's Vintage 2013 Ale.  This show was rocking and rolling so here's a little rundown on what we talked about:

-Chuy wants to drink 40's

-Smack a Cobra

-Eaten Alive by an anaconda

-Ask Dick about reciprocating oral sex

-The top side of the weiner vs the bottom side

-The man with TWO penises

-What the F is it?

-Ray's trip to Austin, TX

And we hint at next episodes World of Music by Jimmy Terdles

Enjoy the show!

(to download the mp3 of this show, right click on the direct download link below and select "Save As")


Here's tonight's music breaks



Direct download: Double_D_Episode_113_-_Two_Heads_Are_Better_Than_One.mp3
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Double D Episode 112 - Hot Cockles (Ivan the Terrible)

A very Merry Christmas to all our listeners!  This is our final episode of 2014, and we saved the best for last!

For this show, we drank Ivan the Terrible Russian Imperial Stout by Big Sky Brewing.  It set our heads spinning, which was fitting as Zen next revealed that he has been diagnosed with Vertigo, which makes him a 60's sitcom housewife apparently.

It was a night of phone calls.  We kicked it off by calling our absent member, Richard Duran, who was down in Phoenix going through orientation to become yet another mailman.  This has become a podcast of mailmen . . .

We played several rounds of our new favorite game, "What the Fuck Is It?" and introduced a new game, "Snopes or Dopes?" which challenges our contestants to see through the bullshit clogging our news feeds on social media.

Hot Cockles


and then . . .

Boobtube!  Jingle Boobs . . .



Maria Conchita Lupita Gonzales called in with her pick for best TV Theme Song, followed by a similar call from our favorite Asian Luchador, The Ultimate Walliaw.

We munched on some Cocoy Coconut as our Mexican Candy and then Ray let us know that he is an expert Cajon player.  We did a couple questions with Ask Dick, with Chuy filling in, and then Joe Fellers called in and closed out our episode and our year.

Thanks so much for being with us in 2014, and we look forward to providing you even more of our crap in 2015.


Direct download: Double_D_Episode_112_-_Hot_Cockles_Ivan_the_Terrible_by_Big_Sky.mp3
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You can't spell DDanksgiving without Double Ds!  On this festive Thanksgiving Eve episode, with a full cast including Chuy D and Dick Duran, we crack open the Leinenkugel's Winter Sampler and drink the whole thing down.

To chase that, we also enjoy the Halloween Candy infused vodka we prepared last show, and also some chocolate tequila balls.  And, oh yeah, Almond Roca Liqueur.  It was a righteous time in the old Double D Studio.

For fun, we play a few rounds of What the Fuck Is it? Ray quizzes us on State License Plate mottoes.  And Zen begins the preliminary stages of a new 64 team tournament - the best TV theme song ever!

So sit back, bask in the glow of your Thanksgiving feast, unbuckle your belt a notch or two, and enjoy this show with much love and gratitude from all of us here at the Double D Podcast!


Direct download: Double_D_Episode_111_-_DDanksgiving_Leinenkugels_Holiday_Sampler.mp3
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Double D Episode 110 - Return of the Chuy (Sleighr Alt Ale)

We're drinking Sleigh'r Alt Ale to celebrate two things: the dawning of the Christmas Season (Christmas cheer waits for no one!) and the triumphant return of Chuy D!  Yes, Chuy is back and it's a good thing, too, because Richard was conspicuously absent this episode.

We begin by debating which is the better film: Ghostbusters or The Jungle Book.  Then we talk about -

- Infusing vodka with Halloween candy

- Duck Vaginas

- A Tip of the Hat to Pulling Forward in Parking Spaces

- Los Rivales

- Again guessing an item from it's component parts

- The Phobia of Pubic Hair

And lastly, the benefits of a good facial.

Enjoy the show!




Direct download: Double_D_Episode_110_-_Return_of_the_Chuy_Sleighr_Alt_Ale.mp3
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Double D Episode 109 - Contests (Flipside Red IPA)

This is episode 109.  We play some contests with each other and even with you, the listening audience.  Also, we drink some beer, which happens to be Flipside Red IPA.  Enjoy!

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_109_-_Contests_Flipside_Red_IPA.mp3
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Biscuit Ray is out due to getting a Bionic Knee Implant, so there was no new show recorded.  Instead, we bring you this best of episode containing clips from some of our favorite guests over the past 4 years.  We have in studio guests, call ins, dirty stories, and some of your favorite personalities from Juan the Juggalo to Dwight Kenkelle.  We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.


Direct download: Double_D_Best_Of_Episode_-_Best_Guests.mp3
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Double D Episode 108 - Gormley Power Stance (Red Tide)

On this episode of the Double D . . .

Jasmine Tridevil - Exposed!

Lottery Dreams - Broken!

Hot Wheels Tracks - Sans Cars!

Mark Gormley - Rock God!


We drink Red Tide, a wonderfully EXPIRED beer that Ray brought in.  We also listen to 3 wonderfully bad songs and crown a winner as worst song on the internet.  What do you think?



What beer did we drink on the first episode of the Double D?  What is the Filipino version of "mijo?"

Answer either of these questions with a voice mail to 4242 DRUNKS or an email to and Ray will probably send you a Double D Pint Glass!



Direct download: Double_D_Episode_108_-_Gormley_Power_Stance.mp3
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Double D Bonus Episode - The World Cup Argument

You may have noticed that although we are back on a regular schedule, there was no show last week.  That's because I, Zen, was sick.  To make up for it, I hope you enjoy this episode that I had "in the can" so to speak.

For whatever reason, we recorded this one offline, without cameras and didn't stream it live.  We just wanted to sit around and drink beer and bullshit and I decided to record it.  It starts off pretty friendly and jokey, but in the end it devolved into an argument between Ray and myself over the merits of soccer.  

That dates the timing of this show, of course.  We were still in the midst of the World Cup at the time.  I think you'll enjoy it, old as it is, if you're any kind of regular listener to the Double D.  There is no BoobTube, or really any segments of any kind, and no breaks either.

Enjoy, and if you want to weigh in on the soccer argument, email us at or leave us a voice mail at 4242 DRUNKS.




(to download the mp3 of this show, right-click the direct download link below and select "save as")

Direct download: Double_D_Bonus_Episode_-_The_World_Cup_Argument.mp3
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Double D Episode 107 - Goose and Gordon (Goose Island Endless IPA)

Here it is, Episode 107 Redux.  If you hadn't heard, the original 107 was lost in a fiery editing crash and was lost forever.  It was a good episode and we promise that someday we will retell the stories that for now exist only in our memories . . . but in the meantime we hope you enjoy this replacement show chock full of Goose and Gordon Goodness!

We drank Goose Island Endless IPA, and we found it to be the easiest drinking, most sessionable IPA we've ever had.  Definitely buy this beer if you crave the hoppy taste of an IPA but don't want all the associated bitterness.

We also debuted our first ever Double D Cigar Review.  Before we started broadcasting, we each smoked a delicious Acid Blondie, a smaller cigar infused with flavors that reminded us of cinnamon and nutmeg.  A great entry level stick, this one is sweet and easy to smoke.  A definite thumbs up.

Somehow the conversation got sidetracked onto Gordon Gartrelle, thus the album art for this episode.  We also talk ALS challenge, Poutine, and Kyle Lobstein - a local Flagstaff boy pitching in the Big League.  Salud!


Videos for this episode:









to download the mp3 of this episode, right click on the direct download link below and select "Save As"

(or just subscribe for free on iTunes using the handy link on the right hand side of the page!)



Double D Episode 106 - Mild Kidnapping Plus Fondling (Blueberry Oatmeal Stout)

We're drinking Blueberry Oatmeal Stout this show, which was a decent Stout but the blueberry part was so subtle it was (and should be) unnecessary.  Maybe you can use the blueberry part to get your more timid beer drinking friends to try a darker, more robust beer.  Anyway . . . on with the show!

This episode we introduce some new segment we're going to revisit from now on, but in addition to these segments we also talk about:

-c rations

-horny goat weed follow up


-celebrity penis sizes

-freaky robots

The new segments include You Be the Judge, in which we decide the fate of an Uber driver in L.A. who took an inebriated girl to a motel room instead of her home, Ray Teaches Us Spanish, in which Ray tries to explain weird slang and phrases in spanglish, and Ask Dick, in which Richard tries to play the part of Dear Abby.

We hope you enjoy some of the new things we're trying to do with the show, and if you have any comment and feedback we'd be glad to hear it.

Or leave us a voice mail at 4242 DRUNKS

Oh, and here are the videos associated with this episode:






Double D Episode 105 - Horny Goat Weed and Hot Potato Salad (Asahi Sake Bombers)

We're drinking Sake Bombers tonight in celebration of Zen's new love for Sushi.  He so ronery.  Our sake bombers are based on Asahi beer, oh so dry and satiny smooth. 

We talk Sushi, horny goat weed and watch some crazy videos.  Here they are for your eyeball enjoyment.

Boobtube, "Boobs and GoPro" :

Never Make Eye Contact while Eating a Banana:

The Ross Sisters and the crazy Hot Potato Salad Dance

Enjoy the show and be sure to catch us live next episode and see our new 3 camera split screen broadcast and our new live call in phone number 928-255-4757 and as always, you can leave a message at 4242-DRUNKS



Double D Episode 104 - Ultimate Walliaw Rike Flog Regs (San Tan Sex Panther)

After a little mishap at the beginning of the episode in which our Producer decided the show was starting off boring and slow and kicked the computer over to force a restart, we had one of our funnest, most argumentative podcasts ever.

We drank San Tan Brewery's Sex Panther, a delicious Double Chocolate Porter and it is oh so smooth and easy to drink.  If you can, pick some up.  We highly recommend it.


Topics this episode:

- Zen's first smoke.

- The Ultimate Warrior

- The Ultimate Walliaw, an old asian man who rikes Flog Regs

- Carista Frockhart and Hallison Fold

Boobtube, boobs and snake

- Ingress

- Ray and Zen argue over the value of The Smurfs

- Dubtoberfest!


That's right, we're planning, no DEMANDING a Dubtoberfest this fall.  Stay tuned for details...


(to download the mp3 of this episode, right click on the Direct Download Link below and Select "Save As")



Double D Episode 103 - Still Holding On To Freedom Fries (BBB Wicked Poison)

This episode we're drinking Wicked Poison from Black Bridge Brewery, an incredible Barleywine that is guaranteed to lay you out and put you to bed with a smile on your face.  It was attained when Producer Crystal and Zen took a trip (finally!) to Kingman to visit the fabled brewery.  We talk about the trip this show as well as . . .


- how we've never done 103 episodes before

- Ray quitting drinking (not really)

- The Flagstaff Speakeasy

- Freedom Fries

- How many gallons of beer Ray can drink

- Our Winter Olympics recap

- Madison Rising's Daytona 500 Anthem fiasco

- The incredibly terrifying Mexican National Anthem


Enjoy the show!

Remember, you can catch live shows at UStream at and if you want to be notified WHEN we are recording a new episode, be sure to "Like" us on Facebook at  Subscribe to the show for free on iTunes using the link to the right --> and have new episodes download automatically as they are posted.  Leave a voice mail at 4242 DRUNKS.  Salud!


(to download the mp3 of this episode, right-click on the Direct Download link below and select "Save As")



Double D Road Trip Special - There Is No Hose

Hey!  We didn't record a regular episode this week, but we think we have something special to share with you that is just as good.  Three of us journeyed down the mountain from Flagstaff to Cottonwood to see our buddy Mark and his band The Clam Tostada perform at the Main Stage.  While we drove down we hit record on the ol' smartphone and recorded a show for you.  It's unconventional, it's not the best sound quality, but it's raw, uncut and a taste of what it's like to be stuck in a car on I-17 for 45 minutes with Zen and Ray.  We talked about colostomy bags a lot for some reason . . .


Here's a little taste of The Clam Tostada from that very show we attended.  Thanks to Misty Nowak for uploading this video.




Bonus!  Wanna own The Clam Tosatada's debut album?  The first two people to email us at or to comment on our Facebook page with the answer to the following question will receive a CDBaby Download Card with a code good for a digital download of their entire album Amusing Neanderthals.


What creek do we drive over at the end of this show?


Direct download: Double_D_Road_Trip_Special.mp3
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Double D Episode 102 - Drive The Chevy (BBB Mystery IPA)

One of our better episodes as of late.  We started this one off with a bit of a mystery.  Ray brought a growler of IPA from Black Bridge Brewery, but he couldn't remember exactly which IPA it was, so we dubbed it the "Mystery IPA."  We also drank Ruthless Rye IPA, which Richard reminded us we had drank before on an earlier podcast.

Topics this episode:

Is "squirting" a real thing?

Ray's "Ball Cage"

The Super Game Big Bowl

Richard Sherman

Mexican Skier in a Mariachi Suit

Richard's codeword for getting it on, "Drive The Chevy"

Midget Zombie Porn

That's an image from the midget zombie porn, because obviously we can't post the video here.  If you DO want to watch it, just search for midget zombie in your favorite porn hub.  May we recommend ?

Here are some videos we CAN share with you:

BoobTube for this show "Boobs" and "Football"  I smell a swerve coming . . .

And some racist Japanese TV commercials.  If you're offended by these, get your head checked.

Enjoy the show!

(to download the mp3 of this show, right-click on the Direct Download Link below and select "Save As")

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_102_-_Drive_the_Chevy_BBB_Mystery_IPA.mp3
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Double D Episode 101 - Floaters or Sinkers (Corona Light)

On Episode 101, we're drinking Corona Light.  Embarrassing, I know, but Zen and Producer Crystal were on the Atkins diet.  Get over it.


Topics discussed on this show:

The Atkins Diet

Should turds float or sink?

Richard the Boxer

Punch Out characters

Salud - R.I.P. Mike Garrity

Olympic Talk

  - The Double D Curling Team

  - Slutty little figure skaters

Should you have sex before a big game?


We have a new home for our live video stream.  Join us live to watch and chat while we record each new show by going to Bookmark it!

We announce when new show are going to be recorded and streamed on our Facebook page.  If you haven't already, Like us and follow us on Facebook so you'll always know when a new show is going live.  Visit


(to download the mp3 of this show, right-click on the Direct Download link below and select "Save As")  or just, you know, subscribe for free on iTunes.  The link is on the right hand side of the page, yo.


Direct download: Double_D_Episode_101_-_Floaters_or_Sinkers_Corona_Light.mp3
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Double D Episode 100 - Cien Toe (Molson NHL Edition)

Hey Borrachos!  We've made it all the way to Episode 100 and we couldn't have done it without . . . beer.  To celebrate, we drank Molson's NHL Edition.  This episode also marked our annual Christmas episode, complete with holiday music, eggnog and of course a couple Christmas carols written by Zen, "Thump The Tip" and "Ray's Dreaming of Big Boobies."

This was also the debut of our first video, "Wanging"  Check it out, and please, share this around.  Grab the youtube link and post it on your facebook, twitter etc...

Salud!  Thanks for sticking with us, the next 100 promise to be better still.

(to download the mp3 of this show, right click on the Direct Download link below and select "Save As...")

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_100_-_Cien_Toe_Molson_NHL_Edition.mp3
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Double D Episode 99 - Name That Asian Fit Potato (Dirty Infused Tequila)

So this is what happens when everybody does shots of tequila.  Keep that in mind when you listen to this episode, which goes EVERYWHERE and nowhere at the same time. 

We're drinking a combination of Dirty Cinnamon and Pineapple Infused Tequila, hecho en Mexico, and Black Butte Porter.  We ramble on about Quon Yi, The Cucuy, Sports (which we obviously know very little about), the World Cup, The Most Popular Stripper Names, The Most Popular Filipino Names, Potatoes and Weenies and also Oakley's new "Asian Fit" sunglasses.  


(to download the mp3 of this podcast, right-click on the Direct Download link below and select "Save As...")


Double D Episode 98 - Deiter Slug (BBB Blastpipe Stout)

One of our best episodes yet.  Our new cast, DeHoag, Diaz, Duran and the Lady Crystal drinking and pontificating on ex-boyfriends, Paris Hilton, Corey Feldman movies, Viagara and "Thumping", Banana Slugs and more.  We enjoyed Blastpipe Stout courtesy of Black Bridge Brewery in Kingman, AZ.  And hey!  Prof. Van DerLiquor made an appearance.  It's a kickass episode we know you'll enjoy. 

Boobtube was "Boobs" and "Bananas"

(to download the mp3 of this show, right-click on the Direct Download Link below and select "Save As...")

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_98_-_Deiter_Slug_BBB_Blastpipe_Stout.mp3
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Double D Episode 97 - Keep Calm and Guitarron (Odell Brewing Double Pilsner)

So, this one starts out a little slow, unless, of course, you like a lot of sports talk.  If you do, you're gonna love the first 25 minutes of this episode because for whatever reason we talk a lot of sports.  Why baseball is boring as hell.  Flagstaff sports teams.  If you wanna skip the first segment altogether, it won't hurt my feelings.  It's not bad, it's just a lot of sports.

At this point in the show, in between the first and second segments, things completely break down.  And by "completely break down" I mean "Zen forgot to turn the mics back on after the break and a hilarious 5 minutes of mariachi talk is lost forever."  We try to salvage what was lost, and after we talk about guitarrons for a little bit, we spend the next 40 minutes or so completely recapping everything that went down at Zen's 40th birthday party.  If you were there, it'll be fun to relive it in the retelling, if you weren't there give it a listen and let us know if it was a successful party or not.

In the final segment, we talk about the Mars One project and how it's cheaper for Mexicans to go to Mars than any other race.  Ray is all ready to blast off.

(to download the mp3 of this show, right-click the Direct Download link below and select "Save As" . . . or just subscribe for free on iTunes using the handy link over on the right hand sidebar and let Apple download all our shows for free whenever they come out!)


Double D Episode 96 - Smear Job (Diesel Punk Porter)

We're drinking Diesel Punk Porter this episode, but you won't find that out for a while because we immediatly launch into the longest, most roundabout and unnecessarily wandering story about how Zen got denied from donating plasma for money.

We also talk about the ESPN "Body" issue.  You'll enjoy the heated argument more if you keep this important fact in mind - once Ray mentions that the parachutes in the photo shoot are part of drag racing, Zen is convinced and the argument should end.  However, Zen stubbornly persists in arguing JUST to keep pushing Ray's buttons, all for your amusement.

We also talk briefly about Pap Smears, and how uneducated we all are (save the lone female in the room) about just what is involved.  

(to download the mp3, right-click on the Direct Download link below and Select "Save As" . . . or just subscribe for free with the iTunes link to the right --> and let Apple do all the work for you, dummy!)

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_96_-_Smear_Job_Diesel_Punk_Porter.mp3
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Double D Episode 94 - Righteous (Black Bridge Brewery Rye IPA)

No hooplah, no candles or cakes, no big deal.  But this episode DID mark our 3 year anniversary.

It kicks off with a little ball talk, throw in some BoobTube and Mexican candy for good measure, but this episode is really all about Tim's incredibly awesome Rye IPA.  We kick around a few names for it before we settle on Righteous, and we even throw in a catchy jingle.

Enjoy, share around freely, and check back soon for Episode 95, in which Daula Peen calls in and throws the N word around crazy.  

BoobTube for this episode : 

Boobs and Bongos

Bonus Boobtube!

to download the mp3 of this show, right-click on the Direct Download link below and select "Save As"

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_94_-_Righteous_Black_Bridge_Brewery_Rye_IPA.mp3
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Double D Episode 93 - Crunchy Goobers (Oak Creek Hefeweizen)

On this delicious episode of the Double D, we talk about the VOC (Village of Oak Creek) and their tasty beers.  Also, we get Richard's review of the new Twin Arrows Casino just outside of Flagstaff.  Things break down quickly after the first break, as the whole rest of the show seems to be about vibrators, male sex toys and sex with peanut butter.  It's good for a laugh or two.  Enjoy!

This episodes BoobTube (a real disappointment to Ray and Richard as it doesn't actually contain ANY boobs at all) -

(to download the mp3 of this show, Right-Click the DirectDownload link below and select "Save As")

or . . . just subscribe for free on iTunes, jackass.  Use the link we've provided to the right --->

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Double D Episode 92 - Quick AIDS (Roswell Alien Wheat)

It's been a while since there's been a new show.  Correction - it's been a while since there's been a new show POSTED.  There's been 3 recorded shows sitting on my computer, and I can make all kinds of excuses as to why they haven't been uploaded until now, but in the end it doesn't matter and all I can say is sorry.  This episode is OLD.  I mean OLD.  I mean, Ray looks at this episode and says, "Damn, that's old!"  We recorded this one right after I moved into the new studio, which technically was still winter, albeit the end of winter, and here it is summer when it's finally being shared.

The artwork for this ep is the back cover of Chuck Mangione's Feels So Good, primarily because we talk about it and without the reference to look at you won't know what the hell we're talking about.  Doesn't the guy on the far left look like Biscuit Ray?

We talk about online dating, Facebook, AIDS, Ray yelling at Jaywalkers and the format of the podcast moving forward.  Enjoy!

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_92_-_Quick_AIDS_Roswell_Alien_Wheat.mp3
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Double D Episode 91 - Live From Tim's

Not a whole lot of description needed here.  All Killer, No Filler.  This show clocks in at only an hour and two minutes long, but rest assured every minute is awesome.  Here's all you need to know: we broadcasted live from Tim's Garage in Kingman, Arizona.  Tim Schritter is the soon to be purveyor of lovingly crafted beers at the Black Bridge Brewery, a nanobrewery that will be opening soon.  We sampled his wares, had a ton of fun and met some really great people.  We hope to be there again someday soon!  Special thanks to Tim for hosting us.  Salud!

BoobTube for this episode (Boobs and Brewery) -

(to download the mp3 of this show, right-click the Direct Download link below and select "Save As . . .")

#brookeleeadams #pityF

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_91_-_Live_from_Tims.mp3
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Double D Episode 89 - 5 Guys, 3 Mics (Beers That Represent Us)

After an extended holiday break, we are back, and in force.  Dave Diaz and Daniel Duran both find their way back into the studio, but there were not enough microphones to go around so Dave and Ray shared a mic and Richard and Daniel tag-teamed the other one.  What we did have, however, was plenty of beer to go around for everyone.  Before the show began, everyone was given the assignment of going out and getting a beer that represented themselves.

Ray brought in two brews, one called "Maximus" and the other called "Seduction."  Dave brought "400 Pound Monkey" and "Lagunitas Sucks."  Richard brought in Rock Star, which isn't a beer, and "Ruthless" which is.  Daniel brought in "Hop Stoopid" and "Mama's Little Yella Pils."  Finally, Zen drank "Phuket."  Pretty accurate all around.  Many beers were slammed and then passed around.  After everybody had tried them all, the winner was a tie between "Hop Stoopid," a creamy IPA, and Lagunitas Sucks, a variation of the popular "Brown Suga" by Lagunitas.

Everybody got pretty happy after that and the conversation went all over the place, from gay bars to porn stars, and from banana peels to March Madness Babes.  We even brought back YouTube, this time in honor of "GLUDs", which are women who are "Good Looking Upside Down."  So here is Upside Down Boobs.

Finally, we whittled down our March Madness of Babes 2012 down to two hot finalists.  Finally.  Only 10 months late.  So look for our clickable voting poll on our website to help us decide who should be Ms. Double D 2012!

Download, enjoy and share around.  Always free to copy and give away and tell others about.

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Double D Episode 88 - Christmas Chanclas (Deschutes Jubelale)

Here it is!  Bam!  And you say "God damn" this is the dope jam . . . but let's define the term called "dope" and you thinking me funky now, nope.  Here is a true tale . . .

Whoa.  What happened?  I just launched into Public Enemy's "Night of the Living Baseheads"  Anyway, here it is!  Bam!  Episode 88, a month later.  Holidays, family stuff, blah blah, excuses, blah blah, i know it took forever for me to post this and for that I sincerely apologize.  Better late than never?  Let me know after you listen to this.

It starts off with 15 minutes of drivel as Biscuit Ray and I (Zen) flounder about trying to fill in time until Richard shows up and bails us out with his silky smooth tequila.  Then things pick up with lots of talk about chanclas, sex education, tequila, beer, who should have won the Double D Woman of the Year 2012 and Sancho Claus The Movie.  All punctuated by some Christmas tunes I guarantee you haven't heard anywhere else before.  Sit back, relax, pop a cold one and remember the hurricane that was Christmas 2012 as you listen to this, our last podcast of one insane year.  

Trust us, it will get better in 2013.  It's got to.  It couldn't possibly get any worse.

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Double D Episode 87 - Long Dong Silver Bells (Natural Ice)

During this pre-Christmas episode, recorded in early December, we begin by arguing the popularity of whiskey vs. tequila in the United States, as expressed by the number of distilleries of each.  Then we hit the cheap alcohol, which this week is Natty Ice.  For Richard it is much more than Natty Ice as he plays catch up on all the bum wines he missed on previous episodes.

Next we talk hunting maps and boxing matches between Filipinos and Mexicans.  Then it's on to our titular hero: Long Dong Silver.  We learn that not only was he NOT an Asian, as his name would suggest, but he also wasn't as large as we thought.  Turns out ol' Long Dong was pretty much a phony all around.

Other topics and subjects covered:

- Best porn categories

- Why midgets don't have flat butts

- Ray's audio version of Native Porn

- The taste of water revisited

- The Apocalypse

- How deep is a woman?

- Ray's neighbor's Word of the Day

Not to mention the fact that Little Richard himself called in to sing us a little Christmas music!  Bonus for this show:  apparently we went off the air right around the 1 hour and 5 minute mark, and originally we planned to cut the audio of us trying to get back on air out, but instead we have left it in so you can hear us for the first time scrambling to fix things.  Enjoy!

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Double D Episode 86 - Two Turkeys (Mickeys)

Happy Thanksgiving, as this was our official Thanksgiving episode.  While we do consume some delicious Buddig brand turkey slices, and origami-fold them into little vaginas, we also discuss the following topics:

- How happy pills lead to sticky nipples

- Ray's big facial secret - Ole!

- Mickey's Malt Liquor

- Gauger's brewery in Kingman, AZ

- A possible Double D Poker Tournament

- Dream Big = Aim High Enough

- Lottery dreams

- The Dewey Decimal System

- Chocolate Cherries and Astro Pops

And, oh yeah, we had a BoobTube this show . . . "Boobs" and "Turkey"  Enjoy!

(to download the mp3 of this show, right-click the direct download link below and select "Save As")

(but really, aren't you subscribed for FREE on iTunes yet?  There's a link on the right)

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Double D Episode 85 - Texted (Thunderbird Wine)

As you can see by the album art for this episode, even apes know this universal fact: boobs feel better from behind than from in front.  We discuss this truth during the episode.  Speaking of apes, Ray dressed as a Gorilla for this episode, since it was our annual Halloween show.  We do eventually get to talking about Halloween costumes near the end of the show, but it's a long, complicated train of thought that leads there.  The best podcasts are ones that we record off the cuff, without any planning or forethought, and this is one such episode.  We have a feeling this might be one of the more downloaded eps in the long run . . .

Topics include: The correct past tense of the word "text" as in "to text someone."  Thunderbird wine.  The cucuy vs. La Llarona.  The cat who looked like a skunk in the old Looney Tunes cartoons.  Who Dis.  The Aspen Pedaler.  Craig's Big 10-Incher.  The upcoming Presidential Election.  Valedictorians.  Buying Wine Glasses in Nogales, Sonora.  And other stuff I'm failing to remember at this moment in time as I type this out.

Be sure to share this episode and the links with everyone you can.  Spread the Love.  Leave us a review on iTunes if you haven't already done so.  Leave us a drunken voicemail at 4242 DRUNKS.  (424-237-8657) or email us at

Later Borrachos.

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Double D Episode 84 - We Found Our Thrill (Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill)

What does it take to earn your Scarlet "D"?  Tonight we take that timid first step down the path that will lead us to being Town Drunks . . . Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill wine.  This chilled delight was purchased by Zen at the local Wal-Mart for $2.99 and represents the first of many "Bum Drinks" we will imbibe so that we may rightfully wear our "D" and truly call this the Double D Podcast.

Ray accuses Zen of sounding like Ernest Borgnine.  Ray remembers him from the Poseiden Adventure, but for everyone born after 1970, he is better remembered as the doorman on the 90's sitcom "The Single Guy"

After slugging down some Boone's with the help of some beer goggles, we talk about RCPM's song "Jack Vs. Jose" and it's tale of the eternal battle between Tequila and Whiskey.  We talk about our favorite liquors and how regional differences affect what booze a person prefers. 

Richard then tells about his damn dog, and how it's desire to run free might lead him to thousands of dollars in fines and some jail time.

Did you know Bob Marley was reincarnated, and now lives on in the body of the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg?  Neither did Zen, which is why Ray had to educate him about Snoop Lion, the smooth reggae artist behind the following song, La La La.

We close out the show with a litlle Hollywood or Porn, this time with the guys guessing whether an audio clip comes from the well known Harry Potter series, or from the lesser known movie Hairy Twatter.

Leave us a voicemail at 4242 DRUNKS or email us at  Leave us a 5 star review on iTunes.  Right NOW!  Don't wait!  Just launch iTunes and navigate to our page, or just click on the iTunes link we've provided over there on the right hand side of the page!  

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Double D Episode 83 - Don't Call It A Comeback (Mother Road's Twin Arrows Brown Ale)

It's been a long, long, long, long, long time as the commandant of Police Squad would say, but we are finally back after an extended break.  The first 5 minutes or so of this return episode belong entirely to Biscuit Ray as he introduces a new voice, Navajo Ray.  He talks about broadcasting from the Third Mesa and how his new girlfriend, Matilda Flatbutt, is doing.

Zen is a little slow going, and it's understandable as we next talk about the fact that mere minutes before the show started, his wife called to report that she had hit a deer with her SUV.  After shaking that off, we talk about the beer we're drinking for this ep, Mother Road's Twin Arrows Brown Ale.  This leads to a discussion of the actual place on Rt. 66 called Twin Arrows, and how it is the future site of a Navajo Casino.

Zen reports how he spent the summer break watching a lot of Beer Documentaries, reruns of Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy (and more than a little porn) . . . and how on an episode of Three Sheets he learned of a tradition in Irish pubs of pouring a pint out for the devil.  This in turn leads to a new Double D tradition, pouring a shot for The Cucuy.

Next we discuss pin up girls and room dividers, and how every bad porn set has a room divider in the background, leading Zen to make subconscious connections and creating unsolicited erections every time he walks into an Ikea.

Breaking from the routine, instead of MWOTD, we next do "Ray's Neighbor's Word of the Day" which for this episode is the word "sensuos."

After the break, Daniel reports that Heineken Beer has been wrongly accused of supporting dog fighting.  Michael Vick was unavailable for comment.  Zen relates how in colonial times, town drunks were made to wear the letter "D" on their person, just like adulterers had to wear a scarlet "A."  We discuss what it means and what is required to become a town drunk, and we all vow to do what is necessary to earn the right to wear the Scarlet D.

The show closes out with some Fartograms and a rousing game of "Hollywood or Porn."

This is it.  We're back.  It can only get better from here as we launch into another season of The Double D Podcast.  Thanks, as always, for your continued support of the show.  We would very much appreciate it if you would tell a friend about the show, share our links on Facebook and Twitter, and give us a 5 star review on iTunes next time you're logged in!

Email us at and leave us a voicemail at 4242 DRUNKS.  Salud!

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Double D Episode 82 - Bocce and Tamales

This show was recorded directly following the Bocce/Hibachi tournament and party, so everyone was in a great mood and we had a packed house in the studio.  Cousin Joe joined the regular cast on the mic and a few partygoers hung around to also participate.

After recapping the sad state of the tournament, in which the Double D team of Ray and Zen, dubbed "The Blue Ballers", came in an embarrassing 3rd out of 8 teams, we talk about the beers we drank, not just at the tournament but also during the show.  These included a sampler pack from the Widmer Brothers and Maui Brewing's Mana Wheat Pineapple flavored beer but also our selection for the week, the unbelievably tasty Hoegaarden.

Then we hand out the other trophy of the night, the Blue Plate Award Winner for the best Jailhouse Tamale.  Cousin Joe reluctantly became the tasting judge and though he found Zen's tamale the least offensive, it was also bland so the trophy went to Richard Duran!

After the first break, Zen recaps his trip to San Diego and his enjoyment at riding the Giant Dipper roller coaster at Belmont Park in Mission Beach.  This leads to a game that everyone in the studio participated in, "Roller Coaster or Vibrator."  The lesson we learned:  every good roller coaster name sounds like a vibrator.

Then, with the Fourth of July rapidly approaching, we get into Boobtube, this time it being "Boobs" and "Fireworks"

After the second break we get into a lengthy discussion, led by Cousin Joe, on when it is ok to make fun of people.  We agree that if someone is born with a problem it is generally bad form to make fun of them for something out of their control.  But when their own stupidity cause it, well, all bets are off.  Then we share some Mexican candy, one which reminds the Catholics in the room of a communion wafer, and another which we declare smells like "Granny's Ass" but tastes way better than it smells.

Bonus: stick around for after the show's conclusion.  We added a little bonus content.  Sometimes things keep going after we hit stop on the recording.  Tonight we left the mics on.  Enjoy.

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Double D Episode 81 - No Zen (Phoenix Watermelon Ale)

As you will discover right from the beginning of the introduction, this is the first time that the show was recorded with NO ZEN.  Daniel takes the reins and though it's a rocky start he gets things going with stories from the Redneck Wedding that he, Richard and Ray attended.  After a few minutes of wedding talk, a new listener, Ron Jablondy (sp?), calls in with his own tales of marital woe from Durango, Colorado.  The guys talk him through the pitfalls of alcoholism and infidelity.  Then the boys get down to what they are drinking this episode.  Phoenix Ale Brewery's Watermelon flavored Wheat Ale.  They also bring back some Mudshark Full Moon Ale.

After the first break a mystery guest walks in and grabs a microphone to try and save this sinking ship.  He gets the talk going in a new direction: condoms and why they are used and how they are tested.  After the condom talk, interestingly enough, the conversation steers toward Ray's daughter.  No connection.  Instead, they talk about how she recently won the Northern Arizona's Got Talent competition, taking home first place, the prize money and making her dad proud.

Another awkward transition as after the talk of Ray's daughter fizzles out, Daniel starts talking about taking "Upper Deckers" which is the awful prank of pooping in the upper water tank part of someone's toilet.

After the second break our mystery guest compares Daniel to the Pod People from Dark Crystal (thus the album art for this episode) and then we get into a news story.  A prison is using inmates to test out their new lock system, and is rewarding the inmates with food.  This leads to all sorts of Jail stories from our cast, including the recipes of how to make tamales in jail using potted meat and corn chips.  We close out the show with Boobtube, this time "Boobs" and "Watermelons"

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Double D Episode 80 - Let Me See That Ochenta (Wells Banana Bread Beer)

It's our Doubleversary.  Two years of the Double D Podcast.  A big Salud goes out to all the Booblets and Borrachos who have been with us since June 2010, and for those of you new to the show a hearty welcome!  Show number 80 almost didn't happen because Daniel's car broke down while he was getting the beer for this broadcast, but Richard picked him up and we got started just a little later than usual.

Because this is an anniversary show, we start off with a very brief history of the podcast, from the days of The Zen and Peace Show up to now.  Then we crack open our beer of the night, Wells Banana Bread Beer, a concoction that smells just as good as it tastes.  It comes, rather curiously, in an 11.2 oz bottle, but is worth every penny of it's import price.  We talk about cool places to drink beer that you normally wouldn't drink at, and then get into our first Salud of the night.  Salud to the L.A. Kings, 2012 Stanley Cup Champions, with a special side-Salud to Richards, Carter and Gagne, all former Flyers who lifted the cup.  This leads into a discussion of girls with incredible assets positioning themselves behind the team coaches during television broadcasts.  If this is the start of a new trend, we like it.  We read a short news story about the most impressive of these "Glass Girls", adult film star Taylor Stevens.  Here's a short vid of her stealing the glory from New Jersey Devils coach Pete DeBoer.

After that we read an email from Jay, mediocrefatass in our chat room, congratulation us on our two year anniversary.  To that, we raise our beers and say Salud! to Jay.

In the second segment, we discuss high school graduations, specifically a news story from Ohio concerning four recent grads who had their diplomas withheld pending the completion of community service, all because their parents "cheered too long."  We also talk about Senior Pranks and some high school practical jokes that went too far.

After those stories, we crack open another bottle.  This being our Doubleversary, it only seemed fitting to have two different beer brands to celebrate.  Biscuit Ray purchased a rather expensive bottle of Odell Brewing Company's Shenanigans, an oak aged crimson ale.  One of the manlier beers we've imbibed, it is hearty and full of complex flavors.

Right before the break, we talk a little about the recent retirement of I'll Have Another on the eve of his triple crown winning attempt.  We joke about all the different ways a jockey can cross the finish line.

In the last segment we jump right into Soccer Mom, this week being a pick of Daniel's.  He chose this Coupon Suzy commercial for her short hair and tight shirt and immediate fap potential.

After that we do BoobTube.  This is one we promised a long time ago, but somehow it got shuffled around and lost until now.  This is a YouTube vid we found while searching for "Boobs" and "Happy Hopper" which is the kid's rubber bouncy ball you may remember from your childhood.

We then close out the show with some more Double D Memories.  Thanks for listening, and if you like the show and haven't done so already, click on the "Subscribe on iTunes" link over on the right hand side of the page and subscribe to the show for free.  It's still listed under our old "Zen and Peace Show" title, but it's all Double D.  Don't forget to leave us a 5 star review while you're there.

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Double D Episode 79 - You, My Brown Eye Girl (Lumberyard's Flagstaff IPA)

We're drinking a local brew, Lumberyard's Flagstaff IPA, a manly, hoppy India Pale Ale, probably to make up for all the girly beers we've been drinking lately.  It's a good, strong, satisfying beer but sadly we don't know if it's available outside of the local market.

We begin by talking about the official movie of the Podcast, Piranha 3DoubleD.  Shortly thereafter we get into the story that gives this episode it's title.  This is also up there (or down there) with some of our worst stories ever.  Daniel tells us how he struck a "Got A Little Captain In You" pose while taking shower with a girl and she proceeded to introduce herself to his brown eye.  Check out the album art over there --->

This gets us talking about all sorts of anus related topics, including proctologists and prostate exams as well as whether or not you should try everything once.

Once we get all the dirty stuff out of the way, Zen talks about the recent cable tv phenomena, The Hatfields & McCoys.  If you haven't seen this 3 part mini-series yet, you might want to skip this segment or you'll end up like Ray, wanting to kick Zen in the nuts for spoiling the ending of the film.  It can't be helped.  Zen is deeply troubled by the ending, historical accuracy aside, and justs wants justice for old mushhead.

This leads into our BoobTube segment for the week, based on YouTube videos while searching the two terms "Boobs and Hillbillies."  Enjoy, though it gets a little tedious:

We say goodbye to another celebrity we've lost this week, Richard Dawson, who actually once hosted a Family Feud episode with descendents of the Hatfield and McCoy families.

Finally, we do a Mexican Picture of the Day segment and Soccer Mom with the following Old Navy commercials featuring perennial Soccer Mom fave Wendy McClendon-Covey.

And The Spanish Version:

(to download the mp3 of this show, Right Click the Direct Download Link below and select "Save As")

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In episode 79's live broadcast, the Double D Guys discussed women who cosplay as Disney Princesses.  This bit isn't done justice by audio only, so here is the full segment along with the accompanying photos.

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

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Double D Episode 78 - Stevie Likes Berries (Leinenkugels Berry Weiss)

We've made fun of the word "Leinenkugels" before, so now we give it it's fair due and drink some Leinenkugels Berry Weiss this episode.  Daniel is a strong supporter of this fruity concoction, while Zen finds it just a little too sweet for his manly tastes.

During the opening segment we discuss our official fighting cock, Winston, and how he is being raised as opposed to the heinious conditions in which most other real fighting cocks are raised.  We talk about Memorial Day and how each of us spent it.  It's not National BBQ day, but that doesn't mean barbecues are off limits, dammit.  Zen talks a little about the Pioneer Museum and horseshoes (again) and cattle brands.

All this leads us into our BoobTube segment for the week, this time with a video we found while searching YouTube with the terms, "Boobs" and "BBQ."  This vid is a natural fit for the Double D, combining our two favorite subjects (Boobs and Beer, duh) into one incredible parody vid.

When we come back from the break, it is to tackle our titular news story.  Steve is a man who went in to the doctors office to have some kidney stones looked at, and when the nurse performed an ultrasound on him she discovered that he had female sexual organs inside his body.  This came as no surprise to Steve, who has had feeling all his life that he was really a woman.  Steve now goes by Stevie and is living his life as a woman . . . sounds like Leinenkugels Berry Weiss is his new favorite drink!  Salud! to people who don't have to live a lie anymore.

While we are respectful of Steve and his journey, this topic does lead to a short discussion of hermaphrodites and how we could use horrible pornographic images to make our own versions of motivational posters.

We close out the show with our Soccer Mom segment.  While we watched five of these related videos, here's just one to give you a little taste.  Man, we sure love it when our soccer moms crack the whip on their nerd husbands.

(to download the mp3 of this show, Right Click the Direct Download link below and select "Save As")

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Double D Episode 77 - Chicken Skin (Shock Top Lemon Shandy)

If you're easily offended, this episode is an all time low for us.  But if you're listening, I doubt that you get offended easily, if at all.  So maybe this is an all time high.  Alex and Daniel tell some really good stories, tons of laughs are had, good beer is imbibed and we even educate a little.  So crack open a Shock Top Lemon Shandy with us and enjoy!

In the first half of the show, we begin the education with the proper way to abbreviate state names.  Then we introduce a couple new Urban Slang terms - #1 is Leinenkugels and #2 is Unleashing the Mummy's Curse.  We admonish Alex to "just get TWO rags!" and the educate some more when we discuss why horses wear horseshoes.

After a short break we play some BoobTube, viewing a couple YouTube vids we found while searching the terms "Boobs" and "Vacuum"

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

We reach another all time low when Alex describes the worst (or best?) thing he has ever masturbated with - chicken skin.  Daniel then tells the story of why he was late to Ray's Birthday party.  This story is now know as "Daniel's One Night Stand" or "The Case of the Missing Condom."

Finally, we issue another "Jacket To This" challenge.  Before viewing the following video, please be forewarned that it does contain brief nudity, so is NOT to be viewed by minors.  It is NOT pornographic, being an educational film, but still . . . enjoy!

(to download the mp3 of this show, Right Click on the Direct Download link below and select "Save As")

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Double D Episode 76 - I Was Helping Her Put Her Pants On (Boddingtons)

Full house for tonights show, including Zen and Ray, your intrepid hosts, but also Daniel and Richard Duran as well as newcomer Alex Dornhoefer.  Or DoNoMore.  Dunmeyer.  I forget.  But damn, he's a funny guy who knows how to really get close to the microphone.  Anyway, we drink some Boddington's Pub Ale, with the little nitrogen aerator ball thingy that looks like a glow in the dark fishing bobber.

Anyway, in this show we begin by saying goodbye to a real man, Swamp People's Mitchell Guist.  We debate why the show is so popular and what makes the Cajun Swamp lifestyle so appealing.  We also play what may be the only leaked copy of the never before aired "Glenn and Mitchell Live from the Swamp Podcast."

After that we play our first BoobTube of the night, in honor of Mitchell's Squirrel story, "Boobs and Squirrel."

We then have another go at our new game, "Know Your Porn" this time with greater success.  Ray battles Alex and we go several rounds with the letter "D."  Alex then tells a couple raunchy sex stories, including the time he met a co-worker in the Sonic bathroom.  When confronted by his boss upon exiting while buttoning up his pants, he calmly replied, "I was helping her put her pants on."  Real Man.

Lastly, we read a news story about some retired gynecologist who claims to have found the actual G Spot by cutting up the recently deceased cadaver of an 83 year old Polish woman.  This leads to our final BoobTube of the night, "Boobs and Polish"

(to download the mp3 of this episode, Right-Click on the Direct Download link below and select Save As)

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Double D Episode 75 - Piso Mojado (Pacifico)

This is a bit of a milestone show, as it is the first ever Double D Podcast without Ray.  Daniel Duran sits in the co-host chair for this episode and does a damn fine job of it.  We begin by talking about the first porn we ever encountered, which leads to Dan revealing some interesting facts concerning his older brother Lawrence and some homemade videos involving "White Bunny Girl"  Richard walks into the studio at this point and adds to the conversation because he too has seen this video.  We talk about buying "pogs" for little brothers and getting caught having sex at Summer Camp and at family reunions.  Also Richie Pichie, Puddin' and Pie, F*cked the girl and made her cry.

In the second segment we play a new game for the show, "Know Your Porn."  Cut us a little slack on this one, it's the first time we ever play it and it is a little shaky as we work out all the rules.

We conclude with BoobTube/Soccer Mom and also Mexican Word of the Day.  Here's your vid:

(to download the show as an mp3, Right-Click the Direct Download link below and select "Save As")

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Double D Episode 74 - Norwegia (Mother Road Brewery's Gold Road Kolsch Style Ale)

Norwegia.  A proud, Scandinavian (or is it Nordic?) country filled with . . . Norwayians?  Whatever they may be called, chances are good they don't like us so much in Northern Arizona.  But who cares, right?  They all look like the Swedish Chef and drive the wrong way down one way streets and play Megadeth for packs of ravenous wolves.

If you aren't clued in yet to what we're talking about, take a look at this news article about John Larsgard, the man who went the wrong way down a road in Winslow, Arizona, took on half the town with his car and ended up in an Arizona prison for 7 1/2 years.  We tell the mainstream press' side of the story, the Norwegian side of the story, and to get the Arizonan side of the story we went straight to the source and in this episode we interview one of the people directly involved.  Wishing to keep her identity secret, we'll just call her "Mrs. X"

It's an interesting case and we hope you enjoy this show that strays a bit from our usual format.  Don't worry, though, there's plenty of laughs and beer and poking fun at the great nation of Norwegia.

And, oh yeah, there was a BoobTube this episode, of course.  Boobs and Norway.  Check out some Butterface.  Oh man, I expected more from Norway's version of Girls Gone Wild.

This one is a little better.  Actually, a LOT better.  Norwegian Chocolate Ad.

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Double D Episode 73 - Zambeti Warriors (San Miguel)

Double D Daniel Duran brought over some barely legal, inebriated youngsters and needless to say, it got chaotic in the studio for the first part of the show.  Then they left and things settled down to a more usual pace.  In that first, hectic half hour we discussed our beer of the week, the Phillipine's own San Miguel and how they pretty much own the islands and the basketball league there.

Then, after some rockabilly, we finally meet (in person, or should we say in poultry?) Winston the Fighting Cock.

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

The kiddos leave and Zen gets down to some junior high tales of failed reports, physical abuse at the hands of diminutive Avon salesladies and Zambeti Warriors.  We also had the usual segments of Soccer Mom (see Harrah's commercial below) and Boobtube (also below, Boobs and Jump Rope!)

Don't forget that we have the Summer Beer Belly Sports Tournament, The "Bocce Hibachi Festival" on Sunday July 1st.  Kebabs, trophies, giveaways and the usual metric ton of cold beer await all who attend.  Make sure you set the day aside for some good times.

(to download the mp3 of this show, right-click the direct download link below and select "Save As")

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Double D Episode 72 - Winston the Fighting Cock (Schlitz)

Schlitz.  When you're out of Schlitz, you're out of beer.  The drinking game of "Life."  Jennifer Love Hewitt and her photoshopped mammaries.  Downing yourself and when to give the courtesy head tap.  Walking outside with glazed donut face.  Winston the Fighting Cock.  Bocce Hibachi.  Japanese game show and the appearance of Japanese Biscuit Ray.  All this and more on Episode 72.  Enjoy!

(to download the mp3 of this show, right-click on the direct download link below and select "Save As")

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Double D Episode 71 - Sleep Study (Mission St. 2012 Anniversary Ale)

A week late to be playing April Fools jokes, but we did it anyway, opening the show with some Nickelback and dubbing our rebooted podcast "The Nickelback Fan Show"  Nobody fell for the joke, and we launched into the real deal.  Our buddy Juan called in while we were cracking open our beers (O'douls (haha), Vampt, and Mission St. 2012 Anniversary Ale).  After that Double D Daniel Duran showed up and Zen launched into the story that gives title to this show when he told all about his recent sleep study experience and how he should have taken that shower the morning after.

We watch a lot of videos after that, and we just wouldn't be good hosts if we didn't offer them up here for all of you that didn't catch the live show.  First, we watched a little bit of Japanese Game Show goodness.

Then Zen added Soleil Moon Frye to the March Madness tournament with this creeptastic vid.

A little bit of Soccer Mom goes a long way

BoobTube this week was "Boobs" and "Armenian"

And finally we challenge our listeners to "Jacket To This"

Enjoy the show and don't forget we'll be live in Kingman on April 28th!

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These videos have been posted on our Facebook page for a few days, but I just remembered that not everyone who listens to our show is a "Fan" on Facebook, so I'm posting them here also for everyone to enjoy.  To be a more educated Booblet or Borracho, click "Like" over at

So there are four video clips to share with you today.

This first one shows just how bad the level of inebriation got during our Ping Pong tournament.  While playing our doubles games, opposing players could sink beer pong balls into other players beer cups, forcing them to step away from the table and chug  before they could resume playing, with no Time Out and the play continuing.  Needless to say, a LOT of beer was consumed this way.  

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

Continuing a tradition of Live Music in the studio, The Rivals made their debut on Episode 70.   Chuy D on acoustic guitar and vocals, Cousin Dave on bass and Drunk Cardo on percussion, which that night consisted of an empty beer box and a beer bottle.

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

Cardo continued to stand out as a heavy contributor (pun intended) this show when he cobbled together this limerick about Maria Conchita Lupita Gonzalez.

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

Finally, it wouldn't be a Double D Podcast without Mexican Word of the Day, this time assisted by Daniel Duran, Cousin Dave and Cardo.

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

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Double D Episode 70 - Cinco de Double Patricks Day (Guinness and Harp and Tecate)

By the time the ping pong tournament was over and we all sat down to do this show, everyone was pretty plastered.  And by pretty plastered, I mean Cardo blew a .33 BAC on the breathalyzer we had in the studio.  So what ended up being over 2 hours of raw audio got trimmed down to a final cut of the podcast that runs about 1 hour and 12 minutes.

First and foremost, the Double D team of Ray and Zen, known in ping pong circles as "The Goon Squad", kept the trophy at home by going 6 and 1 in the triple elimination tournament.  Congrats to all who entered and competed:  The A Team, Chuy D and Cousin Dave - The Good Guys, Cardo and Carrie - Team Sparkles, Danielle and Nick and finally - Team Military Brats aka Team Go Postal, CC Rider and Crazy Legs Martha.  It was a lot of fun and The Goon Squad will be defending the trophy next Spring.

Also joining us in the studio were a couple Double D's, the Duran Duran boys, Dick and Daniel.  They probably would have dominated the ping pong table, but they showed up late.  

In this episode we added some new contestants to our March Madness Tournament of Hotties, spewed forth some raunchy limericks, talked about some desperate men attempting to court MCLG, listened to Kingman band The Rivals plays some live music in the studio and looked at some pretty heinous pictures.  (If you want to see them yourself, google "Special Fried Rice," "Blue Waffle," and "Lemon Party"  Just don't say we didn't warn you.)

BoobTube for this ep was "Boobs and Shamrock"   Enjoy!

(to download this show as an mp3, right-click on the direct download link below and select "Save As . ..")

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Double D Episode 69 - The Clam Tostada (Rio Grande Chile Cerveza)

Episode 69 originally was going to be the "Cinco de Double Patrick's Day" celebration, but due to Snowmageddon and the 30 some inches of snow that fell in just 36 hours, the party had to be postponed to Sunday March 25th.  One guest did make it to the studio, however, and it saved this show.  Even Biscuit Ray could not be in the studio physically, and instead we had to settle for "Invisible Ray" through the modern miracle of Skype.

Mark Anthony, of the Tucson band The Clam Tostada, was our lone guest for this episode, but he proved to be all we needed to have an excellent show.  Besides being a longtime friend and a card carrying Herbal Medication Patient, he's also one hell of a musician.  Here is his in studio performance of Clam Tostada's original song, "Love is a Marshmallow"

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

Besides the music talk and performance, we also discuss this episode Rio Grande Chile Cerveza, 69 and the frenulum, The Rivals (Kingmans only non Mexican band) and our ongoing March Madness of Hotties.  Stick around to the end and this episode's album art will make sense to you, as Mark explains how his beautiful wife wearing a fake mustache made her the object of adoration from both Lesbians and Straight Men alike.

Boobtube was also played this show.  Enjoy this short clip found when we searched for "Boobs and St Patricks Day"

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Double D Episode 122 - One Man One Grail (Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale)

Episode 122?  How can this be?  Just last week we did episode 68?!  Well, we received, through a scientific breakthrough involving dial up internet and a DeLorean with a snowblower on the hood, this podcast from the future.  The year 2014 to be exact.  It seems Zen and Ray survive the apocalypse and will continue the Double D Podcast from their underground bunker.  So we got that going for us.  Nice to know that although the surface is uninhabitable and zombies roam the land, at least we still got culture.

After a Salud to Cousin Larry who is back in the homeland with us after a stint in Afghanistan, we get to our beer of the show, Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale.  It's tasty and just a tad bit sweet, but smooth and easy to drink.  Try it, it's tempered over burning witches.

We, meaning the us of the future, give the lowdown on how and why the apocalypse happened and what we, meaning the us of now, can do to stop it from happening.  Also who wins major sporting events in 2012 and 2013 in case you want to make some sports bets.  After a discussion of whether or not we would time travel if it were available, Ray admits he would go back in time to prevent a DUI, and Zen admits how would go back in time to try and save a little pride and self respect when he got dumped by ex-girlfriends.

A little March Madness business is conducted, with the Newscasters Division created, and we talk a little bit about the upcoming "Cinco de Double Patrick's Day" celebration.

Finally, we both watch the infamous "One Man, One Jar" video.  Things will never be the same.  Truly, there are some things that once seen, can never be unseen.

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Double D Episode 68 - Adorable (Bud Light Platinum)

Take a look at the album art.  Can you even tell that she's not really real, but instead a Real Doll?  So the title of this episode isn't necessarily referring to the real doll face in the artwork for this episode (which by the way is the "Stephanie" face you can buy for your very own Real Doll) but instead the title is taken from a word we, for whatever reason, end up saying a lot during the broadcast.  "Adorable."

We drink Bud Light Platinum and conclude it tastes very much like Bud Light.  Which isn't an entirely bad thing.  We give a Salud to Davy Jones, deceased Monkee, and listen to some 50's trumpet blues.  Zen tells a story about gay guys with jumper cables and a new caller, Big Dawg, gives us a ring.  Ray watches a Penile inflation video, 2 girls 1 cup style, and then Ray builds his very own Real Doll.  Builds, but doesn't purchase, because he doesn't have 6 grand lying around.  BoobTube is "Boobs and Platinum" and we introduce the first division in our annual March Madness of Hotties.

Don't forget that "Cinco de Double Patrick's Day" is on March 18th.  Be there if you're anywhere in the vicinity. for details.

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Double D Episode 67 - Inflatable (Guinness)

We drink Guinness Draughts (finally!) this episode, but before we ever get to downing some beers, we talk a LOT about inflatables . . . inflatable penises, inflatable shoes, inflatable love dolls . . . basically anything you can blow air into for fun.  We also discuss in the first segment how awkward it is to buy porn at a convenience store and the desperate measures Zen would take to do so.

In the second segment we finally crack into our specially made Guinness cans and enjoy the fizzy foam that explodes from the widgets inside.  It's Zen's first ever Guinness and the experience was entirely . . . underwhelming.

After some unimportant new stories concerning stolen Denny's burgers by Manager Impersonators and deciding whether or not to allow alcohol sales based on a coin flip, we get into BoobTube.  This week it's "Boobs and Guinness" which led us to this video about breaking the world record for unhooking the most bras in one minute.  Enjoy!

(to download this show as an mp3, right click the direct download link below and "Save As")

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Double D Episode 66 - Just a Little Greek

What the hell does the title mean?  I don't know, other than we kept saying "Just a little gay" during this episode and in a meager effort to class things up Zen brought up some basic Greek Philosophy.  It'll all make sense when you listen to the episode.

While it was pretty will-nilly and bounced all over from subject to subject, some of the topics covered include: the best sports movies ever, the film sets of Tin Cup, where Moneyball failed, pigs appearing on the decals on Vermont Police cruisers, juggalos and heartless bitches.

For the BoobTube segment, Zen searched for "Boobs" and "Juggalos" and for some reason picked out the following video where the only boobs seen are these two short-bussers who try to opine on why bitches is heartless.  This leads to the aforementioned discussion on Aristotle's A is A theory of identity.  Also cynics and cynicism.  Again, this will all make sense when you hear it.

(to download the mp3 of this show, right click on the direct download link below and "Save As")

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Double D Episode 65 - Juan Night in Bangkok (Kah Tequila)

A long lost friend has recently come back into my life (this is Zen speaking) and he was invited to join us for the broadcast of episode 65.  Juan tells plenty of stories, from exploring the subterranean depths of Tucson's storm drains to losing his cherry to an Asian stripper in the back of a Volkswagen speeding back from Mexico.  If that's not teaser enough, I don't know what to tell you.  Listen for some good times and good tales from back in the day.

Also included this episode -

Soccer Mom segment, starring the blonde in this Nexium commercial:

Boobtube segment, this time with a video found while searching YouTube for "Boobs and Ping Pong"

(to download this episode as an mp3, right click on the direct download link just below and "Save As")

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Double D Episode 64 - One Hell of a Tampon Bill

Tom and  Tom and  Tom and  How many times can we stress that it is very important that you go to Tom and and subscribe to their show and download as many episodes as possible?  Help Zen win that trip to Orlando!

Anyway, as far as OUR show goes, it's all about Hazel Jones, the British woman blessed (or cursed) with two VaJayJays.  Also, Miley Cyrus gets fat and stoopid while getting caught rimming a big black penis cake.  We also play the Facebook minimeme "Describe your sex life using the title of any movie"  Final Score lies at Chat Room - 1,000 and Double D Podcast - 2.

There's also a little bit of talk about Ray's starring role in the upcoming independent film "Bloody Border"  Check it out at   Look for more info in an upcoming show when we get creator/director B.G. in the studio to give the full scoop on his film.

For now, enjoy this little video by Tom and Dan of "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan" and we'll see you borrachos next week.

(to download the mp3 of this show, right click on the direct download link just below and select "save as")

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Double D Episode 63 - The MacGyver of Masturbation

Joe Fellers joins us from sunny Kingman, Arizona and, like all his previous visits, this show runs a little long.  So bonus: this show is about an extra hour of pure, delicious gravy.

So what's with the album art for episode 63?  Why are there toilet paper dolls in the picture?  You'll have to just listen to find out, but it is tied into the title of the show.  A true MacGyver of Masturbation uses the resources he has at hand to get the job done.  A roll of duct tape, some thumbtacks, maybe a broken cell phone . . . or in this case a toilet paper doll.

And that's not the limit of the penis talk that goes on this episode.  Listen in to find out at what tender age your intrepid hosts first grew their pubes, and also hear sordid tales of junior high locker room embarrassment.  All this as well as our usual BoobTube, Mexican Word of the Day and Soccer Mom segments in a hilarious 3 hour bonus edition of the Double D.  Salud!

Some vids from the broadcast:

Wendi McLendon-Covey is our first nomination for Soccer Mom of the Year 2012.  She appears briefly in this horrible video:

BoobTube this week is "Boobs and Zombies"  Watch this odd Japanese trailer:

Ray is appearing as an extra in the independent film "Bloody Border"  Check 'em out at

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Double D Episode 62 - Back in the Groove (Mississippi Mud Black and Tan)

Literally.  We spin some records this episode, so prepare your ears for some interesting tuneage.  Also, we're back in the groove in that the holidays are over, the cast is healthy and we are finally back on the air.

Topics include: Mississippi Mud Black and Tan, Flagstaff's New Years Pine Cone Drop, Why Arizona is crooked at the bottom, BoobTube (Boobs and videogames) and Liz Hurley's Doppleganger.

Here are the videos that were part of the live show:

Finally, we're asking any and all residents of Arizona to please subscribe and download the hell out of a podcast called "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan"   It's Zen's favorite podcast outside the Double D, and if Arizona's download numbers increase enough in the next month, he just might win a trip out to Orlando to meet Tom and Dan and sit in on their podcast.  Do a brother a proper and get everyone you know (in Arizona) to download their show as well.  Please.

We'll see y'all Friday the 20th for a special show with Joe Fellers, our homebrewing friend who promises to bring an oatmeal stout for us to sample.

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Double D Episode 61 - Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum (New Belgium's Snow Day)

We're drinking New Belgium's Snow Day beer this episode, and not just because it's a Winter Wonderland outside in Flagstaff, Arizona.  This is a deliciously hoppy beer with a "keep you warm on a Winter's day" 6.2% alcohol content by volume.

We begin by talking about HBO's 24/7 series, this time focusing on the coming NHL Winter Classic starring the Philadelphia Flyers and some loser team from New York.  We attempt to clean up the podcast in the spirit of the Holiday Season and fail miserably.  The failure begins with our discussion of "pornaments," adult themed holiday decorations.

The Flagstaff Christmas Parade is mentioned next, as Zen lived out his dreams of being a Mascot.  We also talk about "Real Man" Christmas trees, with orange extension cords and generators in tow.

Zen shares his childhood Christmas wish of getting a Star Wars AT-AT, much like Ralphie's wish to get a Red Ryder BB gun in "A Christmas Story."  Ray can't remember ever wanting much of anything around Christmastime.

The Legend of Sancho Claus, sung by Chuy D last year, is replayed for your pleasure, and then Zen tells the story of the feud he's having with a local homeless man.  He unveils his new song, "Bum bum bum bum bum," sung to the tune of "The Little Drummer Boy."

Enjoy this holiday themed episode, and please share!

(if you don't already know how to download the mp3, and haven't yet subscribed on iTunes, look for the direct download link just below and right-click on the mp3 link)

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Double D Episode 60 - Forever Lazy (Coors)

Infomercials that confound and confuse and yet make us want their products so badly are the focus of this show.  I guess it makes sense being this close to Christmas that the spirit of Wanting is upon us.

We're drinking the banquet beer, Coors, this show.  Although we try to talk it up, what is there to say about Coors?  It's been around forever and is a trusted American brand.  We start the show watching this vid which was shared with us by Robert Mesa.  Do as he advised us, which is stick around to the end.  It starts out a little hippieish but ends with what can only be described as a series of unbelievable moves.

We play a new game next, called Hollywood or Porno.  Biscuit Ray must decide if an audio clip is from the Hollywood version or the Porno version of Ironman.  We discuss why porn shoots don't shell out the bucks for better effects or production value, and then compare a porn producer's budget to the budget that must have existed to put out this awesome youtube clip:

Next we tackle various informecials, commercials and such.

We close out the show with Boobtube.  Enjoy!

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Double D Episode 59 - Sweep the Leg

Christmas is almost upon us, but before you plunge into your gifts with unabridled avarice, please take a moment to reflect on the carnage that was Black Friday 2011.  We talk about an unfortunate incident here in Arizona where police bloody and bruise and then handcuff a poor old grandpa who was only trying to protect his grandson during a Black Friday Free for All.  The video proof is below.  Police say that they used standard police procedure, which included "sweeping the leg."  Looks like someone trained at Cobra Kai Dojo.

The album art for this episode if you look at your iPod or media player is the sensai from Cobra Kai.  But if you look to the right here, you'll see that our blog post picture is a lovely soccer mom.  Yup, here is the picture we promised of this episode's Soccer Mom, in all her pharmaceutical glory.  Gaze upon her.

Sorry this ep was so late in getting out.  We at the Double D work for the Coastal Nervous as you know, and this is our busiest time of year.  Please accept our apologies and enjoy this show!

(to download the mp3 of this show, right click and save the "direct download" link below)

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Double D Episode 58 - The Pull Back (Wasatch Brewing's Devestator Double Bock)

The Beer this episode: Wasatch Brewing's Devestator, a double bock that clocks in at a brain-slugging 8.0 percent alcohol by volume.  While we chug that down we talk about porn (what else is new) and how certain camera angles can ruin the experience.  We also discuss some of the most awkward and silly and downright dangerous sexual positions you can attempt, complete with drawings to illustrate how bad they are.

There was also BoobTube, this time searching for vids with Boobs and Nerf Guns, and the other usual segments, including Salud and Mexican Word of the Day.  Oh yeah, we also have a news story about a "doctor" performing surgeries without a license, and by performing surgeries, we mean injecting cement, fix-a-flat and super glue into patients asses.  Yeah.

Enjoy, spread around to your friends, and most of all make sure you are subscribed to the show on iTunes.  Thanks!

Here's a couple vids from the live broadcast, so that you don't miss any of the visuals that make our show complete.

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

(to download the mp3 of the show, right click on the direct download link below)

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Double D The Lost Episode - Thanks For Having Me

I've been sitting on this one for too long, and it's time to release it out into the world.  And not just because we didn't record a new show this past weekend and I have nothing else to release (although that did play a major part in the decision.)  This show is just too damn funny to keep to myself any longer.  It must be shared.

The reason it's been under wraps for so long is that the audio is shit.  I tried and tried to clean it up, but there's no getting around the fact that the audio is garbage.  For some reason, Varouj's microphone was never turned on and we never noticed and, even worse, there was an echo of a 2 second delay throughout the entire recording.  What we present now is the best it's ever going to be, short of scripting and re-recording the entire thing.  It's worth it, though, believe me.

Varouj and Dustin are naturally funny guys, and their talents shine through the bad audio.  From tales of ethnic woe in Armenia to Varouj's top ten porn stars of all time, this is one you gotta listen to, at the very least to round out your Double D Podcast collection.

So here it is, the one and only "Lost Episode" of the Double D Podcast.  It's lost no longer.  Welcome home.  And Thanks for having me.

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Double D Episode 57 - Doubleween

We're rushing this one out, A. Because we wanted it out for everyone to enjoy on Halloween and B. Because this is one helluva funny episode start to finish and didn't need any editing.

So this is our Halloween, er, excuse me, Doubleween episode, but before we got to talk about anything Halloweeny like costumes and candy and shit, we got fascinated with the idea of a guy have two dicks, or "Double Ween."  See how we got on the subject?  We go on for about 15 minutes or so before we settle down and talk about Halloween proper.  We begin with Bloody Mary and how the practice of it unsettled Zen's childhood.

Next we talk about Halloween, mainly Ben Cooper costumes and how unfrickingcomfortable they were.  Zen proposes a couple ideas on how he could put his new round shape to good use in a costume this year.  We look at some creepy Victorian era pictures and then roll into our second break.

In the final segment we check out BoobTube, which this week is a video based on a YouTube search for "boobs" and "poker"

Zen shares some new Hot Women of Commercials vids

And we wrap up the show with Mexican Word of the Day.  This week - "Distress" and "Habanero"

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Double D Episode 55 - Dubtoberfest (Warsteiner, Ayinger and Craig's Homebrewed Pumpkin Ale)

The title of this one pretty much says it all.  Recorded immediately after Dubtoberfest, a day filled with brats, Sonoran Dogs, Badminton, Polka music mixed with a little reggae and most of all Beer, Beer, Beer.  It was good times with good friends.

I'm not going to do like I usually do and spoil all the content by listing it here.  Just know that we covered most of the usual bases, with Saluds, Dulas, BoobTube, Really Unimportant News and Mexican Word of the Day.  There were quite a few folks in the Studio with us and pretty much everyone got a little mic time and the conversation went where it wanted to.  And by that I mean boobs, hot commercial women, what kids call their junk and pissing in the shower.

A Big Salud goes out to Big Don Juan, Cousin Dave, Chuy D and the Double D Herself Danielle Diaz for joining in and creating chaos out of order.  It's all in all a great show and one we're sure you'll enjoy.

P.S.  Look at those two doofuses in the Album Art for this episode.  I guess a Congratulations would be in order for "The A Team" of Cousin Dave and Chuy D who are the first team to ever take home the Double D Badminton Trophy.  They went undefeated while the hosts of the tournament, Biscuit Ray and Pudboy Zen, went winless.  Big Don and his partner came in second while the team of CC Rider and Double D Herself came in a respectable third.  Next year the trophy comes home . . . 

Here are some videos from this episode:

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

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Double D Episode 54 - Biscuit Ray's Boom Boom Room

Hey, all.  This one's going out early because we talk about plans for Dubtoberfest and as of this being released, the party is just a couple days away.  This one is short and sweet, plenty of funny to go around and it won't take you long to listen to it all.

Zen goes to Las Vegas and finds his soul.  He also spots a hooker "on the job."  The Double D Bowling Team is doing well, and we bring you a little info on who they are and what shenanigans they are up to while attempting to be keglers.  There is only one news story this episode, and it's about a woman who won the Powerball "on accident."  We briefly touch on our own Lottery Dreams and you gotta promise not to tell PETA what they are.  BoobTube this week was a video based on the YouTube search for "Boobs" and "Bowling."

That's pretty much it.  Make sure that if you aren't joining us in person for Dubtoberfest that you watch the afterparty show live on Justin.Tv.  Check our Facebook page for exact times.

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Double D Episode 53 - Apples for the Repo Man (Ska Brewing's ESB Special)

That's right, the Dbacks had just clinched the NL West before we recorded this show, so we kicked things off with a little celebratory video:

We were drinking Ska Brewing's ESB Special this episode.  Don't ask us what the ESB stands for.  Zen starts the show with a little true life story of the "Korean End Run" and how Flagstaff P.D. actually made him proud.  Justice was served.  We share the news that McDonald's will soon be putting both french fries AND apple slices in every Happy Meal soon.  Are apples for queers?  What?!

Before we continue the second segment, we take a break, wrongly, to tell and listen to some racist jokes.  Thanks, Cousin Joe, for you assistance in this heinous matter.  Zen shares his love for Spike TV's newest reality show, Repo Games.

In this week's BoobTube segment, we search YouTube for videos with the keywords "Boobs" and "Pushups" to score some (ahem) tasty treats.

Mexican Word of the Day begins our third and final segment.  Summarize.  Terrace.  Accommodate.

We discuss a few plans for Dubtoberfest, which is rapidly approaching.  Make plans to join us Sunday October 9th at 2 pm for beer, brats, polka, reggae and badminton.  If you need details and directions, email or contact us on Facebook.

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_53_-_Apples_for_the_Repo_Man.mp3
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Double D Episode 52 - Fisticuffs in Space (Caguama Cerveza)

We drink Caguama Cerveza this show, and beyond knowing that the name means some sort of special Loggerhead Turtle, all we can say is that it's a decent enough Mexican Beer.  At least there was a LOT of it.  Chuy D calls in to confess to stealing beers from his Pops, and this leads to a discussion of us drinking beers as toddlers.  Zen mentions the bottle caps from all the beers we've been drinking have been made into pins, which can be purchased by sending 5 bucks to

Double D Podcast

P.O. Box 1509 

Flagstaff, AZ 86002 

If you want to know what caps we have available, email us ahead of time:

We talk about Star Wars being released on Blu-Ray, and the 3 things George Lucas SHOULD have changed in the new versions.

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

Finally, before the first break, we do the BOOBTUBE segment.  Terms searched this week are, appropriately enough, "Boobs" and "Star Wars."

First Break Song, as picked by Biscuit Ray

We talk next about having sex with cartoon characters and also having Sex in a Graveyard.  Yeah.  In Really Unimportant News we report that Trinity College's website was hacked, with a fake profile for a Professor "Conan T. Barbarian" making it's way onto the faculty list.  Also, a creepy statue of a life sized Hot Dog-Man was stolen and subsequently dumped because it was too creepy looking to keep.

Second Break Song, courtesy of Biscuit Ray

We close out the show with Mexican Words of the Day.  Paralyze, Harley and Nissan.

We disclose some more Dubtoberfest plans and then close with a little Cafe Tacuba - Volver a Comenzar.

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_52_-_Fisticuffs_in_Space.mp3
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Here's the video clips of the bits cut out of the audio podcast version of Episode 51:

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

Category:general -- posted at: 4:49pm MST

Double D Episode 51 - Fire Flips and Chicanos (Kona Brewing Passion Fruit Beer)

Kona Brewing makes an excellent passion fruit infused beer, and this leads to a discussion on why it's called "passion fruit."  Ray spins yarns about his Kingman "mixer" and Zen recounts his adventures at the Coconino County Fair.  There are some short and sweet reviews of recent DVD releases, including "Your Highness" "Paul" and "Super."  Zen lays down plans for a movie starring Biscuit Ray as a mild-mannered postman by day, Mexican Wizard by night, entitled "F*cking Rad".  We also discuss plans for an Oktoberfest style party to be held October 9th, called "Dubtoberfest."  This is a real thing.  Be there on October 9th for Pumpkin Beer and Brats.

First Break Song, courtesy of Pomplamoose:

Zen gives a Top 5 List about Cousin Dave and Beyonce's future child.  We wonder why Toilet Paper is "good enough" and we continue the celebrity news with a story about Jim Carrey tagging his own home with the cryptic acronym "FFC"

Second Break Songs, courtesy of Garfunkel and Oates:

We open the third segment with our favorite new bit, Boobtube.  This week we searched for videos with "Boobs" and "Shoeshine" and got this little gem:

We try and decide what the "awkward creep factor" is when viewing porn with other dudes and Zen remembers the time he filmed the worst quality, lowest resolution porn ever committed to tape.  Mexican Words of The Day - Extinct, Ascot and Venture.  Mexican Candy and the show closes with The Whigs "Right Hand on My Heart"

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_51_-_Fire_Flips_and_Chicanos.mp3
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Double D Episode 50 - Mexican Moonshine (Roger Clyne's Mexican Moonshine Tequila)

Thanks for listening to our 50th show!  It took us a little longer to reach 50 than most other podcasts, mainly because Ray seems to always be on vacation, but we made it.  To celebrate, we pay homage to our opening audio clip (borrowed from the wonderful Tres Amigos) and say, "We don't have no beers, jus' tequila"  We fork over a few extra bucks and tip the bottle with Roger Clyne's Mexican Moonshine.  Based on his song of the same name, Roger's Mexican Moonshine is a 100% puro de agave Reposado that we find super-smooth, incredibly easy to drink and by the end of the night an accomplished happiness-bearer.

Zen opens the show with a tale of a little monster, aka "Anchor Baby" and then goes on to infuritate Ray with news of Miley Cyrus being inducted into the Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame.  We talk way too much about cock rings, hair ties and shoelaces and then take the show to an all-time low with videos of a hen laying an egg and a rooster owned by Mensa members violating a stuffed cat.

For our newly christened "BoobTube" segment, a weekly bit where we search on YouTube for videos based solely on two words (one of which will always be Boob), we search this week for "Snow Boobs" vids and come up with the following doozies:

Next we cover the Really Unimportant News for the week in our R.U.N. segment, including stories of Rogue Pandas in Flagstaff.  We cover the usual Mexican Word of the Day and chomp on some Mexican Candy . . . two delectable treats that looked like "Tampon Squeezins" and "Turd Logs"

Thanks so much for sticking with us through our first 50 episodes, and we hope you'll crack open a beer with us each week for the next 50.

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_50_-_Mexican_Moonshine.mp3
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Double D Episode 49 - Biscuit and Pudboy Present Chicken Train (Humboldt Brown Hemp Ale)

We might be changing the name of the show from Double D to "Biscuit and Pudboy" we'll just have to wait and see.  Big thanks to the Hammer for calling in multiple times to track the progress of her inebriation and to Mrs. Strong for keeping our ignorance in check in the chatroom.

We drank Nectar Ale's Humboldt Brown Hemp Ale during this show.  It was a nice brown ale with a creamy head (uy) and got a thumbs up from all in the studio.  

Saluds for this episode went out to Chuy D and The Electric Army, who played their last show at The Orpheum last Saturday night.  Also a quick shout to Zen for celebrating his 38th birthday last week.  "Dulas", or reverse Salud, went out to Roberto Salamanca for drunkenly, without license or insurance, killing a 20 year old driver when he rammed him head on.  Boo-yah, you piece of shit.

Our YouTube search this week involved the following two words:  "boobs" and "pogo stick" . . . I guess technically thats 3 words, but whatever.  Here's the video we came up with:

News included stories of Explosions In The Sky, Tiny Eggs (with a quick lecture by Prof. Van DerLiquor on chicken wings), Lemonistas and Old Men in Speedos.

The Show closed out with Mexican Word of The Day, Mexican Candy and The Electric Army playing their Original Song, "Better Things"


Direct download: Double_D_Episode_49_-_Biscuit_and_Pudboy_Present_Chicken_Train.mp3
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Double D Episode 48 - A Horse With Joe's Name (Left Coast Brewery's Voodoo Stout)

We drink Left Coast Brewery's Voodoo Stout this episode and then have a whole heck of a lot of fun.  We're not gonna spill the beans on what's in this episode, you'll just have to listen and find out, but besides 14 uses for beer (besides drinking it) and Joe purifying a poopy horse, there's lots of goodness that is referenced in the following videos.  Watch these and you'll get a hint of what's in store for you in Episode 48.  Salud!

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_48_-_A_Horse_With_Joes_Name.mp3
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Double D Episode 47 - OT Jacket To This (Samuel Adams Coastal Wheat)

Hoppa Grass - When Brothers smoke grasshoppers in lieu of weed.  Now that that is defined, let's get on with the show notes . . .

First off, Zen was finally promoted from PTF to Regular at the old Coastal Nervous, so in honor of that we drank some delicious Sam Adams Coastal Wheat (with just a hint of lemon!)  This led into some wonderful Coastal Nervous stories, inspired by our favorite podcast, A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.  What is a Coastman to do when he spots a customer masturbating?  What is a Coastman to do when he eats at Freddy's and gets a belly stinger an hour later?  Speaking of Belly Stingers, Zen shares the honest truth about his Shy Sphincter and how public toilets just aren't his cup of tea.  Finally, what is a Coastman to do when he sees a City Worker angrily throw his radio through his truck, out the open window and into another car at the gas station?

First Break Song:

"Homegrown 2011" (mp3)
from "See-I"
(Fort Knox Recordings)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

The Second Segment kicks off with The News.  Ray reads news stories about Blue Sharks found far from the ocean, Wal-Mart telling Telly Savalas to cover us his bikini and Drunken Cooking gone wrong.  Today's Drunken Cooking Recipe:

Zen's Corn Beef Hash and Rice

Ease of Preparation: 9

Taste: 1 - 7.5 depending on whether or not you like Canned Corn Beef

Danger Rating: 5

Open can of corn beef.  Skillet fry until slightly crispy.  Make pot of rice.  Mix corn beef into rice.  Refrigerate in covered container.  After arriving home from bar, reheat in microwave for 2 minutes.  Eat and enjoy.

The Pixies "Here Comes Your Man" is the second break song.

The final segment begins with Mexican Word of the Day.  Todays words:

- Fascinate

- Postal

- Cologne and Odor

Mexican Candy is a homemade lollipop with recycled wrappers that looked a lot like the mosquito-laden amber from Jurassic Park.  Despite our hesitancy about consuming an obviously homemade treat, it was quite delicious.

Finally, we introduce the listener challenge, "Jacket to This" in which we ask our listeners to email or post the most bizarre pictures that would be IMPOSSIBLE to Jacket To.

Final Song - The Breeders with "Bang On"

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_47_-_OT_Jacket_To_This.mp3
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Double D Episode 46 - Feats of Daring

The show starts with a brief recap of what went down the week we took off from the show and then very quickly launches into a discussion of Harry Potter Fans and why there are no "special needs" children in the Harry Potter Universe.

Zen hands out some presents from Tucson and Tombstone and then the guys act out what a Zombie Film with Mexicans in it would be like.

Flogging Molly plays the first break song, "The Likes of You Again"

After the break we relaunch the "Mexican Word of the Day" segment with 5 wonderful examples:

  • Harassment
  • Passionate
  • Testimony
  • Jewish and Kosher

Current news brings us a comparison of Oprah on the cover of Globe Magazine to a character from The Dark Crystal (see album art) . . . we cross our fingers that Casey Anthony accepts Larry Flynt's offer to pose in Hustler magazine and we read a couple news stories of pedophiles in Tucson, which leads us to a little Bad Acting Theater when we try to reenact a scene from Dateline's To Catch a Predator.

Biz Markie plays the second break song, "Throw Back"

Current News continues with the story of the 3 legged tortoise and the article about thousands of illegal immigrants fleeing California to go back to Mexico, where, apparently, jobs are more plentiful.  We propose that Mexicans and Asians are interchangable, especially in restaurants.

We do our Mexican Candy segment by consuming some Asian candy . . . Haw Flakes, little semi-sweet discs that look a lot like mini pepperonis.

The show concludes with "Feats of Daring" in which we don crazy googly-eyed glasses and attempt to hammer a nail into a piece of wood.  This feat will have to be repeated by every future guest of the show.

The outro song is Whiskey Rodeo's "Whole Lotta You"

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_46_-_Feats_of_Daring.mp3
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Double D Episode 45 - Mike's Farewell Podcast (Lucky Buddha)

 Who the heck is Mike, you ask?  We don't know him personally, and that isn't his real name, but Ray showed him one heck of a last day and tells the tale during Ray's Segment.  You gotta hear the story about Mike and his farewell podcast.

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

We drink some Lucky Buddha brand beer tonight, and apologize for the first time we tried to record episode #45.  Yes, this is take two of number 45.  We discuss Taco Bell sauce packets and the witty sayings they have emblazoned upon them.

Fret SoundsStuyvesant
"Duly Noted" (mp3)
from "Fret Sounds"
(Dromedary Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album

In the second segment MCLG calls in and Ray tells the story of Mike's Last, Great Adventure.  It's such an awesome trip I wish I was Mike.  Except for the being dead part.

Montreal vs. StuttgartThe Prowlers
"Lost and Drunk" (mp3)
from "Montreal vs. Stuttgart"
(Insurgence Records and Publishing)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

In the final segment we cover news of the weird, bizarre, and heinous.  From amputees falling out of roller coasters to Kingman scumbags shooting Bumblebee in the heart to Emo douchebags holding up lemonade stands, there's something for everyone.  

Give this show a listen, it's one of our best!

Fret SoundsStuyvesant
"St. Cloud" (mp3)
from "Fret Sounds"
(Dromedary Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album

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Double D Episode 44 - The Mystery Box (Ska Brewing's Mexican Logger)

Hidden in this 4th of July episode is our funniest bit ever.  I'll let you know when we get to it, but first we kick off the show, as always, with what we're drinking and this time it's Ska Brewing's Mexican Logger.  We talk about why some might be offended by the can's original logo and also how tasty and refreshing this Mexican style lager is on a humid day.

We light off some sparklers and play R. Kelly's badly remixed National Anthem to say Happy Birthday to America.  We question the wisdom of making legal the sale of fireworks but not their use.  Chuy D calls in briefly and then we do something we haven't done in a few episodes:  play a game.  Ray is quizzed on the similairities between the names of fireworks and the names of sex toys.

After the first break song, The Refreshments' "Buy American" we get a pair of phone calls.  First MCLG calls in with a Knock Knock joke and then Jonathan calls with an actual phone call from the Bay Area.  We talk beer, weather and chicks with Theremins.

Here it is.  After Jonathan hangs up we launch into the first ever "Ray's Segment" and the inaugural one is a doozy.  Ray steps up to the whiteboard and explains, with diagrams, how the human female reproductive system is laid out and how it functions.  If you haven't caught the video, just scroll down.  From now on, if Ray doesn't have a bit ready he'll have to step up to the 2 dimensional White Board (DDWB) and scientifically explain something.  If you have ideas for Ray's Segment, email them to or call them in to 4242 DRUNKS (424-237-8657).

The second break song is The Refreshments' "Mexico"

In our last segment we do something we NEVER do - get serious.  We don't like to do this, as it's just not our style, but it was such an important news story to our hometown of Flagstaff that it HAD to be mentioned at least briefly.

Read the news story here.

The Refreshments close out the show with "Suckerpunch"

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_44_-_The_Mystery_Box.mp3
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This is the first "Ray's Segment" ever and it may well be the last, because there's no way we could ever top this.  Ray walks up to the 2 dimensional White Board (DDWB) and with marker in hand he draws the female reproductive system and explains scientifically how babies are made.  Kind of.

Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

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Double D Episode 43 - Yerrow Rung (Breckenridge Summer Bright Ale)

We enjoy delicious Breckenridge Summer Bright Ale during this episode.  It's cool and refreshing and it definitely helped us get through another sweltering, swamplike recording session in the Double D Studio.

We begin by briefly discussing the Riordan Gig, an annual fundraiser for the Riordan Mansion here in Flagstaff that this year was good enough to have Distraction and the Electric Army perform there, two music groups that are friends of the show.  Also at the Riordan Gig:  massive Ricola Horns.  I'm sure there is a real, proper name for them, we just don't know what that is.  We do know how long they are, however.

We introduce a new segment that will help open every show from now on - Salud!  Feel free to email, call or post on our Facebook page anyone or anything you would like us to raise a glass to.  This week we say "Salud!" to Cardo for his 45th birthday and to friend of the show Jay on his (possible?) marriage.

The subject of Flagstaff being coated in yellow dust comes up next.  It's tree pollen (pine cum) and it's everywhere.  Yerrow Rung.

Music from Roger Clyne and the Peacemaker's new album "Unida Cantina" is played during this epidsode.  The first break song is "Heaven On a Paper Plate"

Chuy graces the wall of the studio with a terrific penis doodle he scribbled during the break.  This leads to the topic of circumcision and whether or not that is private information.  Zen shares another dream, this time of a point-of-view blowjob gone horribly wrong.  Three celebrity women are discussed next:  Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Shania Twain and Amanda Bynes.  Another Salud! is raised, this time for dead celebrity Ryan Dunn.  We play the easiest Movie Title Trivia Game ever, titled "What's the name of that movie, the one with . . ." and we discuss "3D Sex and Zen" and how this fits into the timeline of the evolution of Porn.

Second break song - "Dinero"

MCLG calls in to sing a little "FU" to her amorous adversary, "Cherrie"  We talk about what happened recently in Flag-town, namely the "Pride in the Pines" event.  This becomes a smallish trivia game involving the names of Gay Bars in movies and we wrap up the show with a listing of cool Drag Queen Names.

Final Song - "Empty Highway"

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_43_-_Yerrow_Rung.mp3
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Double D Episode 42 - Chupacabron (Margaritaville Landshark)

This episode is about cryptozoology.  Nessie.  Bigfoot.  The Montauk Monster.  Chupacabra.  We don't believe in any of them, but we still love looking at the pictures and watching the videos "proving" their existence on youtube.  So we crack open some LandShark beers by Margaritaville and a couple 4Lokos to get good and sauced while we sift through the bullshit, the hoaxes and the rare unexplainable images and vids that are all over the internet.

What got me going on this subject was this article printed in 1890 by the Tombstone Epitaph, recounting the tale of two ranchers who brought down a mysterious winged beast by the Huachuca mountain range.  Their tale would suggest that they had encountered a Pteranadon or pterasaur of some type, in an age where little if any knowledge of such dinosaurs existed.  This article really grabbed my imagination and got me thinking about the paranormal creatures that fascinated me as a youngster.  I googled some of the biggies and found this recent video clip purporting to have captured the latest sighting of Bigfoot.

You should know that before we ever got to the topic of cryptozoology, the entire first segment is centered around Castoreum, a raspberry flavoring enhancer Ray clued me in on as originating from a beaver's anal glands.  Who the hell discovers these things?  Who is the first guy that sucked on a beaver's ass and thought, "Man, this would really enhance the flavor of artificial raspberry"?  

We haven't done an episode like this in a while, focused in on one topic alone, and it seems like an old Zen and Peace Show.  We'll be back in episode 43 with the regular format, where we promise to drift all over the place from topic to topic, randomly, wherever the beer leads us.  Salud!

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Double D Episode 41 - One Year and Fifty Beers Down

Can you believe we've been cranking out this crap for a year now?  Neither can we.  Yet here we are, One full year and about fifty beers down, and we're still going strong.  Thanks to all the people who have supported us and enjoyed what we've been doing and continue to support the podcast as we plow forward into our second year.

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_41_-_One_Year_and_50_Beers_Down.mp3
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We're Going LIVE with our One Year Anniversary Show in just over one hour!  5 pm AZ Mountain Time, same as the West Coast, so 8 pm Eastern join us at justinTV (click the link to get there) for Boobs Beer and Weiner Talk!  New computers, new studio, same old crappy hosts but we still promise a good time!

Category:general -- posted at: 4:42pm MST

Double D Episode 40 - Crapture Oh Yeah!

If you're reading this blog post or listening to this episode, then just like us you were NOT one of the chosen.  Don't feel bad, though.  Nobody else was either.  Yes, the Rapture predicted by suspected Pedophile and all around crackpot Hairy Camping came and went with nary a planetary tremble.  The May 21st Rapture and Apocalypse was closely preceded by the untimely death of "Macho Man" Randy Savage, which led us to conclude that the Macho Man, in one last act of heroic selflessness, died so that he might Ascend to the Heavens and Droppeth the Elbow on the 6 lb. 11 oz. baby Jesus who was getting ready to throw The Tantrum to End All Tantrums on Planet Earth.  We predict a religion to sprout in the near future praising the Macho Name, but we are uncomfortable with the idea of priests, during communion, placing spicy meat tubes in the mouths of believers.

End TimesWeekend
"End Times" (mp3)
from "End Times"
(Slumberland Records)

Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album

The show continues after the break with Celebrity News You Need to Know!  Arnold Scheewartzenegroe cheated on his wife of many years, Skeletor of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Fame.  What made him fess up ten years after impregnating his housemaid?  Could it be that his love child looks exactly like Conan Jr?  With Mildred the Maid having kids that look exactly like their fathers, we are inspired to create a game called "Who's Mildred Banging Now"

In other Celebrity News You Need to Know Now Dammit! we sadly inform the Booblets y Borrachos that beloved former child actor Gary Coleman is still un-buried a full year after his death.  What do you do with a small, black, frozen child star?  Throw him on the ice for the Stanley Cup Playoffs?  (Ray's joke)

Born AgainDwarves
"The Dwarves Are Still The Best Band Ever" (mp3)
from "Born Again"
(MVD Audio)

Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album

Lucky ShinerGold Panda
"You" (mp3)
from "Lucky Shiner"
(Ghostly International)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album

In our last segment MCLG calls in (what else is new) to inform her Patron that she is forming an alliance with Mildred the Maid, the union to be called something like "Abused Mexican Maids."  Zen tells a brief story about shoes hanging from telephone wires and we close out the show with shout outs to Biscuit Ray for his birthday, Randy the Macho Man for saving us all and Cousin Lawrence for bravery.

Motorcade of GenerosityCake
"Jolene" (mp3)
from "Motorcade of Generosity"
(Upbeat Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_40_-_Crapture_Oh_Yeah.mp3
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Double D Episode 39 - Joey Cherub and Fancy Elf Boots (Yuengling)

Still a little hungover from Episode 38 Live from Joe's Garage, we gingerly step back into the ring with this smallish episode.  We start off by cracking open some Yuengling beer, fresh from Pennsylvania courtesy of Joe's Pop, who didn't know we stole it on our way out of Kingman.

We do a little recap of what went down two weeks ago at Joe's Dirty Thirty Birthday party.  Zen vaguely recalls downing (among other libations) a particularly nasty can of Steel Reserve and how that led to a little chunk-puking.  We talk about ping pong pinata baseball and a cockfighting DVD that almost killed the party before it even began.  Check out the commemorative T Shirt by clicking here.  Lastly, we celebrate Chuy D's drunken version of Hallelujah.  Check out the video Cousin Dave filmed below.

After the Meat Puppets play us through our first break, Maria calls in (as usual) but this time in a somewhat surly mood.  She suspects Ray has been less than faithful and so serenades him with a little "End of the Road."  After that Joe joins the live broadcast and thru the chat room exclaims rather surprisedly that he spots a couple of his Yuenglings on our desk.  Oops.  Sorry about that.  We then talk about the nervousness one might feel visiting a new house for the first time and wondering what strange smells we might encounter.  Joe must have danced through his home in a toga spreading rose petals because his home smelled fabulous with a capital F.  This leads to the image of Joe the Cherub (see album art)

We send a shout out to Jay (mediocrefatass) for posting a picture on our Facebook page ( of himself in a swanky Double D Podcast T shirt.  Zen then tries to tell a story about Mexican Fancy Elf Boots spotted outside an Albertson's, which Ray promptly tries to derail.  Zen perseveres and the story of the Mexican Clown Shoes makes it way out eventually.

ZZ Top plays us through our second break and then Zen relates another story, this time of a rather pathetic retired math teacher hitting on a young bank teller.  Zen vows never to become this man, instead opting to grow into the less pathetic but admittedly more creepy "Party Grandpa"  The show ends with speculation on Ray's future "Wedding of the Undead" in which Zen hopes to play some small part.

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_39_-_Joey_Cherub_and_Fancy_Elf_Boots.mp3
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Double D Episode 38 - Live from Joe's Garage (Joe's Homebrewed IPA, Blonde and Faderade as well as Steel Reserve)

Best.  Show.  Ever.  That's a bold statement, but even with the audio being less than stellar, after listening to this one we think you'll have to agree.  Especially if you were there.

This was the first and only stop in the Double D Podcast's Spring Tour 2011.  We broadcast live from Joe's Garage in Kingman, Arizona where we were helping celebrate Joe's Dirty Thirty Birthday Bash.  Cousin Joe is a good man and a good friend and we were more than happy to pack up all the gear and set up at his house for this live remote broadcast.  If you watched it live, you know that it was a wild time.  If you missed the broadcast, just scroll down the page here for some of the video highlights.  It was so much fun and we'd like to thank all the awesome people we met there for helping make this our most memorable episode yet.

We kicked it off with a quick Amber Alert for a missing boy (actually a childhood photo of Joe we had front and center on our desk the entire podcast (see album art)) and a little talk about Ray's Mexican Wizard Beard.  We launched into our customary "What Are We Drinking?" segment . . . it was all incredible home-brewed beers that Joe is famous for crafting . . . we enjoyed an IPA, a creamy blonde ale and some jungle juice of Joe's own design called Faderade.  We briefly talked about a Mexican cockfighting video (no joke) that we watched as the party was just getting started, featuring Roosters such as Chorpy, Dr. Mateo and Luis Lopez.  It was horrible.  And by horrible we mean awesome.

Zen recalled a traumatic childhood game called "Sauce" and we calculated the PDQ at the party.  Then we listened to the first of many Roasts to be heard that night.  Jeff stepped up to the microphone to Roast Joe with stories of Slumpbusting.

After our first break Jefe Smyth (Jeff Smith of Day Old Sushi) called in to tell us he was masturbating at work.  He would have wished Joe a Happy Birthday, but he had no clue just who the hell Joe was.  After that we launched into a special version of Stump the Mexican . . . Stump Joe, Name that Tune - The Hits of 1981 Edition!  Special shout out to our 3 contestants:  Shannon, Jesus and Ryan who all whooped Joe's ass easily.

After our second break Chuy D classed up the joint by playing a sweet cover of "Lay Me Down" followed by the real meat of the podcast - The Official Roast of Joe.

Cousin Dave roasted Joe's nuts with tales of Girl Scouts and a dead Prius.

Zen roasted Joe's nuts with a Top 5 list of "Things overheard when Joe rolled the Razor"

Ryan roasted Joe's nuts with the "Too Drunk to Fish" story.

Taryn roasted Joe's nuts with the El Palacio story and Native American racism.

Josh roasted Joe's nuts with the "It wasn't me, I'm a Fisherman!" story.

And finally Steve roasted Joe's nuts with the Porsche and a young girl story.

We closed out the show with Daniel C. totally destroying our Pinata filled with Mexican Candy.  This show was a total blast and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it.


Direct download: Double_D_Episode_38_-_Live_from_Joes_Garage.mp3
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Double D Episode 37 - Dwight Kennkelle and Black Cankles (Pina Coladas)

Pina Coladas are imbibed during Episode 37, and while this might seem like a puss move and you're probably yelling, "Hey, the Double D Podcast is a celebration of BEER" we did so because we were saving ourselves for Episode 38.  In hindsight, considering that this is being posted with Episode 38 done and in the can, drinking a nice, easy island fruity-fruit drink was the correct call.  Because Episode 38 from Joe's Garage was a beer maelstrom.

Before we get very far in this show, our Titular Hero, Dwight Kennkelle, calls in.  I don't know if it was the alcohol, or just a bad connection, but we heard his name as "Black Cankles" and since he didn't correct us, we ran with it the whole show.  Dwight asks advice on women and also sings a nice song for us and quickly endeared himself as one of our all time favorite callers.  We hope this is not the last we've heard from him.

We talk a little more about Ted Danson, Flagstaff's Pride and Joy, and why nobody has ever built a bar here in town called Cheers.  We compare a small town's pride in it's one claim to fame with another small town.  Winslow, Arizona has the Standin' On the Corner Park, based only on a small line in the Eagles popular song, "Take It Easy."  And no, it's not Glenn Campbell or even Glenn Frey commemorated with a statue on the corner there.  Apparently it's just some generic guitar man.

What LastsThese United States
"Water & Wheat" (mp3)
from "What Lasts"
(United Interests)

Buy at Napster
Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album

After the first break Ray introduces a new toy to the desk, his key chain Rock Em Sock Em Robot.  Zen ponders a Movie Version of this retro fighting game, which we later learned after the broadcast is the Hugh Jackman vehicle called "Real Steel."

The show is now sponsored by Miller High Life since now one of it's hosts had his life sponsored by Miller High Life to the tune of one dollar.  We entertain the notion of people sponsoring the show and having their donations acknowledged with macaroni art on the wall behind us.

We next rip into a good friend and co-worker, Shane Dween.  He has an old folks home on his route and on Fridays he can be found hanging out with the old Betties at the ice cream social.  (I wonder if he has the god-awful Rebecca Black song stuck in his head as he makes time with the old ladies?)  We talk about vibrators so old the have to be crank-started and the notion of the "Dustgasm."  Joe Fellers calls in to tell us that we are awful people.

Modern Art & PoliticsArrows
"Someone You Knew But You've Hardly Meet" (mp3)
from "Modern Art & Politics"
(Hobbledehoy Record Co)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album

Maria Conchita Lupita Gonzales call in after the second break, as she often does, to sing another song to Ray.  This time it is her rendition of "My Girl" cleverly changed to "My Ray."  She also explains why her voice drops a couple octaves sometimes.

Next we read a selection from a Penthouse from December 1980.  It's a delightful Forum letter about a young man's encounter with a ravenous Mail Lady.  Then we close out the show with talk of VHS porn tapes and how you can recognize a porn film from the 80's and 90's.  These defining characteristics would include:  Tan Lines.  Landing Strips.  Crazy Eyes.  Leg Warmers.  Soft Focus, which helps hide the herpes outbreaks.  Lots of plot.  Panning up to the guy when he's making his "O Face"  Zen then takes us out on the wrong foot when he embarrasingly reveals how he used to use two VCRs to dub better version of porn with the "Pan up to the guys face" removed.  Last thoughts - Scrambled Porn and the Crooked Hooter Channel.  If you dont know what we mean, look at the album art this episode

While You Were Sleeping - EPThe Story So Far
"Just Like You Said" (mp3)
from "While You Were Sleeping - EP"
(Pure Noise Ent.)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_37_-_Dwight_Kennkelle_and_Black_Cankles.mp3
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An incredibly juvenile game from Zen's childhood that we're bringing back.  By the end of the party everyone was playing.  Walk up nonchalantly to your victim, start chatting them up about something inane and meaningless and just as they're starting to lose attention, grab their head, pull down and yell "Sauce!"  And then run.

Category:Video -- posted at: 1:07pm MST

It was about 2:30 in the morning.  Most of us were hammered.  We still had a pinata full of mexican candy but it was time to end the show.  What to do?

Category:Video -- posted at: 1:13am MST

Zen roasting Joe with one of his (ahem) famous Top 5 Lists.

Category:Video -- posted at: 10:57pm MST

Category:Video -- posted at: 9:49pm MST

The first of many video highlights we'll be posting from the live mobile show broadcast from Joe's Dirty Thirty Birthday Bash at Joe's Garage in Kingman, AZ.  If you were there, relive the memories, if not then we wish you had been with us!

Category:Video -- posted at: 9:37pm MST

Double D Episode 36 - What Dreams May Come (Bud Light Lime)

This episode we tackle the topic of dreams and dream interpretation.  While drunk.  This provides more honest and accurate discussion on the meanings of our dreams.  We think.

This was our first live broadcast from the new Double D Studio, located 50 feet from our old studio.  Now we're in the garage.  With the new setup and the beer fridge within 5 feet of our new broadcast desk, we celebrate by drinking . . . Bud Light Lime?!  Oh well.  We happen to be fans of "Fruiting the Beer" when the beer calls for it.  We wouldn't put limes in good beer, so don't get on our backs about it.  If you like an occasional lime also, check out this cool gadget brought to our attention by Jay from the chatroom: The Limebrero.

We decide that from now on we will refer to female listeners of the show as "Booblets" and male listeners as "Borrachos."  Until next week, that is, when we'll probably think of something else we like better.  Ray tells us the best way to send a bowling ball down the lane using only his penis, and Zen decides that we should use some of our monies to sponsor a bowling team.  The Double D Podcast Bowling Team coming soon.

We spend a little time talking about the pride of Flagstaff, Ted Danson, who called Flagstaff home while growing up.

Out Here in the Fields - Legends of Reggae Celebrate the WhoToots and the Maytals
"Squeezbox" (mp3)
from "Out Here in the Fields - Legends of Reggae Celebrate the Who"
(Red Hillz Music)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

In the second segment we talk about Dreams.  Ray starts to tell a story about his father's recent dream and it's subsequent episode of domestic violence but this gets us spun into tangents discussing spouses sleeping in seperate beds and what our parents looked like having sex (Zen describes it as two black men with afros head-butting.)  Zen ponders why nobody ever farts in their dreams.  Why do people dream about losing their teeth?  And finally Zen shares his dream involving hamburger patties formed from pooping in your pants.

Joe calls in to lighten the mood with tales of dreams involving drowning and adultery with deceased friends.

Backyard Bonanza, Vol. 3Jack Howell
"On A Summer Breeze" (mp3)
from "Backyard Bonanza, Vol. 3"
(Fervor Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album

In the last segment Ray's live in maid Maria Conchita Lupita Gonzales calls in to serenade him with "Hooked on a Feeling."  We discuss our plans for the live show to be recorded at Joe's Dirty Thirty Birthday Bash in Kingman, Az on April 30th.

Life Is SweetThe Lodger
"The Good Old Days" (mp3)
from "Life Is Sweet"
(Slumberland Records)

Buy at Slumberland Web Store
Buy at Amazon MP3
Stream from Rhapsody
More On This Album

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_36-_What_Dreams_May_Come_Poopy_Pants_Patties.mp3
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Double D Episode 35 - 300 (Rolling Rock)

We start this episode off with some Rolling Rock, the tasty beer in the distinctive green bottle.  We meant to have these during Episode 33, as the big "33" on the back of the bottle would have tied in nicely, but like everything else we do on this show, we messed that up big time.

We thank Robert Mesa for sending in some cool new designs to our email.  We used one on a T shirt, which you can see (and buy!) by clicking here.  If you have any artwork, be sure to send it in at  To give our listeners more of an identity on the show, we come up with the term "Booblet" to refer to friends of the Double D.  This sidetracks the conversation into other terms of affection, such as "Flipopotamus" and "Spicketti."  We also announce plans for our new studio (which, if you've been watching the live show, you know has already happened.)  For some reason, there is a lot of chatter in the chatroom and on our Facebook page demanding we put a stripper pole in the new studio.  We're still working on it.  

Finally, in the first segment, we talk briefly about pagers.  We flash book to the good old days back in the late 80's/early 90's when the only way to get hold of your friends was to beep them and then wait for them to find a pay phone.  Or you could send a numeric message, such as "911", "143" or even the infamous "5318008"  We wonder what the heck the option is on today's cellphone voice mail when you are asked if you'd like to "leave a numeric page."  We wonder, that is, until Cousin Dave actually sends us one during the show!

First break song - Reel Big Fish performing Snoop Doggy Dog

Congratulations go out to the titular subject of this episode, Uncle Dave, Cousin Dave's dad and Biscuit Ray's uncle.  He bowled his first ever perfect game, called a "300" even though no Persians were defeated that night.  There were a lot of sweaty, muscled Spartans hanging out though.  This gets us on the subject of bowling, how hard it is to get a perfect score, and what the rewards for doing so are.  What exactly IS sterling silver?  We then take another trip in the wayback machine to November 1987, courtesy of an old copy of Penthouse.  Remarkably, this copy from 1987 had a crazy quote from none other than Charlie Sheen, and also had an incredibly accurate drawing of "the most interesting man in the world" from the Dos Equis commercials.  If you plan on being in attendance at Joe's Dirty 30 Birthday Bash in Kingman on April 30th, we'll be giving this Penthouse away!

TodayMike Zito
"Holding Out for Love" (mp3)
from "Today"
(Eclecto Groove Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

Maria Conchita Lupita Gonzales calls in briefly to serenade her Patron Ray Diaz with a little Unchained Melody.  We talk a little about this video, sent in by Robert Mesa, and that leads to the worst image imaginable when we discuss what the male equivalent of a childbirth orgasm would be.

Orgasm during Childbirth Video (click here to watch)

Finally we listen to and discuss the following video, which we dub The Worst Mashup Ever.  It is foul, wrong, way over the line and completely catchy with a great hook.

Cooking by the book video (click here to watch)

Simmer DownBreath of Fire
"Simmer Down" (mp3)
from "Simmer Down"
(Global Recording Artists)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_35_-_300.mp3
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Double D Episode 34 - Very Specific Porncast (Kiltlifter)

Before you decide not to download this based solely on the title, you should know that this is not an episode just about porn.  Instead we focus on the idea of "very specific porn", that is, videos and images suited to very, very specific tastes.  More on that later.

First, we kick off the show as we always do with an introduction to the beer we're drinking that night.  Episode 34's brand is Kiltlifter, brewed in our home state of Arizona.  This leads to a brief discussion on kilts, and whether you have to "go commando" when you wear one.

Next we discuss Sonoran Hot Dogs, a tasty treat found in Southern Arizona, especially at one of our favorite dining destinations (aha!  a Double D) - El Guero Canelo in Tucson, Arizona.  We consumed several Sonoran Dogs while enjoying Wrestlemania 27.  Triple H and The Undertaker owned the Pay per View, but we also thought Snooki pulled off a surprising move - the "Hot Pork Turnover" to "Beer Belly Flop."  What do wrestlers do when they get a surprise erection in the ring?

TodayMike Zito
"Little Red Corvette" (mp3)
from "Today"
(Eclecto Groove Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

We congratulate our first annual March Madness of Hotties Winner, Mila Kunis.  We also send out congratulations to the following Double D Listeners who included their email addresses with their votes, thus entering (and winning) the drawing for Double D Gear.

jasonanchahua@********.com - Winner of a Double D T Shirt


wesailatdusk@*******.com - Winner of a Double D Shot Glass

Our winners need to email us at from their above email addresses to let us know where to ship their prizes to.  Congrats!

Next we discuss our titular topic, Very Specific Porn.  Zen espouses the idea of "TV Commercial Pretty" while Ray likes the idea of a midget riding a goat while smoking a cigar and wearing a propellor beanie.  Seriosly, though, we create an ideal video during our talk consisting of a well endowed girl wearing a tank top and high heels, with a ponytail, running on a treadmill in high heels.  We didn't have to go to porn sites to find this.  It took us exactly 5 seconds on YouTube to locate our Very Specific Porn.

Shades of BlueKirk Fletcher
"Blues for Boo Boo" (mp3)
from "Shades of Blue"

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

Finally we discuss (and briefly use) the Worst Word in the English Language.  If you have any "Worst" ideas for future episodes, email us at or leave a voice mail at 4242 DRUNKS.

HarmonicopiaJay Gaunt
"Catnip" (mp3)
from "Harmonicopia"
(JBG Music, LLC)

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More On This Album

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_34_-_Very_Specific_Porncast.mp3
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Double D Episode 33 - Down to Two (Budweiser American Ale)

This episode of the Double D Podcast we take our field of women from the Sweet Sixteen down to our Final Two.  Before that happens, however, we have the usual nonsense.

First, we introduce a new dance called "Doin' The Goosh" which basically involves inserting tab A into slot B.  On yourself.  Then we get into the customary "What Are We Drinking Tonight" which this show is Budweiser's American Ale.  It's pretty much Budweiser in a fancy label.  

We pay tribute this show to the nation of Japan, which was beseiged by earthquakes and tsunami.  We show our respect by talking about how Aflac fired spokesduck voiceman Gilbert Gottfried for his insensitive comments on Twitter poking fun at japan.  We ponder who should voice the duck next.

Continuing our love for the Japanese people, we play a little J-Pop during the first break.


Next we talk briefly about sports going in the U.S. at the time.  Congrats to the U of A Wildcats for making the Elite Eight in the REAL March Madness.  We place some bets on the NHL playoffs:  if the Flyers go out in the first round Zen has to drink a 40 of Steel Reserve, pretty much the worst alcohol on the planet.  If the Sharks win the Stanley Cup, Ray has to shave down to a Hitler Mustache.  We preview Wrestlemania in anticipation of Wrestlemania 27.

The next segment owes a lot of it's greatness to the good people in the chatroom who called in and chimed in on chat to help us pick our final 2 hotties.  Special thanks to Cousin Dave, Cousin Joe and Joe's friend the sexy-voiced Sarah for making picks on the air.  Thanks also to the guys in chat for keeping things funny for us as we voted each matchup, especially mediocrefatass and new friend Mike "Hawk" Rectum Lover.  Sarah was a podcast virgin before she called, but she got deflowered and Double D'd and will never be the same.

Second verse, same as the first as we play some more Japanese pop.


Maria Conchita Lupita Gonzales, now residing illegally in the U.S. as Ray's live in maid, calls in with sordid tales of "vagina in the tube" and "Oprah magazines."  We eat a little Mexican Candy.  The lollipop is shaped like a cooked, whole chicken and is named headless chicken, but it was much tastier than that.

We reveal our final two contestants in the March Madness 2011, Salma Hayek and, as Ray pronounces it, "My-luh Kunnis."  Then the show closes out with Zen's Coastal Nervous tales of homeless, racist vets and amateur porn shoots.

Final Song - 

Simmer DownBreath of Fire
"Another Day" (mp3)
from "Simmer Down"
(Global Recording Artists)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_33_-_Down_to_Two.mp3
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Double D Episode 32 - Much Madness (SanTan Brewing's Devil's Ale)

March Madness.  Basketball.  Collegiate athletics.  Pride and rivalries.  Who gives a crap?  Throw out your brackets from your Sunday paper and instead help us run down the real March Madness . . . which of our handpicked 64 hot women deserves to be called the Double D Podcast Ultimate Hottie of 2011?

The show begins with our new intro theme song and with the customary "What are we drinking tonight" question.  Answer - Devil's Ale from SanTan Brewing.

First Break Song (a reminder that whenever we post one of the following music links with the album art and options to buy the song, the first link that says mp3 is a free download of the entire song courtesy of the Independent Online Distribution Alliance at

Never Kill a Secret - EPThe Primitives
"Rattle My Cage" (mp3)
from "Never Kill a Secret - EP"
(Fortuna POP!)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

We get right into our bracket after the break with Zen and Ray tackling the entire field of 64 women broken down into 8 8-contestant conferences.  We discuss each girl briefly and randomly assign seeding positions to some, mostly based on breast size.  The field gets pared down to 32 and then Cousin Dave calls in for a little game of Stump the Mexican, Charlie Sheen Movies edition.

Second break song

Fruteria (The Fruit Cup Song)The Krayolas
"Fruteria (The Fruit Cup Song)" (mp3)
from "Fruteria (The Fruit Cup Song)"
(Talking Taco Music)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album


Cousin Joe and MrsStrong from the chatroom both call in to help us get our bracket down to the Sweet Sixteen.  There's plenty of surprises and upsets to go around.

Last two songs this episode:

1070 (I'm Your Dirty Mexican) - EPThe Krayolas
"1070 (I'm Your Dirty Mexican)" (mp3)
from "1070 (I'm Your Dirty Mexican) - EP"
(Talking Taco Music)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album


By Way of IntroductionThe American Scene
"Killed Off in the Second Act" (mp3)
from "By Way of Introduction"
(Pure Noise Ent.)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

Stay tuned to the very end to hear a very special and touching Happy Birthday shoutout.  We're kidding, it's actually Cousin Joe singing drunkenly.

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_32_-_Much_Madness.mp3
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Double D Episode 31 - Gnomespotting on Spam Mountain

I cut the whole first segment out of the show.  Why?  Two words - Charlie Sheen.  It seemed topical and interesting at the time of the broadcast, but as we all know it was the fastest internet meme to jump the shark EVER.  Within a week every podcast, blog, talk show and news outlet had played it TO DEATH.  Kids were holding up "Duh, Winning" signs at WWE wrestling events.  By the time I got around to editing this show for release, it all seemed old and antiquated.  So I cut it out.  Fuck Charlie Sheen.

Anyway, the show opens with a little AC/DC, thanks to a suggestion by themediocrefatass in our chat room.  Thanks, Jay.  The first segment flies by in about 7 minutes, thanks to the aforementioned cuts.  After the first break, we get into the real meat of the show - Gnomespotting.  It's a little game we've been playing on Facebook and on our cell phones.  Real simple, snap a picture of a gnome and post it or MMS it to your friends.  It's now expanded to include lawn jockeys, ceramic mexicans and all sorts of lawn accoutrements.  We argue over racist gnomes, Hitler gnomes, KKK gnomes and introduce a new hippie word:  Birkenstomping.

The second seg ends with a quick discussion of Back to the Future, and whether Doc Brown would have been disappointed with his original plans to jump forward into the future 25 years from November 5th, 1985.   That's 2010 for you math wiz kids out there.  We guess he might have been pretty let down, that is until we showed him internet porn.

The third segment, after a little Mexican candy, winds its way toward porn video games.  From humble beginnings on Spam Mountain and stick figure nudists on the Atari 2600, through it's akward adolescence in Leisure Suit Larry and early Flash Games, all the way to it's glorious adulthood now in games like Grand Theft Auto IV, adult content in video games has been a weird, wild trip.  The topic gets sidetracked when Ray tells the best story he's ever told in the history of this podcast.  It's worth listening all the way through the show to get to this gem.  8mm film and early stag movies played on the wall of his house.  Yeah.

It's episode 31 of the Double D and we hope you enjoy it!

(our thoughts and prayers are with Maria Conchita Lupita Gonzales.  may she find her way home)


Direct download: Double_D_Episode_31_-_Gnomespotting_on_Spam_Mountain.mp3
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Double D Episode 30 - Heavy Burtation

This episode was broadcast and recorded during the 2011 Academy Awards, so you would expect that the Oscars would dominate the conversation for most of the night, right?  WRONG!  Who gives a damn about the Oscars?  Not us, as we focus instead in the first segment on this medical study that proves that staring at a women's breasts for 10 minutes or more each day can actually increase the lifespan of the average male.  So next time a woman tells you, "Hey buddy, my eyes are up here" just reply that you're getting your cardio in for the day.

The main part of the show, in the second segment, centers around reporters losing their shit live on the air.  The most recent and notable case involves Serene Branson of Channel 2 L.A. who many people thought was having a stroke while covering the Grammys.  Turns out she just had a migraine.  So it's okay to laugh.  Really.


And of course some chucklehead had to remix it to some House music and put it up on Youtube.


We loved these next two gentlemen.




Finally, in the last segment, we examine the question "Does it HAVE to be on Blu-Ray?"  Spoiler:  the answer is YES.  Don't forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes and please, please, please leave us a review on our iTunes page.  The link to get to our iTunes page is over there on the right!  ------->

Thanks for listening and tell someone about the show!  We'll love you for it!

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_30_-_Heavy_Burtation.mp3
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Here's a clip from Episode 31's broadcast.  Zen took too long in the restroom during the break, so Ray ended up taking a phone call all by himself.




Make sure you click "follow" on our page at and you can recieve email alerts when the show goes live so you never miss another broadcast!

Category:general -- posted at: 9:03am MST

Double D Episode 29 - Double Dogs

First off, an apology for the sound quality during the first fifteen minutes of the show.  When we originally broadcast Episode 29 on, I was so worried about the Hot Dog Eating Challenge that I actually forgot to hit record and so didn't have anything for the first segment.  I orginally considered just leaving it out and starting the audio podcast with the second segment, but it was just too good to omit.  So I did the only thing I could think of . . . I went to, played the video and pulled the audio from that.  It's crappy third-generation sound but it's better than nothing and I did my best to clean it up.

So our show begins with the 2 hot dogs in 1 minute challenge first set forth by the Puck Podcast's Eddie Garcia.  We fared about as well as Eddie did.  The audio is not quite as entertaining as the video.



After failing miserably, and with mouths full of cheap hot dogs and half chewed buns, we quickly shuffle off to our first break.  Oh!  Did I mention that we got super-pranked by Timothy Cronley Jr, who posted our phone number on 4chan?  It took as a minute or two to figure this out when we fielded our first weirdo phone call of the night.  Props to "The Black Man with the Sharpie up his Pooper" for being a wonderfully entertaining, if not a little bit high, guest caller.  Props also to themediocrefatass for keeping us laughing in the chat room while all this was going on.

In the second segment we covered some news stories, mainly involving stupid criminals in the Northern Arizona region.  

  1. Arizona's push to ban children from riding in the open beds of pickup trucks
  2. The foolish Cheba Hut employee who made an illegal turn in front of a cop at 2:40 in the morning while driving the weed-festooned Pot-mobile
  3. "Trent" the waterhead tagger who desecrated a centuries old petroglyph with his name and then answered to that same name when the authorities rolled up on him.

After our second break we come back with some rather interesting jury stories.  What seemed like a pretty dry subject at the time yielded some pretty good tales.  We closed out the show with some Scissor Sisters.

Don't forget to send a S.A.S.E. if you want some stickers, and please subscribe to show on iTunes and leave us a review!  Thanks for listening!


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Double D Episode 28 - Take a Look at Me Now

Brown Shugga always wins.  Keep that in mind as you listen to one of our best episodes yet.  Brown Shugga laid us low and kept the laughs rollin' all night long.

"Superconnected" by Broken Social Scene opens the show, after which we begin by talking about "The Big Game."  We talk about what we were drinking that night, as the Double D does often stand for Drunk and Drunker.  What makes some gay men have the stereotypical "gay" voice?   Cardo and Joe demonstrate their silky smooth, golden radio voices.  Ray celebrates 25 years of government service and we help him celebrate by playing Stump the Mexican, the top ten films of 1985 Edition.  Shane Dween calls in from south of the tracks to be our first contestant.

Be warned, during this game Cardo drops the biggest audio bomb in the history of the podcast when he asks a question about the 1985 movie, "Cocoon."

The Cure take us into a break with the Closer mix of Close to Me, and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes bring us back with their cover of Leavin' on a Jet Plane.

Right about the time the beers really start to kick in, we disclose the songs we would cry ourselves to sleep to after a bad breakup.  Joe gives a top 5 list while Zen can only contribute "Against All Odds" with it's unforgettable line, "Take a look at me noooooowwwww . . ."  We break down the formula behind making a successful Country Sad Song.  When masturbating, most men are sprinting for the finish line, not taking their time.  We share memories of reaching 3rd base for the first time, and Ray teaches us "The Pitchfork Manuever."  Anal Bead education and Joe shares some girl pics on his iPhone.

Finally, The Used play us out of a night we'll not soon forget.  Mainly because we recorded it.  Now you can listen in and enjoy it as well.

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_28_-_Take_a_Look_at_Me_Now.mp3
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This highlight from the broadcast of Episode 29 shows Zen and Biscuit Ray attempting the 2 Dogs in 1 Minute challenge first attempted by Eddie Garcia of The Puck Podcast, an excellent weekly roundup of all things NHL and one of Zen's favorite shows.  Check 'em out if you have any interest whatsoever in hockey.


Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

Category:Video -- posted at: 8:52am MST

Double D Episode 27 - Snooki Gets Salsaghettied

Cousin Dave's wife, affectionately given the alias of Snooki for this episode, joins us in the studio to spill her guts on her husband's lovemaking skills.  Cousin Joe from Kingman also made the long drive out to sit in on this episode.

We began by drinking some Roscoe's Amber Ale, which brought back childhood memories of Roscoe P. Coltrane.  Cousin Joe brought some home brewed C Diff Infectious Ale.  Joe is rewarded with a spot on the Double D Professional Wrestling Team and is given his own luchador mask ( a brown paper bag with a large hole cut into it.)

Phantom Planet covers Jackson Browne's "Somebody's Baby."

Stinky calls in from Oregon.  Bobby Ganoosh calls in and promptly hangs up before we can ask him any hard hitting questions.  Zen provides a top 5 list of the 5 things more unreliable than his computer.  Next we get to the heart and soul of this episode.  We interview Snooki about all things Cousin Dave - is he a kind, gentle lover?  How did he perform on their wedding night?  Does he give her a goodnight kiss?  How is he hung?  Be prepared to find out more about Cousin Dave than you ever wanted to know.

After tales of Dave's wedding night, we get Joe's tales of homemade XXX video.  Zen provides tales of rose tattoos and Chevy vans.

Corporate Whore performs "You Want" followed by The Descendents "Nothing With You"

We hit up the Mexican Candy again and then our show devolves and hits it's lowest point ever when we, for all intents and purposes, film softcore food-fetish porn.  If you didn't watch live, you missed Ray and Joe smacking Snooki's face with the Mexican Candy called Salsaghetti.  The audio is entertaining as well.

Finally we calm down and get serious for a somber, scientific look at the question of whether or not auto-fellatio makes one gay or if it is simply masturbation.

Stickers are in!  If you want your free Double D Podcast sticker, send a S.A.S.E. to

Double D Podcast

c/o Ray Diaz

P.O. Box 714

Flagstaff, AZ 


The show close with A Thorn for Every Heart covering Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party."


Direct download: Double_D_Episode_27_-_Snooki_Gets_Salsaghettied.mp3
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Double D Episode 26 - Don't F With Me, Man Cub

The show gets off on the wrong foot when we immediately suggest the creation of a novelty candy that would involve sucking a pulpy red juice out of a fake tampon.   Things go downhill from there.   Zen tells the tale of the cropdusting he suffered, also known as the "Mutton Bomb."   This prompts Cardo to call in with a similar story.  Rocky calls in soon after from his 80's party and promises drunken voice mails to follow.  We're still waiting on those, by the way.


GramahawkModern Skirts
"Happy 81" (mp3)
from "Gramahawk"

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album


After the first break we recall our recent trip down to the desert home of the U of A Icecats, Tucson, Arizona.  Flea Market stories are told.  We hope everyone gets a chance to visit the Tanque Verde Swap Meet, where you can buy Hockey Skates, Luchador Masks, AirSoft BB guns, lingerie, mexican candy and assorted tools and cellphone cases.

Congratulations to the Northern Arizona University Ice Jacks who played a thrilling game against the U of A Icecats, beating them 5 - 4.  That didn't stop a drunken U of A student sitting in front of us from harassing NAU's backup goalie, a player's dad and several teenage girls.  Hey, Bieber!


Empty Room Philosophies - EPYou the Symphony
"What We Used to Be" (mp3)
from "Empty Room Philosophies - EP"

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album


Next came our Luchador segment.  We introduce our alter egos:  The Flippin' Dutch, The Giant Squirrel and Big Dick, also known as Poontangarang.  We flesh out our wrestlers with intro songs and finishing moves, including the Nutcraker, the Bushy-tailed Bomb, The Dutch Rudder and the Halo Halo Smash.

Then we continue our tradition of partaking in some Mexican Candy, one pretty good and one God Awful mess that looked like period blood.

Speaking of period blood, Joe Fellers calls in next from Laughlin, Nevada with stories of the Father-Son Wobbly H.

Finally, Ray gives the episode it's title when he tells us that the children's movie "The Jungle Book" contained the song, "Don't Fuck With Me, Man Cub."


Emergency & IThe Dismemberment Plan
"What Do You Want Me to Say?" (mp3)
from "Emergency & I"
(DeSoto Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album



Direct download: Double_D_Episode_26_-_Dont_F_With_Me_Man_Cub.mp3
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Double D Episode 25 - Stump the Podcast Bum

Anyone know a good ditch I can throw my desktop PC into?  After another long, rocky start in which my computer had to be restarted several times, we finally go the show up and running.  With such a late start on a school night, attendance was low, but it was a good show regardless.

We started off with some old business, including a voice mail from Baby Brother Cardo, fresh out of the hospital where he underwent treatment for Nicole-I Richie.  We also apologize to Shane Dween, former contest winner.  Then we talk about Radio Bum, the homeless man with the Golden Voice who will be America's newest millionaire (if he doesn't blow it all on crack, that is.)  We decide that what our podcast needs to go viral also is our very own Bum, and we make plans to find one.

In the middle segment we again play "Stump the Mexican" with Joe facing off against Biscuit Ray in a little movie trivia.  Hockey movies, 4 letter movie titles and Cheech movies all play a role.  Ha!

Finally we look forward to our weekend field trip to Tucson, where we will watch hockey and imbibe many beers.

Enjoy the show!

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_25_-_Stump_the_Podcast_Bum.mp3
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Double D Episode 24 - The Legend of Sancho Claus (Joe's Pepperfish Homebrew and Brandy Eggnog)

Those of you who joined us live already know that this show was one of the best.  For those of you who will be downloading and listening to this episode for the very first time, you're in for a treat.

Baby brother Cardo Diaz and friend of the show Joe Fellers of Joe's Garage and Mojo Potatoes Inc. join us in the studio to drink some eggnog, partake in some brews, share some Christmas memories, tell some stories and jokes, help flesh out the legend and mythos of that shadowy Mexican character Sancho Claus and generally have a rowdy good time.

We won't get into too much detail about what all was said on the show.  We'll leave that for you to discover and enjoy.  As a little teaser, however, we will let you know that you will find out the story behind Turd Knuckle, sex with plastic onion rings, seaport whores named Brandy, what was in the presents Zen gave to each co-host and much, much more.  This is a show chock full of fun at almost two hours long.

* Chuy D sang a couple home grown Christmas carols for us, both about Sancho Claus.  Here are the lyrics to "Sancho, the Foot-Long Lover", sung to the tune of "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer", words by Zen DeHoag.

You know Zapata and Juarez, Costilla and Villa,

Lopez, Mysterio and Carlos Mencia . . .

But do you recall,

The most horny Mexican of all?


Sancho, the 12-inch cock man,

Really had a foot long hose,

And when the Chicas touched it,

You would even swear it grows,


All of the pissed off putos,

would lock up their poo-nay-nay,

With Pistolas at the ready

They'd yell, "Sancho stay away!"


But on every Christmas eve,

Sancho would sneak in,

He'd ride their chochas all night long,

And leave them with a grin . . .


The Senoritas loved him,

As they all moaned with pride,

"Sancho the foot long lover,

You can fill our insides!"



Direct download: Episode_24_-_The_Legend_of_Sancho_Claus.mp3
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Double D Episode 23 - Top Notch Christmas Music

Tired of all the same old carols and Christmas tunes playing over and over at the mall and your local restaurant?  Us too.  That's why our gift to you this year is this selection of top notch Christmas tunes, all by independent artists and bands.  If there is an mp3 link next to the song title, you can also download the song for free.  Just right click the link, folks, and select "Save as . . ."

We'll join you live right before Christmas eve, so make sure to check our Facebook page to get the exact date and time for Episode 24!


  I'll Stay 'Til After ChristmasBlitzen Trapper
"Christmas Is Coming Soon" (mp3)
from "I'll Stay 'Til After Christmas"
(Animal World)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album

  This Christmas EPThe Elves of Heaven
"This Christmas" (mp3)
from "This Christmas EP"
(Seaport Music Records)

More On This Album


Linus and Lucy by J.E.L.L.i   


It's What I Got In My SackJingle Punx
"Joy To The World" (mp3)
from "It's What I Got In My Sack"
(Ill Genetics)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" (mp3)
from "MERRY XMAS From X"
(Anko Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album


I Believe in Santa Claus on Christmas Eve by Atomsplit


CoalJingle Punx
"Mrs. Santa Claus" (mp3)
from "Coal"
(Ill Genetics)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album


The Greatest Xmas Song Ever by American Heartbreak


 Bloody, Bloody Christmas by Neil Murray


Don't get trampled by some methed-up Walmart Mom and have a safe and happy holiday season!

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_23_-_Top_Notch_Double_D_Christmas_Music.mp3
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Double D Episode 22 - Halo Halo (Samuel Adams Winter Lager)

After a week off to celebrate Thanksgiving, we're back with one of our best episodes ever.  A special thanks to the folks over at Joe's Garage for joining us live while partying down out in Kingman, AZ.

We started the show by wrapping up our look at racism in America.  Yes, Virginia, there are racist terms for the Dutch.  It all started with the origin of the word "Yankee" and it's history with the derogatory term, "John Cheese."  What about Dutch courage, Going Dutch and the ever popular Dutch Oven?!  We spout misinformation on what might have been the origin of other popular racist catchphrases, including "The Chinese Fire Drill," "Indian Giver" and that blast from the past, "N**ger knocking."  Don't try these at home.

After a little cover of Rocket Man by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, we lighten the mood by launching into trivia and a little game we like to call, "Stump the Mexican."  We'll start playing this game more and more often in future shows, and we invite everyone to call in and test their knowledge against Biscuit Ray.  The rules are simple, answer more questions correctly than Ray can and you will have successfully stumped the Mexican.  Cousin Dave squares off first in the category of "The States."  Joe takes round 2 in the category of "Internet Acronyms."  In this best of 3 format, Biscuit Ray gets swept in his debut.

Right before the break, which is handled by The Breeders' Cannonball, Ray is introduced to his punishment for losing Stump the Mexican.  It is a jar of our titular dessert, Halo Halo, a Filipino traditional dish consisting of tropical fruits and beans.

When we get back from the break, Ray dutifully gulps down a spoonful or two.  This leads to all sorts of horrible Asian stereotyping and eventually to our discussion with Joe about the first time he received an Asian Massage, complete with "Release."  The story is too good to miss, and since we decided to go out on a high note, it ends the show.

Beer consumed during this episode:  Sam Adams Winter Lager.

Closing Song:  Life is Shit by The Dead Milkmen.

Last minute Christmas Gift Ideas:  Our Store, over at CafePress

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Double D Episode 21 - Thanksgiving Food and Racism (Four Loko)

Happy Birthday to our podcast!  21 - it's finally old enough to drink!  We decide to celebrate by downing a concoction that is rumored to be banned in most counties in the near future - Four Loko, or Four Maxed to be exact.  We begin with Grape and then move on the Citrus - or Green Death flavor as we find out.

This show is dominated by talk of food, Thanksgiving, racism as it applies to restaurant names and other tummy tickling delights.  Joe Joe calls in and joins the fun, we hope you enjoy it!

Top Racist Restaurant Names, according to the Double D Podcast:

We also talk about some fast food joints we and some of our listeners have worked in.  Jack in the Box and their famous tacos.  How much it sucks to work at a Mickey D's when you're out of nuggets and some Meth-Mom is in the drive through having a meth-fueled nugget Rage.  Witness:




We also discuss this amazing video, put out by Zen's favorite podcast A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan :




Music played during the breaks this episode:


You're Not A DreamThe Mommyheads
"Help Me" (mp3)
from "You're Not A Dream"
(Bladen County Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album



Finest SpecimensThe Mommyheads
"Work" (mp3)
from "Finest Specimens"
(Dromedary Records)

More On This Album


(Right click on the Song Title to download the mp3 for free)

As it is Thanksgiving, we'd like to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who listens to this podcast.  We don't make a dime from this, in fact it costs us quite a few pesos to put this together every week.  All we ask is that you leave us a review on iTunes and that you share the show around with friends.  We are truly thankful for all our listeners and hope you have as much fun with this as we do!

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_21_-_Thanksgiving_Food_and_Racism.mp3
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Double D Episode 20 - The Buttery Taste of Water (Harp Lager)

Episode 20 is our second live broadcast and we might be getting a little closer to having this "live" thing down.  A few hiccups here and there but all in all a successful show.

We kick things off with Just a Gigolo, which leads us into our first discussion topic - Shitty songs that get stuck in your head.  How do they get in there and how do you get them out?  The Story of Eddie Murphy and his girl that wants to party all the time.

What we were drinking during the recording of Episode 20.  Harp Lager, which didn't score too high over at  Also ButterShots Butterscotch Schapps.  This was consumed as well as used to cleanse the palate during a blind taste test.  

We then received our first live call of the night:  Larry from CA.  He quickly disrespected Zen's "Princess Leia" headphones and then asked Ray to retell the tale of corkscrew pig peckers and general animal debauchery.  Mexican beers brewed in Chicago.  The birthday of the Marine Corps.

Our first break song, featuring this episode's band, Tumbledown.


"Break Out of History" (mp3)
from "Tumbledown"
(End Sounds)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album


The Great Water Taste Test.  This may have been scientifically flawed, not only because we used butterscotch schnapps to cleanse our palates, but also because Zen chose a Lemon flavored bottled water as one of the test subjects.  The debate rages on . . .

What exactly is in a Black and Tan?  Then, our Mexican Candy segment.  Pico Diana, aka the Mexican Pixie Stick.

60 Hours a week at The U.S. Coastal Nervous.  Stupid Things You Hear at Work.  Our next live call in, courtesy of Cousin Dave.  Having Fun Yet?

Our second song from Tumbledown.


Empty BottleTumbledown
"Dead Man Walking" (mp3)
from "Empty Bottle"
(End Sounds)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album


Voice Mails.  2 from Jefe.  One from new listener Joe Fellers.

Voice mails were interrupted by a live call from Chuy D, who was checking in from the Toga Party, complete with beer pong, an Amber Bock keg and 50 Roman Revelers.  

We get back to Egotastic and the deliciously pregnant Jessica Alba, who Zen first noticed in the B Movie Idle Hands.  Nobody's hands were idle while watching this one.

Our final voice mail of the evening crowns Shane Dween as our "Red Stripe/Pinstripe" contest winner.  Congratulations to Shane, who wins a Double D T Shirt from our CafePress store on Biscuit Ray.

Dont forget to follow us at Justin TV and on Facebook to be alerted when our show is going Live next!

Our Outro song -


Empty BottleTumbledown
"St. Peter" (mp3)
from "Empty Bottle"
(End Sounds)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album



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Double D Episode 19 and a Half - Time Traveling Sex Robots LIVE (Ranger IPA)

Our first Live Internet Broadcast was a complete success!  If you called bullshit, you are correct.  It more closely resembled a train wreck than a success, but we pulled it off nonetheless.  

First of all, I mistakenly called this episode "Episode 19" throughout the recording, somehow forgetting that Episode 19 - Worst Of already existed.  Whoops.  We'll just call this one 19 and a Half.

Secondly, it took us forever to get everything straightened out and working.  Our stream is now up and running over at which will remain at - so check us out there and click on the "follow" button to be notified when we are going LIVE.  We also have a new phone number so that people can call into the show during a live recording.  If you are in Northern Arizona it's a free local call, for everyone else use the area code 928.  928-255-4767.  Also, there is a chat room you can use to chat with other viewers and to try and distract us while we record.

Third, we didn't have a good way to display that number while we were broadcasting.  We went super old school and wrote it on a dry erase board.  That'll be gone next show.  Ray challenged me to have it scrolling on screen by the next time and that should be no problem.

Once we were up and running we laid down a pretty decent episode of the Double D.  We started off as always with the Celebration of Beer and named what we were drinking.  For me (Zen) it was the Belgium Brewing Co.'s Ranger IPA.  Ray took a step back in time and consumed a 40 oz. of King Cobra.

Our first caller of the night was Jonathan Whitehorn.  He helped us ease into our first topic, which was Sex Robots and Robot fetishes.  We queried each other and what kind of robot we could copulate with.



The New Radicals play the first break with Mother We Just Can't Get Enough

Next we tackle the latest internet meme, the supposed Time Traveler captured on film during the 1928 premiere of Charlie Chaplin's film "The Circus."  We easily throw out some obvious reasons this can't be real, but then ask the question where we would rather travel in time to visit.  Here's the clip of the supposed time traveling old woman.  Is this really a cell phone she is holding?



Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers cover the second break with Beautiful Disaster.

We are joined in our last segment by Jefe and then Cousin Dave.  A quick round of Chat Roulette ends the show.

Rancid plays the outro with Roots Radicals.

Make sure you join us for Episode 20 and every show thereafter by following us at and for the latest info on the exact time we'll be going live on the internet.  Call in and chat with us while we record.  See you there.


Direct download: Double_D_Episode_19_and_a_Half_-_Time_Traveling_Sex_Robots_LIVE.mp3
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Okay.  So I forgot Episode 19 - Worst Of even existed.  Can you blame me?  So I mistakenly kept calling this Episode 19 during the recording.  So we'll just call it Episode 19.5 and move on, ok?  All episodes from now on will be recorded LIVE and streamed on the internet so you can watch and listen as we create each new show, and even call in live and join in from your home phone or cell by calling (928) 255-4767.  Make sure you go to and click "follow" so you get notified when we're going LIVE.



Watch live video from doubledpodcast on

Category:general -- posted at: 12:33pm MST

Double D Episode 19 - Worst Of

Really, the title says it all, doesn't it?  This is our first ever "Worst Of" episode.  We say "worst of" because we set out to make a "best of" episode and couldn't find enough good material to make more than a 5 minute show.

Seriously, though, this episode was created because co-host and main beer supplier Biscuit Ray was out with a cold.  Or herpes.  We're still waiting on a doctor's diagnosis.  Whatever the illness, Ray could not be in the studio this week, so we did what we had to do to make sure some sort of a new episode made it out on schedule.

Listen in and hear the very first intro to the very first episode of The Double D Podcast as well as a couple clips from the old Zen and Peace Show.  Hear about Zombie Sex and Tequila Sunrise.  You'll also be treated to a clip taken from the first episode Cousin Dave ever sat in on as well as the first introduction of the man known as Jefe.

Make sure you stick around to the end to hear a little teaser about where the show is headed next.  It's an important announcement and you don't want to miss it.

Songs for this episode include:


SingerThe Besties
"Zombie Song" (mp3)
from "Singer"
(Skipping Stones Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

"Watermelon" (mp3)
from "Lippy"
(Dromedary Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

I Am Spartacus.Friends, Romans, Countrymen
"The Day Footstone Died" (mp3)
from "I Am Spartacus."
(Dromedary Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_19_-_Worst_Of.mp3
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Double D Episode 18 - Chuy D (Ska Brewing's Pinstripe Red Ale)

We've been waiting a long time for this.  Guess we were really waiting on a special occasion to finally get this guy in the studio, and that occasion ended up being the debut of his new band at The Orpheum in Flagstaff, opening up for Whiskey Rodeo.  That's right, Biscuit Ray finally dragged his son, Robert Diaz aka Chuy D, onto the podcast.  Chuy brought his guitar and a thirst for beer . . . a good night was bound to happen.

What we were drinking:  we started off with some leftover Dundee Oktoberfest brews and then quickly moved on to our surprise beer of the night.  Surprise because we left it up to our intern to pick out a beer at her own discretion.  Luckily for us, our intern has excellent taste and we ended up with a sixer of Ska Brewing Company's Pin Stripe Red Ale.  We talk about Ska Brewing and some of their other brews.  Modus Hoperandi.  We discuss switching the name of the podcast from Double D to Triple B.  We hear the true story behind Pin Stripe Red Ale, courtesy of Ray's "White Voice."  

Next Ray issued the "Pin Stripe Challenge."  The first listener to email or call in with the exact number of times Ray mistakenly says "Pinstripe" when he meant to say "Red Stripe" in Episode 4 will receive a Double D Podcast T Shirt from our CafePress store.  No joke.

"Eliminnyate"  Diaz by injection.  A little Sharks talk.  The Dutchipino Air Mine.  Zen reads a Top 5 list courtesy of the Double D Home Office located at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

Plowed by Sponge

Snuff - really not good for you.  An in depth discussion of Chuy D's new band, The Electric Army.  Rock out with your socks out.

Visit the Electric Army Here.

Whiskey Rodeo, the Flagstaff band that Electric Army opened for.  The Shot Box and drunken Kalil workers.

Mercy Me by Alkaline Trio

Chuy D graces us with a few songs.  And by grace I mean saves our mediocre podcast by bringing something into the studio that never has appeared before:  real talent.

The Tiger Song from The Hangover and a medley of Jason Mraz hits.



Christmas plans and Halloween costume plans.  Our Facebook shout out of the week.

Chuy D outros the podcast with one final song.

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_18_-_Chuy_D.mp3
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Double D Episode 17 - Fingers Crossed (Samuel Smith's Tadcaster Oatmeal Stout and Dundee Oktoberfest)

Right away you'll notice a new theme song.  Yeah, that's the Miami Vice Theme by Jan Hammer.  Don't worry, it's not a pemanent change.  But we did lose everything when we had our latest hard drive failure, and that includes our theme song.  Any musicians out there who can make a new theme song for us will be rewarded with a Double D Podcast T shirt if we use their song.

The show starts innocently enough with Hee Haw talk.  Why Old Men watch Hee Haw.  Using different voices with different people.  The "Fingers Crossed" story.

Our first live call - Destin Kerr.

followed closely by

Our second live call - Jonathan Whitehorn

What we were drinking - Samuel Smith's Tadcaster Oatmeal Stout.  Dundee Oktoberfest.  Putting beer in your breakfast cereal.  The English Pint and other odd units of measurement.

First break song is The Clap by The Giggles.

XXX Day.  In laymen's terms 10-10-10.  Old school vs. new school porn can be defined in one word - bush.  

The new American Sex Survey and it's results.  41 positions or 41 sexual practices.  Sex with fruit and pies.  And fruit pies.  Fleshlight folks - where are you?  Looking desperately for your sponsorship.  Ray watches Skinemax.  German late night television.  The St. Pauli Girl.  Polka music.  The connection between polka music and mariachi music.  


"Happily Stupid" (mp3)
from "DUI-N-I"

More On This Album

Halloween costumes - Major T's.  What pop icon or movie character will be the sexy costume of 2010?

"Good Night Negril" (mp3)
from "Sunrise"

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_17_-_Fingers_Crossed.mp3
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Double D Episode 16 - Entering Flashlights and Frogs (Tim's Homebrewed Blonde Ale)

This episode we introduce yet another co host and yet another member of the Diaz Clan - Ray's baby brother Cardo.  Besides the obvious physical resemblance we soon find that the two have many things in common.  A lowbrow sense of humor is the most striking.  Cousin Dave also sits in on this recording session.

We begin with a discussion of Cousin Dave's new haircut, which Ray describes as the "Mexican Kid 'N Play."  This leads to talk of juvenile sexual fantasies and Barber Boobs.  The Jesse Jane Fleshlight.  The Oprah Oil Barrel Fleshlight.  The perplexing Stealth fleshlight, which resembles an arcade cabinet's coin slot.  (see album art)  Fleshlight usage explained.  There is NO cleaning a fleshlight after use.  The mysterious "Naughty Boy" attachment.  That "taint" gonna be my next purchase.

First Break Song:


ModularThe Pinker Tones
"Sampleame" (mp3)
from "Modular"
(Nacional Records)

Buy at Napster
More On This Album


This next section of the show is on YouTube as a video.  Please feel free to share this on any site you want to help spread the Double D Podcast.



We get our historic, first time ever live call in to the show, courtesy of Robert Mesa of California.  We discuss what we were drinking that night.  Homebrew blonde.  Timmy the Brewmeister.  Jenna Jameson sidetracks the conversation.  Top Secret!  Robert's awesome dental assistant.  The world's horniest dinosaur.  The Hardonodon.  Freedom Muffins - take that, BP!

Second Break song:


Connection (Bonus Tracks Version)Cas Haley
"Take A Chance" (mp3)
from "Connection (Bonus Tracks Version)"
(Easy Star Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

Nicotine break.  Bev keys and twist offs.  Unreal temperatures in Bullhead City.  Jefe's voicemail.  Jefe Logic.  Lito Benally's freestyle rapped by the Double D Cast.  Frog Rape:



Cousin Dave's tadpole story.  The origin of Chimpfrogzee.  Cardo tells a joke.  Zen tells a "walked in on" story.  Cousin Dave introduces the "Alabama Hot Pocket."  If you don't know what that is, do NOT google it.  It's grosser than gross.  An apology to the Durans.

Outro song:


Who Are YouThe Technicolors
"Fireflies" (mp3)
from "Who Are You"
(Best Media)

Buy at Napster
More On This Album

Direct download: Double_D_Episode_16_-_Entering_Flashlights_and_Frogs.mp3
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Double D Episode 15 - Double Down (Reaper Ale and Port Brewing's Anniversary Ale)
After the coitus with a goat that was episodes 13 and 14, we try to get back to normal with this, Episode 15.  Things start as they usually do with The Celebration of Beer.  This week Ray brought a couple new microbrews, including Reaper Ale and Port Brewing's Anniversary Ale.  The former was thick and black and oh so smooth, the latter was 10% alcohol.  We listened to the Salty Sailor's Tale.
This show was recorded on the 22nd of September and we remind our listeners of the 21st night of September.  Earth, Wind and Fire.  Ray pops Zen's Snuff cherry.  Zen relates a Redneck Chewin' Tobacco story from High School.  What makes you an addict?  One cigarette, one beer, one dick.  Snuff vs. Snuff Films.  Thanks go out to Cousin Dave and to Jefe.  We make plans for the future.  Double D Tuesdays.  Zen tells a bad joke.
Magnapop takes us through the first break with Slowly, Slowly.
A little verbal sparring.  Brass in pocket.  What qualifies as "jackworthy" music?  Ray's choice is an enigma full of sadness.  Zen's choice must be listened to with the lights on.
The Pretenders take us through the second break with a live version of Message of Love.
KFC advertises on college girls' buns.  Even though the Double Down sandwich has no buns.  It has two breasts.  We think the advertising should be placed somewhere else more appropriate.  The Double Down sammich.  Super Pooswah interrupts.  The Earl of Sammich.  A Call to Arms.  Volunteers for the Techno Mexican video.

Deep Fried SatisfiedClaude Hay
"Get Me Some" (mp3)
from "Deep Fried Satisfied"
(Ingot Rock)

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Double D Episode 14 - Drunk and Drunker Part Two (Sparks and Sapporo)


Part Two of the marathon recording session that took place a week ago.  Please keep in mind that this episode takes place in the middle of that nearly 6 hour session.  At the point that this particular show begins, we had been recording ourselves for almost 3 hours.  We had reached a point due to the time of night, the length of time already spent and the amount of alcohol consumed that we almost completely forgot we were recording at all.  Listen carefully to the show and it will be obvious that as it goes on we do indeed get drunk and drunker.  Most of the rambling was cut out and I hope the end product is as enjoyable to listen to as it was to put on disk.  We had a good time and hope you will too.

The show begins with a replaying of the intro, which sounds natural, but at the time was more of a joke.  This leads to bad singing, mainly because we were drunk.  A simple question from Biscuit to Jefe leads to some Watersports discussion and the recommendation that Cousin Dave have his wife pee on his feet.  Zen sees the show spiraling out of control and tries to rein it in by introducing some news stories.  After a quick review of a San Jose Badminton coach who makes students fondle his shuttlecock, we argue over this news story in the Chicago Tribune that ranks the 10 sexiest accents in the world.  The arguments reveal an interesting group dynamic that occurs frequently during the rest of the show.  Jefe and Biscuit Ray tend to agree on things, while Zen and Cousin Dave tend to see eye to eye.  Not a hard and fast rule, but usually that's how it more or less shakes out.

The consensus in the room is that the two sexiest accents are Midwestern American and Spanish.  The Tribune does NOT agree, placing them at the bottom of the list and putting this accent at the number one spot:





Muse takes us through the first break with a little Starlight.

We continue with a couple more news stories.  A Swindon farmer has trouble keeping her melons on the vines so has a clever idea for supporting them with bras.  Guess which size bra works best.  Then a depressing story of the worlds largest breast implants being removed leads into a discussion of which kind of "guy" each of us are.  Hint:  two boob guys, one booty guy and one face guy.  You probably know which is which.

Jonathan Coulton takes us through the second break with his version of Sir Mix a Lot's Baby Got Back.

Professor Van der Liquor briefly joins the cast to attempt to scientifically explain where the show went wrong.  Zen tries to use some pictures of porn stars to cheer everyone up.  We desperately turn to the "IF" book and play the Renaming Game.  Some Star Wars Incest talk.  Cousin Dave explains The Smurfs.  Jefe reveals an embarrassing childhood secret involving the movie Good Burger.  We argue over the Worst Movie Ever Made.  Six Degrees of Jefe Smythe.

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers play King of the Hill for the third break song.

We do Facebook Shout Outs and play some voicemails.  We try to answer Destin Kerr's question.  The Dumbest things we've ever done to impress chicks.  Hint:  riding a bike with no hands, Polish Arm Wrestling, racing into a fireplace and Ray's Sexy Wiener Dance.

We finish the show with two videos.  A review of I Hate You When You're Pregnant's song Sleeveless leads into a viewing of the Internet Meme video "Techno Viking"







The show closes with the song Fireworks.


Getting Down From The TreesPolock
"Fireworks" (mp3)
from "Getting Down From The Trees"
(Nacional Records)

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Double D Episode 13 - Triskaidekaphobia Part One (Brother Thelonious Abbey Ale and Tap Room 21)

Triskaidekaphobia.  It means "fear of the number 13."  We honestly should have had a healthy respect for triskaidekaphobia, because episode 13 turned out to be a wild ride.  We welcomed back Cousin Dave into the studio, and he had a young'un in tow.  Dave dragged longtime voice mail contributor Jefe into the Double D Studio to add to the mayhem.  This new group dynamic resulted in many spectacular unforeseen results, not the least of which were:  a Skype call that went on way too long and that expanded temporarily the cast to 8 persons, an impressive amount of alcohol being consumed and last but certainly not least a total of almost 6 hours of raw audio being recorded.  Some of it was good, some of it was really horrible, but in the end it was more than enough to create two episodes from.  This is Part ONE.

We began with what we were drinking that night.  Jefe started with Thelonius Monk Abbey Ale and then moved on to Heineken.  Cousin Dave began with Sparks alcoholic energy drink and then moved on to Tap Room 21.  Biscuit Ray began with some leftover Fosters and then moved on to trying a little of everything else and Zen began the night with Saporro, the Japanese beer brewed in Canada.  We all toasted the beginning of the recording with a shot of Captain Morgan's Private Stock Rum.

Topics of Discussion:  Lady Gaga concerts.  An Oakland A's Superfan.  "Vag Out."

Link to the Superfan picture, so you can see what we're talking about: Click Here

 Some sports talk.  Bills and Beaks.  Jefe and the Goat.  Ray needs some Strange.  Chicharonnes (again.)

First Break Song:

Dirt NastyDirt Nasty
"1980" (mp3)
from "Dirt Nasty"
(Shoot to Kill Music, Inc.)

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The Question of the Day.  How much money would it really take?  (Indecent Proposal)  Demi Moore's shrubbery.  Jefe recalls the underwear party.  We pursue to the bitter end a really bad idea:  we skype call Rocky and Laughing Girl at midnight.  Rocky answers the Day's question.  The transitive property of equality AKA the long way around to going down on Angie.

Second Break - Reel Big Fish

The Skype call continued.  The Asian and the Indian.  Racism ensues.  The call ends abruptly.  The Jalisco Market.  FALA and fellatio.  Jefe displays his leadership.  Aborted singing of Hooked on a Feeling.  His Face Rings a Bell.  Scissoring is for Old People.  A sort of voice mail from Special Ed.

End Song - Ben Folds Five

At this point in the night we had already been recording for almost 3 hours.  I jokingly played the intro again and told the guys I would scrap all the previously recorded audio and we would just start over.  Serendipity!  This became a natural point to seperate the recording into two episodes, so look for Part TWO of Triskaidekaphobia next week!

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Double D Episode 12 - A Dozen Down (Fosters)















So we've reached a small milestone.  A Dozen Down.  While twelve may not mean a lot to other podcasts, it means something to us.  'Cause we're Double D.  

Anyway, this episode covers a wide range of Double D topics, from Dyson Dolls to Dudes with Down's and some Drunk Dialing.  It all begins with what we're drinking this episode.  Foster's.  Australian for Beer.  What is the constellation on Australia's flag and also the Foster's label?  Paul Hogan's cock.  "That's not a cock.  That's a cock."  Cousin Dave text-interrupts the podcast.  Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter, courtesy of Ska Brewing.  How many ounces are in a pint?  Cousin Dave gets Hooked on a Feelin'.  Seth Rogen sings along with Lady Gaga.  Video Proof:





T Shirt sales. We got 'em. Order the new "Jefe likes his Double D" T at CafePress. For every shirt sold we got a hot dollar. Support the show!

First Break Song:


Tokyo RoseSuarez
"Stacy" (mp3)
from "Tokyo Rose"
(HOME Records)

More On This Album

We start the next segment with a small description of the Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter.  It is a beer as black as the Devil's Heart, but smooth as anything you've ever drank.  We discuss bringing back the old "Free Mustache Rides" T shirt.  And then we launch into the great Dyson Vacuum Blowjob Doll Debate.  Zen shares yet another embarrassing childhood story.  This one is not so bad, fortunately.  The Electrolux and the Bonefinger.  Carwash vacuums and a well manicured bush.

Next Break Song:


"Logical" (mp3)
from "Logical"
(Ford Productions, LLC)

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"Super Pooswah" makes an unexpected entrance.  The JDSI and it's incredible Down's Syndrome Ad Campaign.

Aim High or Aim High Enough.  (note:  since the recording of this podcast we have learned to our embarrassment that this is actually taken from a quote by John Langdon Down, the doctor for whom the condition is named.  It has to do with "when you take aim, aim high enough" and is actually quite inspiring.  We don't regret goofing on it, however, and will still make some sort of T shirt)  Being "a little downy."  Mace the Ace and My Girl.



Last Break Song:


A Common PlaceLibyans
"Paralyzed" (mp3)
from "A Common Place"
(Sorry State Records)

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The final segment is the Voice Mail segment.  Jefe, Rocky, Sierra Unpronouncable and Laughing Girl all check in from the underwear party.  We argue over the best snack to have with beer and Ray proves he's not a real mexican.  Every mexican has a bottle of hot sauce on his person at all times.  Finally, yet another horribly racist joke from Biscuit Ray.

Closing song:


Fiesta SongsSe�±or Coconut
"Electrolatino" (mp3)
from "Fiesta Songs"
(Nacional Records)

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Double D Episode 11 - Bleepie Baby

Where to begin . . . first off, we'd like to apologize for the week off that we took seemingly for no reason at all, and also for the smallness of this episode.  It can all be explained away by the fact that Zen . . . well, is kinda dumb.  Last month's shows were released in a haphazard manner and left us with no storage space on our server at the end of the month.  We had just enough room to squeeze this smallish release in, but rest assured that this will never happen again.  We are back on a regular recording schedule and shows will come out weekly and at their regular length starting next week.

This show is definitely worth checking out, however.  The show, like a finely tuned podcasting racecar, goes from zero to porn in 3.6 minutes.  What's the deal with "quickies" . . . and are men predisposed to liking quickies through years of speed masturbating?  Of course.

Ray has a new lady friend.  We may have mentioned her in previous episodes of The Zen and Peace Show.  We'll have to give her a new nickname because, amazingly enough, Ray hasn't completely screwed things up (yet.)  So for now we'll call her "Bleepie Baby"  The reason will be clear enough once you here the show.

If you've recently become a fan on our Facebook page (located at then you get your shoutout during this episode.  If you haven't joined our page and gotten your shoutout yet, head on over.  You're only a "like button" click away.

Jefe Smythe, our most prolific caller inner, graces us with 4 more drunken voice mails.  Tales from open auditions for American Idol and plenty of inebriated singing.  The Hoff never sounded so good.

We'll talk at ya next week.  If you're in the area and are going to the Coconino County Fair this weekend, keep your eyes peeled.  Maybe we'll see you there.  If you have anything to say about the Fair, or Fairs and Carnivals in general, give us an email or a call.

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Double D Episode 10 - (poking) Dave Diaz (Happy Camper IPA)

Longtime supporter of the show Cousin Dave Diaz joins the show this week for a long anticipated episode that celebrates beer, porn and football, the three pillars of American society.  In fact, it is only three minutes into the recording that we started talking about pornography.  Brooke Lee Adams.  Jesse Jane.  Two of our favorite performers.  Do a Google Image search.

This week we partook in some Tilt Malt Beverage Energy Drink, Happy Camper IPA, Pinstripe Red Ale, Buster Nut Brown Ale and True Blonde Ale all three from the Ska Brewing Company, Twisted Tea Half and Half and some leftover Natural Ice.

Cousin Dave listens to several podcasts besides the Double D and recommends The Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast.  That would be "Monday", not "Money" like Zen thought.

We turn our discussion to age, courtesy of Zen's upcoming 37th Birthday.  Is age a state of mind?  How old were each of us respectively when we first discovered that we were "the old guy" in a group of friends?

This is 'Merica.  Its not Futbol, it's football.  The Cincinnati Bungles.  Why we hate the Dallas Cowboys.

Zen's Childhood Traumatic Story #1 - Marcos and the Cowboys.

Fishbowl, courtesy of Sandpaper Love

Viagra Talk, as a result of a question from our friend Beantown.  Is Viagra popular in the gay community?

Zen's Childhood Traumatic Story #2 - Middle School P.E. Boner

More gay talk - is "poking" on facebook acceptable among heterosexual males?  We proclaim the only 3 times when it is acceptable to poke another man.

Bi-Polar Bears, courtesy of Stuyvesant


Jihad Me At HelloStuyvesant
"Bi-Polar Bears" (mp3)
from "Jihad Me At Hello"
(Dromedary Records)

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The ridiculous statement that it is gay to watch anything BESIDES lesbian porn.  We debunk this one quickly.  Point of View Porn.  When it comes to dirty movies, sharing is caring.  The types of porn we DON'T like.  The Crooked Hooter Channel, or descrambling Spice.  

Zen's Childhood Traumatic Story #3 - Straight Up Now Tell Me

Wheelchair and Amputee Porn.  Midget Porn.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Friday Night (Live), courtesy of Los Lonely Boys


Live At Blue Cat Blues - Dallas TexasLos Lonely Boys
"Friday Night" (mp3)
from "Live At Blue Cat Blues - Dallas Texas"
(Blue Cat Blues Records)

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Progressively drunker voice mails from Jeff Smith.  Facebook Fan Page Shout-Outs to Jera Diaz, Jesca Rene and crybaby Lawrence Duran.

Final Song, I Am Not Robot, courtesy of The Phenomenauts


Electric Sheep: Electronic Extended PlayThe Phenomenauts
"I Am Not Robot" (mp3)
from "Electric Sheep: Electronic Extended Play"
(Silver Sprocket)

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Ray's Pig Joke.

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Double D Episode 9 - 4D Damn Dos Dudes Doubled (Home Brewed Berry Ale)

We Double Down this episode by doubling the number of damn dudes hosting the podcast from dos to cuatro.  Shane Dween, mentioned many times in previouse episodes, finally joins us as does another friend and co-worder who goes by the nickname C.C. Rider.  C.C., a homebrewer and super-host, opens up his house, his fridge and many bottles of his specialty home-brewed Berry Ale for the podcast this week.   A big shout out goes out to him for his hospitality.

While this episode is hilarious thanks to the expanded cast, there were some unexpected snafus that cropped up and kept this from being a perfect show.  Foolishly we used a setup we had never used before and some untested equipment.  The raw recording was almost unlistenable, it was so filled with static and buzzing.  We cleaned it up the best we could but do apologize for having a less than perfect show to present this week.  Give it a listen, though, because on the strength of C.C.'s Berry Ale we had one of the funnest and funniest shows yet.

Shane Dween was quizzed on his knowledge of Jimmie Johnson and Ricky Bobby quotes, C.C. was quizzed on his knowledge of Microbrews and Ray quizzed us all on what exactly constitutes gay sex.  The Professor (see album art) settled last episodes bet on what company introduced the first light beer and when and we played a hilarious voice mail from Cousin Dave.  How exactly are NASCAR fans like Twilight fans?  We have a top 5 list to show you the similarities. 

After listening to this episode we think you'll have to agree that Shane and C.C. should return sometime in the future under better recording conditions because they are truly funny dudes.


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Double D Episode 8 - Deviled Eggs and Dairy Queen (Miller High Life)





















We're living the High Life this week.  Literally.  As we drink our Miller High Life, the conversation naturally turns to Wisconson and breweries and Laverne and Shirley.  Shotz Beer.  Lenny and the Squigtones.   Making love to a giant marionette leads to splinterdick.

Once again, we cover Miller's Give a Vet a Taste of the High Life program.  Read about it at

The High Life Guy commercials and the old Errol Morris directed Miller commercials.



Deviled Eggs vs. Avocados.  Which is more gross.  The Girl in the Moon and Peeking in the Box.

Music - Los Angeles

Second Segment.  It never rains in Southern California but in Flagstaff it pours.  Flooding.  Kayaking down Beaver Street.  SoCal vacation wrapup.  The Ocean is cool, but why does it have to be so full of fish?  Sea World's best show has ZERO animals in it.  X Games 16.  Moto X Best Trick contest highlights with Cam Sinclair and Paris Rosen.




True L.A. flavor - Thugs and Winos.  Ray parties with one-legged homeless dudes.  Warheads vs. Atomic Fireballs.

Music - Have Faith in Me

Third Segment.  Pelon Pelo Rico.  Mexican candy and grocery stores.  Luau Pig.  Koreatown.  Professor Van der Liquor explains "ice" beers and the ice brewing process.  The Ice Cream Man.  The Waka Man.  The best treats to have at Dairy Queen.

Music - Ra Ra Ra

Last Segment.  Ray's pictures from Stacy Lynn.  PSA.  We reach out to our listening public to help Flagstaff resident Collin Hamilton who is suffering from stage 3 colon cancer.  A benefit will be held locally at The Museum Club on September 26th.  More details in upcoming episodes.

Subscribe on iTunes, leave a review, tell a friend.  Give us a call at 4242 Drunks.  Email Zen and Ray at and NOW YOU CAN EMAIL THE PROFESSOR ANY BEER QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE!

Music - Eye of Fatima


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Double D Episode 7 - Drinking with Diaz (Natural Ice and Dos Equis)

We apologize for the long delay in getting this episode out.  Ray was in Northern California for a week's worth of vacation time and the very next week Zen was in Southern California.  Go figure.  Anyway, we start the show with details from Ray's trip, by the numbers:

  • 5 baseball games in 6 days
  • 400 to 500 dollars spent in beer alone
  • 4 front row Oakland A's tickets at 60 bucks apiece
  • 16 hot dogs
  • 3 30 packs of Natural Ice
  • 1,000's of drunken texts and picture messages
  • 2 giant foam A's novelty cowboy hats (see album art)
  • 1 hilarious voicemail

Suck the Red Fox.  Suck the White Fox.  A couple of shots of Parrot Bay Rum toast "Fathers and Sons, Baseball and Beer".  Then we slide into our first break.  Jungle Fever

This episode Ray was drinking left over Natty Ice.  Zen was drinking Mike's Margaritas and Dos Equis.  National Tequila Day.  Roger Clyne's Mexican Moonshine.  What is Ice Brewing?  More NorCal stories.  What is the Gayer Sports Apparel:  Sharks Jersey or L.A. Galaxy Scarf?  Tie Games in Soccer . . . tie games are like kissing your sister.  The obnoxious Vuvuzela App on Blackberry.  Ray hates New York sports teams.  The office NASCAR pool and the unstoppable "Zen Jinx".  The Max Papis Memorial Trophy.  Our second break.  War's Lowrider

Hot Shots Part Deux Movie quotes.  "Not playing to win is like sleeping with your sister.  Sure, she's a great piece of tail and a blouse full of goodies, but it's just illegal."  Buying 20 DVDs for 20 bucks from a failing video store.  Voicemail from Cousin Dave.  Midgets vs. Mascots.  Gary Coleman vs. Scotty Pippen.  Our last break.  Matt and Kim

Twitter!  Follow us at and !  We also recommend following (note that it is two "r"s and a 5 instead of S in the USA)

Final song is a cover of End of the Road performed by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.


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Double D - Depressed and Disappointed . . . mainly with the Dutch and the sudden end to their run at the FIFA World Cup title.  We briefly mourn (or at least Zen does) their loss to the Dirty Spanish in the Final but then quickly move on to more entertaining subjects.

In Old Business, we revisit Ray's mention of Miller High Life's Bottle Caps for the Troops program.  We finally get the details correct and hope you all will support this worthy program like we plan to.  Hey, at the very least it's a good excuse to drink some beer.  Speaking of beer, during the recording of this episode we were drinking Heineken, brewed with care and passion in Holland.  And speaking of Holland, Professor Van der Liquor pays us another visit to clear up the mystery of why beer will overflow when you tap the top of a bottle with the bottom of another bottle.  

The heart of the episode centers around Schoolyard Rhymes and Taunts.  We really get to the origin story of our current juvenile behavior by examining the poems and songs we chanted as children that made us the man-child podcasters we are today.  It all starts with "Milk, milk, lemonade . . ." and goes downhill from there.  When we run out of schoolyard rhymes that we personally can recall, we go to our old friend the internet to round out the show.  We read from The Global Schoolyard Rhyme Project located at and enjoy some raunchy, offensive and just plain confusing taunts from around the world.

To close out the show we visit another Miller Lite Man Law:


We also bid farewell to a friend and colleague, Dr. Driggs.  Stagger Lee by Nick Cave at the end of the show is dedicated to him.

At times juvenile, wildly offensive and outright racist and sexist, this is Episode 6.  Enjoy!

(to download as an mp3, right click on the direct download link and select, "Save As . . .")

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Double D Episode 5.  Dependence Day.  40 Oz. to Freedom.  Will Hung.  The Mile High Podcast.  Edward FortyHands.  Prof. Van der Liquor.  Pure Water vs. Salt Water.  Lime in the Coconut.  Well cooked vs. well done steaks.  The Ole 96'er.  Congrats to Joey Chestnut.  To A1 or not A1.  Technical Difficulty.  Straight Outta Compton to bridge the gap.  Football vs. Soccer.  Vomitus Prime.  National Anthem and Take Me Out to the Ballgame Fails.  Hell.  (From this point on the drunkenness noticeably increases, typified by slurred speech, mispronunciations and general confusion.  Success!)  Fireworks show cancelled.  Glo-Worms, aka Burning Cat Turds.  Blowing up Legos and ants.  Twilight Eclipse vs. Richard Pryor and The Wino.  Ska Cubano and Big Bamboo.  Man Law - Overflow.  Mexican Word of the Day - Urine.  Cisco Kid.

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Double D Episode 4. Cuatro. Dreadlocks. Jamaican Lager. Red Stripe. Reggae. Hooray Beer. Famous Black people of the 80's being murdered. Shannon Price. Boycotting Arizona and other states far from Mexico. Peggy West. Saturday Morning Cartoons. Gadgets and Gizmos of the Coyote. Danger Mouse, stupid limey rodent spy. Schoolhouse Rock. The Baseball Bunch. Breakfast Cereals. Boo Berry was one of five Monster Cereals, name the others. Classic TV show theme songs. Over 2 hours of drunken audio funtime.

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Double D Episode 3. Dad's Day. Fire on the Mountain. Sierra Nevada and Honey Moon and Red Stripe Bombers. Flagstaff Music Festival. Dad Dancing. Hippie Chicks and grabbing full cheeks. Cole Slaw secret ingredients. Dutchipino. Alcohol proof. Everclear and drinking contests. Double T - Tequila tolerance. San Felipe's Wall of Fame. Man Law: Double D - Don't Drive. Double D Advice for Virgins. Pet the snake on the belly, not the back. Disappointments in the sack. Back Door Play. Oral high fives. Do Pigs have corkscrew members? Man Law #16 - The Garage is the Line. Iron Man 2 - our review. Sack Up America - Booing Commercials before movies. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Back when Saturday Morning Cartoons were racist. What would you grab if you had to evacuate your house due to fire? Mexican Word of the Day: African.

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Episode 2. Dead Girls Never Say No. Arizona's quasi-celebrity and all around gross dude Frank Martinez.  Bizarre sexual fetishes.  Pride in the Pines.  Drag Queen Names.  Giant Marionettes.  Don't Fruit the Beer.  Music from classic 80's movies.  Melting green army men.  Pink Indians and Yellow Cowboys.  Music from Sublime, Reel Big Fish and Psychedelic Furs.


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Welcome to the very first episode of The Double D Podcast!  You may be wondering what Double D stands for.  At it's most basic it stands for the hosts, Diaz and DeHoag.  But it also means much more.  Dos Dudes.  Down and Dirty.  Deliberately Dumb.  Double Down.  Designated Drunks.  Drunk and Disorderly.  Developmentally Disabled.  You get the idea.  The Double D podcast is a weekly gathering to enjoy some drinks, tell some jokes, reminisce and have a good time.  Recorded every Sunday night, the Double D is a companion podcast to The Zen and Peace Show.


 In this, our inaugural episode, we lay the groundwork for what we hope will be a regular thing on the show.  We drink a lot and fly without a map.  Without an agenda whatsoever we find ourselves talking a lot about beer, women and sports.  We touch on our favorite brews of all time, what makes a good beer commercial, how sports teams can break our hearts (and I am talking about you, Flyers), how we would prefer to be executed, whether bulls on the PBR circuit have names that sound TOO much like Gay Porn Movie titles and we remember a television show from the eighties that has claimed the lives of half of it's cast.  It's episode 1 and we hope it's only the start of a wonderful thing.  Kick back, crack open a cold one and enjoy!


One last thing.  Although this is a companion podcast and part of the same feed as The Zen and Peace Show, we do have a seperate email address for this show.  If you'd like to write us and tell Ray that he is completely wrong about the band Journey, send it to:


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